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Is Your PS4 Controller Light Green? Here’s What It Means.

The DualShock 4 wireless controller is an incredibly innovative device that provides a more immersive gaming experience. It features built-in speakers and a bright light bar that changes color according to the game you’re playing. But why do the colors keep changing, and what does a green light mean? 

Your PS4 controller light is green if you’re player 3. Different games also use the green light to represent various things, such as health status and character type. Different colors can also indicate other issues with the controller.

It’s essential to understand the full functionality of your controller so that you can get the most out of your PS4 and its games. So let’s look at why your PS4 controller light turns green, what you can do to troubleshoot it, and how to change the light bar color yourself. 

Why is the PS4 Controller Light Green?

The new Sony Dualshock 4 with PlayStation 4

Your PS4 controller (on Amazon) will have a green light if you’re player 3. However, some games, such as The Last of Us, also use green to represent your character’s health status.

Some games further use the light bar to provide visual feedback to players. This feature is primarily utilized by games like GTA 5, where your controller’s light flashes red and blue during a police chase.

Other games, such as Far Cry 4, use the light bar to inform players of the character class they’ve chosen during online multiplayer. A flashing green light can also mean that your controller isn’t connected correctly to the USB charging cable. 

So, the green light on your controller can represent different things, depending on the game you’re playing and whether your controller is connected correctly for charging. Here’s how some of the most popular PS4 games make use of your controller’s light bar:

The Last of Us 

The Last of Us (on Amazon) cleverly uses the light bar to inform users of their health status. The light turns green at full health and then gradually changes to blue and orange as you take damage and lose health.

The light bar turns red when you die and then changes to yellow as soon as you respawn, indicating that you only have 50% of your health left. 


Instead of indicating the type of character or your health status, Infamous (on Amazon) uses the light bar to represent your character’s Karma (the type of actions you take within the game). Good deeds keep the light bar blue, while evil deeds gradually change the color to red. 


This battle royal phenomenon is still one of the most popular PS4 games available today, and it’s no surprise they effectively use the light bar on your PS4 controller.

Each team member is assigned a different color, making it easier for players to determine which controller belongs to whom during split-screen multiplayer mode. 

Troubleshooting Your PS4 Controller

Some PS4 controller lights indicate an issue with the controller. These problems can range anywhere from battery and connection issues to other less common malfunctions. 

Try the following troubleshooting steps if your controller light blinks blue, turns white, or completely turns off when you’re playing:

Reset the Console

Usually, the issue with your controller is because of the PS4 itself. In such cases, simply resetting the console can help you identify and fix the problem.    

Here’s how to reset your PS4:

  1. If your controller is working, push the PS button to access the main menu. 
  2. Select the Power option and then choose Restart PS4. 
  3. Hold the PS4’s power button until you hear two beeps if your controller doesn’t have enough power. 
  4. Once the console is turned off, you can power it on again. 

Hard Reset the Controller

If resetting the console doesn’t fix the issue, try hard a reset on your controller, putting the controller back to its original settings.

Here are the steps for hard resetting your controller:

  1. Turn off your PS4.
  2. Locate the Hard Reset button on your controller. You can find the small hole on the back of your controller on the right side.
  3. Use a pin or something with a sharp, thin point to press and hold down the button. 
  4. Pair the controller again by connecting it to the PS4 with a USB cable. 

Use the Forget Device Option 

The Forget Device option allows you to check and control the devices connected to your PS4. For example, you can use the option to forget your controller and then pair it again.

Going through the pairing process again can help with wireless connection problems, like automatic disconnects.

Use Your Controller in Wired Mode

If none of the aforementioned solutions work, connect your controller to your PS4 with a USB cable and check if it works in wired mode. If it still doesn’t work, you might need to buy a new controller. 

Change The Light Bar Color of Your PS4 Controller

The new Sony Dualshock 4 with PlayStation 4

Here’s how you can change the light bar color of your PS4 controller:

  1. First, press down the PS button on the controller, select Power, and choose Switch User. 
  2. You’ll need to have four different users on your PS4 to change the light bar color. If you don’t have four users, select Create a User to make one. It’s not necessary to connect each user to PSN, though. 
  3. To change the color, sign into the account which has the color you like, such as the third account for green color, and then switch back to the main account. 


The lights on your PS4 controller enhance your gaming experience, making it more enjoyable. The different colors have different meanings, depending on the game and the total number of players. 

If your controller isn’t working correctly, you can try any of the troubleshooting steps discussed above. However, if it doesn’t work in wired mode, you might have to purchase a new controller. New PS4 controllers are not too costly, and with the arrival of the PS5, you can easily find good deals on Amazon.