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Can You Track The FPS On An Xbox?

Gamers need to monitor their game’s performance in real-time during gameplay. They want to ensure they have enough system resources for game-intensive moments or if something is affecting it. Having an FPS counter makes it easier for them to see just how well or poorly a game is performing.

You can’t track the FPS on an Xbox. However, you can activate this feature on a PC. Make sure the Xbox Game Bar supports the 3.34.11002.0 or later version. Press the Windows and G keys together to open the Game Bar. Go to the Widget Menu, select Performance, FPS, then Request access.    

Activating the FPS counter over your game provides you with more information about how well or poorly the game’s running. Let’s look at how the FPS counter can help improve your performance in the game and where you can find it on your PC.  

What is an FPS Counter?

Playing Xbox

FPS, or Frames Per Second, refers to the number of frames displayed on your monitor every second while playing a particular video game. A higher FPS gives the game a smoother look and feel. 

The FPS tab not only allows gamers to see the current frame rate of the game but also displays the frame rate history of the past 60 seconds. Consequently, gamers can determine whether they are getting stable performance or experiencing noticeable dips.   

Frame rates lower than 30fps will make the screen appear slow or choppy.

Why Would You Need an FPS Counter?

FPS helps to monitor refresh rates while playing video games on consoles, computers, and smartphones. A higher refresh rate during gameplay will give it a smoother look. Therefore, careful monitoring of FPS is essential for determining gaming performance. 

An FPS counter can gauge your system’s performance for a particular game. A 60fps performance (at least) is essential if you’re looking for a smooth experience with a competitive edge. 

You can also lower your game’s graphics settings or update your hardware to boost your frame rate to achieve your targets.  

Does an Xbox Have an FPS Counter?

Hardcore gamers love the option of activating an FPS counter on their PC to rate the performance of a game. Still, unfortunately, Microsoft has no plans to introduce this possibility on an Xbox right now.

How to Find the FPS Counter on an Xbox

Before using the FPS counter, you’ll need the 3.34.11002.0 or a later version of the Xbox Game Bar. You can update the Game Bar by navigating to the Microsoft Store.

To activate the FPS counter over your game:

  1. First, press the Windows and G keys together to launch the Game Bar.
  1. Now select the Widget menu, then Performance.
  1. Next, select the FPS tab, then choose Request Access.
  1. Finally, follow the prompts before restarting your PC to apply the changes.



Following are some common problems gamers experience with FPS and how you can troubleshoot them:

Not Getting the Up-to-Date FPS Information While Playing

If you’re not getting the current FPS information and have pinned the Performance widget, press the Windows and G keys together to launch the Game Bar over your game and refresh the info. 

The FPS Information isn’t Displayed After the FPS Setup is Completed

If you don’t see the FPS counter even after restarting your PC, ensure the Performance Log Users group includes your account. Here’s how you can verify this:

  1. In the desktop search box, type Computer Management.
  1. Select Local Users and Groups.
  1. Choose Groups, and then click on Performance Log Users.
  1. If your account doesn’t appear in the Members box, go to the Game Bar Performance widget and request access again from the Frames Per Second tab before restarting your PC.

It’s also possible to add your administrator account manually to the group if you still don’t see FPS info after retrying access. To do this:

  1. In the desktop search box, type Computer Management.
  1. Now select Local Users and Groups and then Groups.
  1. Next, choose Performance Log Users, press Add and follow the prompts.
  1. You’ll be able to see the changes after restarting your PC.

Want to Remove FPS Information Access

Here’s how you can do this:

  1. In the desktop search bar, enter Computer Management.
  1. Choose Local Users and Groups, then Groups.
  1. Select Performance Log Users.
  1. Press Remove after selecting a user account.
  1. Restarting your PC will allow the changes to take effect.