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Best Night Mode Settings For A GoPro

GoPro cameras allow for silky smooth, action-packed sequences in all sorts of environments. It’s not uncommon to see GoPro video shots during the daytime. But can you use these innovative cameras for shooting at night and in other situations with limited lighting?

Most GoPro models have Night Time-Lapse Mode and Night Photo Mode for low light conditions. Depending on your situation, you can also adjust the ISO, FPS, white balance, shutter speed, and other settings. External lights, mounts, and spare batteries can also help you shoot in dark environments.

Don’t panic if your nighttime shots are coming out dark and grainy. Thankfully, there are multiple ways you can enhance your shots at night. Read on for everything you need to know about night mode settings for GoPro cameras.

Do GoPros Have Night Vision Lenses?

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Unfortunately, none of the GoPro models have night vision lenses. If you’re searching for the effects of an infrared camera, you won’t find it with a GoPro device.

However, there are settings and features you can use to capture beautiful shots in low-lighting.

Night Lapse Mode vs. Photo Mode  

Various GoPro models have built-in settings for low-light and nighttime shots. For example, most GoPros have Night Lapse Mode and Night Photo Mode. But what’s the difference between these two features?

Night Lapse Mode is intended for shooting time-lapse videos. The setting has a longer exposure time to help you capture more detail in low lighting or nighttime conditions. Time-lapse videos should be shot using a mount or tripod (on Amazon) and not by hand.

If you’re not shooting a time-lapse video, you can also use Night Photo Mode. This feature automatically adjusts the shutter speed, allowing for more light and details in dim settings.

Night Photo Mode is excellent for dark and low-light conditions. You might want to use a tripod or mount to avoid motion blur and shaky photos.

GoPro Night Mode Settings

GoPro cameras are designed primarily for capturing action sequences in the daytime. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t capture beautiful shots at night or in low lighting.

Each situation will differ depending on the specific lighting conditions, but here are some basic settings for the GoPro HERO9 and HERO10 that you can use to start shooting at night.

First, set the resolution to 4K and the FPS to 30. Thirty frames per second allows your camera to absorb more light, making the shot appear more smooth. Keep your lens angle wide and turn Hypersmooth off. The Hypersmooth settings require a lot of light to work properly, so it’s always best to turn it off in dim lighting conditions.

Turn your Bitrate to high so you can capture higher-quality shots. Now, set the shutter speed to 1/60. Set the white balance to 4,000 Kelvin to keep it from changing depending on the lighting conditions.

Set your ISO minimum to 100 and your ISO maximum somewhere between 400 and 800. This will give you some breathing room and help you avoid grainy shots. Keep your sharpness low and turn the color flat.

These are some of the best nighttime settings you can get with a GoPro device. However, you can play around with these features and fine-tune them to your lighting conditions. You might need to change the ISO or white balance depending on street lights and other factors.

Tips for Nighttime Shooting With a GoPro

Besides the settings mentioned above, there are other tips you can utilize for shooting at night or in low-lighting conditions with a GoPro camera. Use the tips below to get the most out of your GoPro camera when shooting at night.

Take a Few Test Shots

Be sure to take a few test shots when you’re filming at night or in low-light conditions. As mentioned earlier, you’ll need to adjust and fine-tune your settings depending on the exact situation. Taking a few test shots before you start filming your video can help you achieve the best results in the final version.

Use a Light

You’ll want to use a light if you’re talking on the camera or if it benefits your shot. You can use an Official GoPro Light Mod (on Amazon) or third-party accessories, depending on your situation and needs.

You may also want to use a detachable secondary light. A spare light will provide you with a key light and more options.

Keep Your Shot Stable

Stable shots are essential for any video or photograph. However, stability is especially important for nighttime shots or time-lapses. You can use a basic or more advanced tripod, depending on your needs. The stability of a tripod will prevent your camera from swaying due to wind or vibrations from someone walking around.

Use a Gimbal

Use a gimbal If you’re walking around and want silky smooth shots. Gimbals are devices designed for capturing stable shots while your camera is moving. These devices allow for rotation around an axis without sacrificing quality.

The GoPro Volta (on Amazon) is one great option that offers extended battery power, single-hand control, and a built-in tripod.

Just be sure that whatever product you’re using is compatible with your camera model and situation.

Bring Spare Batteries

It’s important to bring spare batteries, chargers, and battery packs to any shot, but especially during nighttime sequences. During nighttime shots, you’ll be using more intensive settings to capture the minimal amount of light.

For those reasons, it’s vital that you have enough battery life to stay in the field for as long as possible.

Keep Your ISO and Frame Rate Low

As mentioned earlier, you’ll want to keep your ISO and frame rate as low as you can when shooting at night or in low light conditions.

That said, it’s best to keep your ISO at a maximum of 800 for nighttime shots to avoid any noise or graininess. Lower frame rates of 30fps or lower can provide you with clearer and more detailed shots during dim conditions.


Young woman hand holding extreme action camera in the asian green park

GoPro cameras are designed for capturing high-intensity moments in the daytime. However, you can still use these devices to take beautiful shots during the night and in relatively dim conditions.

Most GoPro models have built-in nighttime settings. You can also play around with the ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and more to fine-tune your shots.

You should bring lights, spare batteries, mounts, and other accessories when you’re filming at night. These external pieces of gear can enhance the quality of your shot without fidgeting with the settings.

The best way to enhance your nighttime videos or photos is to plan ahead, adjust the settings, and practice.