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Is One Elgato Key Light Enough For Streaming?

When it comes to streamer-friendly lighting, Elgato Key Light is pretty much the gold standard among content creators. These lights are designed specifically with streaming in mind and offer many features that make them ideal for anyone looking to up their streaming game. But is one Elgato Key Light enough?

Yes, a single Elgato Key Light is enough to illuminate a person sitting in front of a webcam evenly. Thanks to the wide-angle and brightness controls, you can also fine-tune it and get the exact type of brightness you need. But, if you want some extra flair, you may need more than one Key Lights.

Good lighting can make a big difference in the quality of your stream, so if you’re serious about streaming, investing in some good lighting is a must. And regarding quality, Elgato Key Light is one of the best options. So let’s take a look at the features of the Elgato Key Light and see if one light is enough for most streamers.

Is One Elgato Key Light Enough For Streaming?

Elgato Key Light and Web Cam attached to desk

One Elgato Key light gives off 2800 lumen brightness, which seems sufficient for general streaming needs like Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook Live.

Streamers don’t need to light up the whole room; instead, they just need a bright but diffused illumination on their face and upper body without creating any glare on the computer screen. Elgato Key lights provide that with a built-in diffuser and adjustable brightness and color temperature settings.

It also features a desk clamp design and a super flexible ball joint mount, making it easy to set up and position the light exactly where you need it. So as long as you have a good spot to place your Elgato Key Light, one light should be enough for you.

However, if you want to add some creative lighting to your setup or have a larger streaming space, you can always get a second Elgato Key Light. With two Elgato Key Lights, you’ll be able to add some creative lighting effects and play with shadows to give your stream a more polished look.

Is the Elgato Key Light Worth It?

Elgato Key Light (lit up) and Web Cam attached to desk

The Elgato Key Light is an incredibly well-made product offering great features and performance. It provides wide color temperature adjustment, soft diffused lighting, and a wireless setup.

It’s an excellent option for anyone looking for high-quality, adjustable light. However, Elgato stands out among the crowd because it’s purpose-built for streamers.


Streaming means hours of recording and often in front of hot lights, which we all know is neither comfortable nor attractive. The Elgato Key Light is a gentle, diffuse light that doesn’t melt your face. It’s probably the most comfortable light you’ll ever use.


The size is also perfect for streamers. It’s not too big or too small and doesn’t take up much space on your desk. And the wireless setup means you can position it anywhere you want without worrying about cords. The amazing clamp mount means you can attach it to almost anything.


It’s also fully adjustable, so the Elgato Key Light has you covered whether you’re looking for a subtle backlight or want to go all-out with a bright, vibrant light show.

So, is the Elgato Key Light worth it? We think it is! If you’re looking for a top-notch light that will make your streaming sessions more comfortable and look great, then the Elgato Key Light is definitely worth the investment.

Alternative Options For The Elgato Key Light

Young man streaming professional online video games

If you’re not sold on the Elgato Key Light or looking for some alternatives, here are a few options worth considering.

1- Neewer Desk Mount LED Kit (on Amazon)

The Neewer Desk Mount LED Kit is a great option if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution. The kit includes one dimmable, color-adjustable light panel, a desk clamp, remote control, and everything else you need to get started.

The light panel has a CRI of 97+ and a color temperature range of 3200K-5600K. But the best part is the 4400-lumen output, one of the highest on this list. So, if you need a lot of light, this is a great option.

2- SAMTIAN LED Video Lighting Kit (on Amazon)

The SAMTIAN LED Video Lighting Kit might be a better option if you have a bigger studio or need more light. With 1200 lumen in each panel, the pack of two or four can cover your whole studio.

It’s remote-controlled, dual-powered, and features adjustable color temperature from 3200K-5600K. However, the adjustable angle is just 60 degrees – not as wide as the other options on this list.

3- ViltroxL-116T Key Light Panel (on Amazon)

A super affordable option, the Viltrox L-116T Key Light Panel is an excellent option for anyone on a budget. The sleek, lightweight panel comes with a color temperature range up to 5500K and an adjustable brightness from 20%-100%.

It also has a built-in honeycomb diffuser for soft, gentle lighting. This light is perfect for you if you’re just starting and don’t need all the bells and whistles of more expensive options.

4- Dazzne D50 LED Light (on Amazon)

Another small yet mighty option, the Dazzne D50 LED Light has an impressive CRI of 96+ and a color temperature range of 3200K-5000K. It’s also dimmable from 0%-100% and has a built-in diffuser for softer lighting.

But the best part is its memory function, which means you can save your favorite settings and recall them with the touch of a button.