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Why Does Your PS4 Controller Keep Vibrating & How To Stop It

When playing games on your PS4, it’s important that your PS4 controller functions correctly. If it doesn’t, it can interrupt your gaming and cause a lot of frustration. One common issue with PS4 controllers is that it keeps vibrating for basically no reason. If this is happening to you, you’ll probably want to know how to fix it as quickly as possible.

Your PS4 controller could be vibrating due to multiple reasons. These include as dust and dirt, the set vibration level, and what’s attached to the M4 port. Changing the haptics settings or doing some troubleshooting like restarting the controller, can help solve this problem.

If vibration is an issue for your controller, it’s important to fix it so you can continue playing games on your PS4 worry-free. Let’s take a look at the different issues that cause your controller to keep vibrating and how to fix them.

Why Does Your DualSense Controller Keep Vibrating?

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As a PS4 owner, it’s important to solve recurring problems that might take place often. Many users have complained regarding the vibration occurring in a DualSense Controller. Understanding the reason behind it can help you solve this issue quickly and easily.

The vibration usually indicates that you’ve run into a glitch or feedback loop of some kind. This can be caused due to what’s been attached to the M4 port.

However, other reasons such as dust or dirt can also cause this vibration. When these particles are able to make their way to the end of the buttons, excessive friction can result in vibration.

Another reason can be the vibration level your controller has been set at. To diagnose this, navigate to the haptics settings and check the level of vibration.

And watch for other, paired issues here as well. Below, we’ll turn our attention toward fixing the vibration issue, but consider if you have other issues going on. Watch out for joystick drift when the controller is in use, and pay attention to a question mark symbol near the batter icon for the controller. If there’s a flashing or colored light on the controller you don’t understand, you can check out our full guide on PS4 controller light colors here.

How to Stop Your PS4 Controller From Vibrating

Now that we understand what causes this vibration, let’s dive deeper into understanding how we can stop this from happening often. Many consider this a hindrance while gaming or during normal use but do not know how to resolve it using simple steps.

Turn Off DualSense Haptics

Research and experience of other users also suggests that it could be the high haptics setting causing this vibration.

Turning off the DualSense’s Haptics is very simple. Go to the PlayStation’s home screen and reach for the upper right corner to find an icon which leads to the menu. Once you find the accessories drop down, move to the controllers section.

From here, you can edit the vibration settings by either rectifying the Vibration Intensity or Trigger Effect Intensity.

Restarting the Controller

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Another trick that has happened to work for many users is holding the PS button until it shuts off. This restart method has stopped the vibration for many controllers immediately.

Consider a Warranty or Replacement Controller

Nevertheless, if none of these solutions seem to work for your controller, it’s always a good idea to contact the company and get their service if your controller’s warranty is still intact.

However, note that if any kind of liquid has come into contact with the controller, fixing the vibration issue is almost close to impossible. This is usually a non-fixable damage. Luckily a cheap replacement controller (on Amazon) isn’t too pricey.

Reaching out to a professional with adequate knowledge can also be a solution if none of these methods work or you’re not sure which one you need.