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Can You Use A Smart Plug With A Washer And Dryer?

Smart plugs are convenient devices because they allow you to optimize energy usage and add remote functionality to some pluggable devices that aren’t otherwise smart. In addition to their compatibility with most electrical outlets, smart plugs are an affordable option for individuals that don’t have a lot of integrated smart home systems already. It’s common knowledge that you can connect appliances to a smart plug, but will a washer and dryer work with one?

You can use a smart plug with a washer and dryer, but you’ll need a 240V smart plug. You’ll also want to consider using a smart curcuit breaker instead because they’re safer and have more uses.

There’s no question that smart plugs are incredibly easy to use. After plugging one into the electrical outlet, you just have to install the app associated with the smart plug. The final step is to plug in the device or appliance. It’s really that simple, and there are several benefits of using a smart plug (or smart circuit breaker).

The Benefits of Using Smart Plugs

Wyze Smart Home Plug, Two-Pack, White
  • Improve Home Network Connectivity: When an appliance is connected to a smart plug it can communicate with the other smart devices in the home.
  • Remotely turn your appliances on and off: With the smart app on your mobile device, you can turn your dryer and washer on and off when you’re in another room or not home.
  • Control Energy Usage: The app also allows you to monitor energy usage and will alert you if an appliance uses more than usual.
  • Schedule Energy Use: A smart plug lets you control when a device is used so you can control when it’s powered on or off.
  • Stop Vampire Draw: Vampire draw is when a device is still using energy in the off mode. Smart plugs will let you know if any of your appliances are consuming energy when not in use.
  • Control appliances with your voice: Smart plugs compatible with systems like Google Home, Amazon Echo, and similar hubs allow you to control appliances with your voice.

Using a Smart Plug with a Washer and/or Dryer

Smart plugs work with most appliances that use 120V outlets, but washers and dryers are often different. Some do use a 120V outlet, but most use 240V which means you need more than a standard smart plug. To put it simply, similar to how you would convert regular blinds into smart blinds (our guide), you can still turn your washer and dryer into smart appliances; you only need a smart plug that can handle the higher voltages.

The Wallflower Smart Plug (on Amazon) is one example, and it’s a breeze to use. Even though it’s larger, the installation steps are the same as a 120V smart plug.

Using a Smart Circuit Breaker Instead of a Smart Plug

Leviton LB120-S 20 Amp, 1-Pole Plug-on Smart Standard Branch Circuit Breaker, 120 VAC, White

Smart plugs – which can be often be used as a light dimmer (our guide) – are ideal for individual appliances, but most people want to connect more than one device. If you want the convenience of smart appliances without the expense of a unique smart plug, a smart circuit breaker is one possible option, but how does it work, and is it easy to use?

How Does a Smart Circuit Breaker Work?

Circuit breakers control the electrical flow to specific areas with outlets in the home. Since there are typically multiple outlets in a room, you can connect additional devices and appliances. With the smart circuit breaker app, however, you can monitor energy usage levels and control devices that aren’t traditionally connected devices to your smart home.

A smart circuit breaker (like this one on Amazon) either replaces or comes with hardware that connects to the existing breaker. The breaker typically comes with power sensors, relays, communication boards, and other mechanical switching devices. The smart circuit breaker will also include software and a friendly user-interface for mobile devices.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Smart Circuit Breaker?

Along with being able to have multiple smart devices, there are other benefits to using a smart circuit breaker including the safety of one and how much money and energy you can save. We’ll explore each one of these below:

Increased Safety

A traditional circuit breaker provides overload protection, but a smart one goes a bit further. As most know, it’s easy to forget to turn off a curling iron in the morning or leave the oven on. Leaving these and other appliances unattended when they’re in the “on” position creates a potentially dangerous situation including burnt appliances or maybe even worse, like a house fire.

In fact, the average curling iron is a common cause of house fires which is why smart circuit breakers can save you a lot of trouble. Smart circuit breakers monitor energy usage and will alert you if it goes up, moreover, you can check the app to see which devices are drawing power. And perhaps most importantly, if you accidentally left something turned on, you can turn it off through the app.

Increased Savings

Almost every home has an appliance that is drawing phantom loads when it’s not being used. You can find these devices with the app, and schedule the times they’re on and turned off. A consequence of this is that energy usage will decrease (along with your monthly utility bill). You can also use this feature to limit TV and game time, and even schedule when to turn the lights off.


You can use a smart plug with a washer and dryer, though you may need a 240V one. The plug will turn your washer and dryer into smart appliances, but smart plugs aren’t your only option. You can also use a smart circuit breaker and turn every outlet in the room into a smart one.

One benefit of a smart circuit breaker is that they’re easy to install with the included hardware in addition to the ability to be able to control and monitor the energy usage of multiple devices with the app. Regardless of the one you choose – a smart plug or a smart circuit breaker – you’ll appreciate the convenience and energy savings.



Sunday 13th of November 2022

Generally I would not comment on things like this but your assessment of "smart devices" is completely wrong and I'll explain why.

A "smart circuit breaker" does not make every outlet/light connected to it smart. The idea of smart devices is to be able to turn them off/on remotely. The circuit breaker you posted a link to on Amazon is a "smart breaker" but not in the sense you may think. They report usage so you can tell which area is pulling the most current in your home. Yes, you can remotely turn them off (It's a remote trip) but you have to manually turn them back on, so if someone is in your house and needs to use an outlet, you've killed power to the entire area and generally when electricians wire houses, they wire 1 room and part of another (I have bedroom 4 and the master bathroom wired together so if I kill the lights to the bathroom, bedroom 4 also goes dark). Also, all of the bathroom outlets are tied together so if I kill the outlets because I left a curling iron on, none of the bathroom outlets work (in all 4 bathrooms).

What you might want to talk about, instead, are smart outlets like this one...

or smart switches like this one...

Both are good quality, low cost, and you can turn them on/off remotely. They also make dimmers, motion sensors, and 3 way switches. I would suggest looking into this before recommending a breaker panel replacement.

Finally, your assessment of the hardware/software for the breaker you posted requires a proprietary breaker panel (because the breakers are not interchangeable), which will require a certified electrician to install it... I know, I've had mine replaced with that particular breaker/panel combination to monitor power but Leviton is having issues with their app currently.


Thursday 6th of October 2022

The smart plug for the washer is no longer available - are you aware of any others?


Monday 9th of August 2021

Your comments and info are not accurate. Wallflower will NOT turn your stove off, it will ONLY tell you or someone left the house and the stove on. And it is not for sale anymore, to boot. Regarding the smart circuit breaker, while it exists and is for sale, it is completely USELESS unless you replace your entire electric panel with the Leviton one and its communication base, which is quite an undertaking and a very expensive one at that. It would be a heck of a lot cheaper to just get a wifi dryer. Check your info before you make us all harbor hope that we have actually found an answer to making our stove or dryer controllable by an app at a relatively manageable price.