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About Us

About Sorta Techy

Sorta Techy is a website that provides readers with information on all sorts of technology! This includes gaming devices, computers, smartphones, smart devices, and more. Our goal is to provide the answers to the questions that YOU are asking. And we think we do a pretty good job at that!


Sorta Techy was founded by Jonah Matthes and Turner Tomlinson back in 2020 with the ambitious goal of covering all sorts of tech-related topics. Sorta Techy is privately owned and operated by Exponential Blogging LLC.

It used to be that a “techie” was someone who was really deep into all kinds of technology. Fooling around with all kinds of gadgets and gizmos was a hobby. You could choose to not be into tech.

Nowadays, though, it’s all kind of just here. Your window blinds, your car, the thermostat…even the coffee maker wants the wifi passcode, and it’s not super clear why. And even when everything seems to be able to connect to everything else, we frequently find ourselves surrounded by too many tech options and no clear place to start. Everything seems to mostly work, most of the time, and for some, that’s tolerated as good enough.

But the secret is: you don’t have to be a tech guru or make it a full-on hobby to understand most of the technology around you enough to get the most benefit out of it. While someone who’s extremely savvy can get 100% of the benefit of all this technology, we think someone who’s only sort of techy can still get a huge chunk of it! At SortaTechy, we’ve created a space for solutions to all those tech questions you didn’t ever think you’d want the answer to.

We appreciate all of our readers and welcome you to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions for articles that we can write!