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Understanding The Snapchat Heart Emojis

In the digital age, connecting by emojis is pretty much the default, and it’s a language everyone is expected to know. However, emojis differ across platforms and often have hidden meanings that a casual user may not pick up on until they’re told. Snapchat is one such platform, with a variety of emojis—including hearts.

Hearts appear on Snapchat next to friends’ names in your contacts and snap list. They mean something different depending on the color of the heart. A yellow heart means you’re best friends, a red heart means you’re BFFs, and the pink hearts mean someone is your super BFF.

Let’s take a closer look at understanding Snapchat emojis, from what they mean, to what needs to happen for your friend to get one on your list.

Does a Blue Heart Mean Something on Snapchat?

Chat and notification on smartphone with virtual red heart emoji social media icon

Although Snapchat has many heart emojis to learn about, blue isn’t one of them. Blue hearts will not appear next to your friends’ names because Snapchat hasn’t coined a meaning for it.

However, people can still send you blue hearts through the chat function, so if that’s what you’ve seen, likely, someone has actively chosen to send you a blue heart.

Of course, the meaning of this isn’t down to Snapchat, but it depends on the person!

They could be sending a declaration of support or friendship, or there could be a more romantic meaning to it (though red tends to be more associated with romance than blue). The only true way to know why someone has sent a blue heart if they haven’t told you is to ask them about it.

What Does a Yellow Heart Mean on Snapchat? 

A yellow heart is what Snapchat would refer to as “besties.” You can’t choose to get this heart next to someone, so it doesn’t matter who your best friend is in real life. Snapchat decides your best friend by calculating who you’ve sent the most Snaps to.

If these come together to be the same person, they will automatically be considered your Snapchat bestie.

What Does a Red Heart Mean on Snapchat? 

Although a red heart is typically associated with romance, that’s not what it means on Snapchat. The yellow heart you earn for your BFF will turn red if that person stays your BFF for more than two weeks.

If that person is no longer your BFF one day, the red heart will disappear.

What Do the Pink Hearts Mean on Snapchat? 

If the red heart changes to two pink hearts, this person has been your BFF on Snapchat for two months. This is the highest level a friendship can reach in the Snapchat world.

If someone else becomes your BFF, this emoji will stop appearing, much like the hearts before it would. So you’ll have to start again at a yellow heart if you intend to become BFFs with them again one day.

Other Snapchat Emojis to Know

Although this is the heart system on Snapchat, there are other emojis that you might see appearing next to your friends’ names. Here’s what they mean.

The Emotions

A few emotion, or “default” emojis, might appear next to someone. They include a smirking face for a contact who has you as their best friend (but you don’t have them as yours, based on the number of Snaps), the grimacing face for someone who has the same BFF as you, and the sunglasses face for when you have a best friend in common.

Other Emojis

As well as hearts and default emojis, there are a few others you might see:

  • Fire: This means you’re on a snap streak with this person.
  • 100: Your streak has gone for one hundred days.
  • Hourglass: Your streak is going to end soon.
  • Sparkles: Your friend is in a group chat with you.
  • Baby: They’re a new friend.
  • Birthday cake: It’s their birthday.

You might notice a lot of these emojis are dependent on streaks. A “snap streak” is when you go a certain number of days sending at least one snap back and forth with a friend.

Of course, as your streak begins to climb, emojis will change, and many people have made a game out of keeping their streak doing.

Any other emojis you see are usually generated by the user, not Snapchat itself.

You can tell the difference because the emojis will appear next to someone’s name if Snapchat has put them there, whereas, otherwise, they might just be sent in a regular chat.

In Conclusion

Snapchat 3D icon concept

Overall, the most common emojis you will likely see on Snapchat are the hearts and the baby (every time you add and send snaps to someone new).

However, Snapchat has consistently changed its app, so there is a chance it may add a wider selection of emojis in the future.