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Can Blink Cameras Work Without WiFi?

If you’ve bought a Blink camera, you might have noticed that one of the main requirements is an active internet connection. However, many online devices have modes where they can still continue to function even if the WiFi drops, so you might be wondering if this is the case with Blink cameras.

Unfortunately, Blink Cameras can’t operate without a WiFi connection. This is very common for security cameras, as most of them use the internet to send pictures and data from the camera to a server where it can be recorded, stored, and viewed. Blink Cameras don’t store images or video, either.

That means that if your WiFi goes down, the camera will too. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection when purchasing a Blink camera and that you’re aware of how to reconnect it to the internet if anything goes wrong. The Blink camera has many amazing features, but unfortunately, working offline isn’t one of them — just as most modern security cameras can’t. Educate yourself on the internet requirements to ensure it’s the best fit for you.

Blink Camera Internet Requirements

If you’re wondering what those internet requirements are, they are as follows:

  • A WiFi device — cellular data, etc. just won’t do it
  • A 2.4ghz connection
  • At least 2 Mbps upload speed

If you aren’t able to provide these things, then you might want to look at another security camera. However, most of them will have similar requirements if you want one that will alert you when something amiss is detected.

They can also work outside, but you’ll have to make sure your WiFi can reach. You can get a weather-resistent Blink camera (on Amazon) for this purpose.

How To Reconnect Blink Camera To WiFi

If your Blink camera has disconnected from the WiFi and isn’t reconnecting, here’s how to get it working again.

Open The Blink App On Your Smartphone

The first thing you’ll have to do is access the Blink app on your smartphone. From there, head to settings on the bottom row of the app. 

You’ll then have to choose the Sync Module and hit “Change WiFi Network” (even though we won’t be changing it).

Reset The Device

After you’ve done that, you’ll have to reset the device. You can do this by pushing the the button on the front of the device, slightly inside of a hole. When it blinks blue and green, return to the app.

Discover The Device

Now inside of the app, choose “Discover Device.” It will ask to join the Sync Module WiFi network. Hit yes, and it will reconnect to the WiFi. 

Do Blink Cameras Work With Hotspot?

So far, the Blink cameras available, such as the standard compact camera (on Amazon), have all worked with hotspots. However, if you scroll down to the questions and answers, you’ll note the the company does not recommend using a hotspot.

The reason for this is the delay. There can be up to a 20-30 second delay on notifications and security threats, and this can make a big difference when you need to be on top of things quickly. However, in a pinch, your hotspot will work — it’s just maybe not a good idea to rely on it permanently.

Related Questions

There are some other questions Blink camera users may have. 

How Much Data Do Blink Cameras Use?

The Blink cameras record based on motion detection. Where other cameras can use a whopping 400 GB per month recording absolutely everything, your Blink camera should lose a lot less. The official statistics say Blink uses 750 KB of data per every five seconds recorded. 

How much yours personally uses will very much depend on how motion is recorded. This may be more for a camera placed outside than one inside.

Do Blink Cameras Record When WiFi Is Off?

You might be wondering if Blink cameras record when disconnected from the WiFi, even if they don’t upload the footage or send you the notification.

The answer is no. Blink cameras need the WiFi to be active even just to record footage.

Do Blink Cameras Work With 5G?

Because Blink requires a 2.4ghz WiFi connection, it does not work with 5G and simply isn’t compatible with it at all. 


Blink cameras are a truly great investment for your safety and peace of mind. However, there’s no getting around the fact that they need a WiFi connection to operate. If you’re having trouble connecting, ensure you have the correct requirements and try resetting the camera’s connection to the WiFi using the steps above. 

You can also use a hotspot in a pinch, though it’s highly recommended not to. A hotspot’s internet speeds can be very unpredictable, and you may not be able to rely on being notified of things right away. Whenever you can, stick to the recommended instructions and requirements!