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How to Manage Multiple August Smart Locks

August smart locks are easy to install and compatible with most single-cylinder deadbolts. You can automatically lock and unlock your door and monitor who comes into your home with the smart lock and the accompanying app. You can also pass out virtual keys that are good for the amount of time you set. Since August locks are so convenient, it makes sense that you might want to manage more than one.

If you want to manage multiple August smart locks, you’ll need an August Connect or another compatible WiFi bridge for each lock. And to manage multiple smart locks remotely, there are a few more things you need to know.

Being able to remotely control the August lock is one of its primary advantages because that’s where a lot of the convenience comes from, but there may be some confusion around what hub or bridge is required, and whether you need one or not. Put simply, if you want to manage more than one august lock, you’ll definitely need a bridge of some kind.

How Many Smart Locks Can You Manage with the August App?

The August WiFi Smart Lock (on Amazon) requires you to use it’s accompanying app. And the August app is compatible with most smartphones and tablets. It allows you to manage all of your smart locks using just one interface. You can control the locks from anywhere inside your home, without having to get up and go to the door. However, using the August app to manage several locks has a downside.

But, you won’t be able to control the locks remotely without a Wi-Fi bridge or August Connect for each one. As we’ve stated before in our article on the internet and smart homes, each smart lock will need a separate internet connection point. For example, if you only have one bridge connected you can only control a single lock. If you only need to manage one door, the simple setup could work.

Using a Bridge for Remote Functionality

When you want to remotely control your smart locks, you’ll need to connect a bridge, and there needs to be one for each lock. You can use August Connect (on Amazon), which is simple to connect, and it’s created by the same company so you know there won’t be compatibility issues. Plug the smart bridge into a power source and follow the instructions to connect it to your Wi-Fi network.

You’re not limited to only August bridges, some others will work with the August smart locks. If you already have Ring home security devices installed, August smart locks are compatible with the bridges on these systems, additionally, physical keys can be used with smart locks as well (more on that in our guide).

There is another option where you won’t have to plug in multiple bridges, and you can still remotely manage your smart locks. If you have a Nest system, you can use its Wi-Fi connections. When you pull up the August app, you’ll see the chain of connected locks and from there select the one you want to manage.

If you’re using IFTTT integration, you won’t need multiple bridges but it’s probably the best way. However, there can be problems with connectivity, especially when the locks are managed remotely or away from home. The upgraded August Smart Lock Pro (on Amazon) comes with a Z-wave hub that acts as the bridge.

Advantages of Smart Locks

There are several advantages to installing smart locks or using smart keys (our guide) on your doors. It simplifies security since you can manage all entry points with the August app. You can choose which lock to unlock and ensure all doors are secure when you’re not home. With the convenient DoorSense feature, you’ll also know when a door is left open.

Auto-lock and unlock functions can sense when you’re near the door. You won’t have to search for keys or fumble with a keypad. You can also give out virtual keys to let others in and track when they arrive and leave. The virtual keys are only good for as long as you want them. The keys can function for an hour, days, or even weeks but it’s up to you how long the key works with the smart lock.

Most smart locks are also compatible with your home assist systems. Along with using your smartphone, tablet, or even iOS watch, the locks respond to commands from Alexa, Google Assistant, and more. If you want even more convenience, have the August smart keypad installed with the lock.

The August smart keypad (on Amazon) is another layer of protection in the event you’ve lost your mobile device. Simply punch in the preset code, and you’re back inside. Since the smart locks attach to the existing deadbolt, your original door keys will still work if you’re accidentally locked out.


Smart locks are not only convenient, but they also improve home security. You’ll always know if your doors are locked or open for anyone to wander in. Since most homes have more than one entry point, it only makes sense to have smart locks on all of the exterior doors.

Whether you use a generic bridge or the August Connect, you’ll be able to control access to your home remotely. Let in repair crews, friends, and family when you’re not there and know exactly when they leave. Smart locks will give you peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and secure, additionally, they’ll save you from having to rekey a lock via a locksmith as we’ve previously discussed.