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How To Fix A Nintendo Switch Lite That Dies Too Fast

A Nintendo Switch Lite may be small and lightweight, but it packs a big punch with over five thousand games. To allow you to get the most of these games, the Switch Lite has an extended battery life of 3 to 7 hours. With time, however, you might note that the battery dies too fast. Luckily, there are simple ways to fix the problem and enjoy longer gaming sessions once again. 

There are various ways to fix a Nintendo Switch Lite that dies too fast, including adjusting screen settings, running a system update, using airplane mode, and taking careful care of the battery. If these quick fixes fail, battery replacement is the best option. 

As an avid gamer, you need extended battery life to enjoy longer playtimes on your Switch Lite. And if the battery dies too fast, the Switch Lite loses its functionality as the ultimate on-the-go gaming console. So let’s find out what depletes the Switch Lite’s battery so quickly and how to fix the problem. 

How Long Should the Nintendo Switch Lite Battery Last? 

One of the biggest advantages of the Switch Lite (on Amazon) is the longer battery life compared to the original Nintendo Switch. The handheld gaming console boasts a battery life of 3 to 7 hours, at least when it’s new. Note this is a bit different form how long the big-brother Nintendo Switch takes to charge. If you’re problem is with a bigger Nintendo Switch, be sure to swap to this parallel resource we have on that model.

Some of the best games on the Switch Lite, including Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey, drain the battery much faster. These games require higher-intensity use of the console. 

Like all Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, the Switch Lite battery gradually loses its initial capacity. The battery degrades with time and use, and you’ll note a decrease in the battery life as you play. The degradation is a normal reaction and doesn’t require any repairs. 

The type of usage and the way you maintain your Switch Lite console determine how efficiently the battery performs. We’ll talk about the fix next, but stick around for what to do if the Nintendo Switch Lite won’t charge at all, and what we have to say about replacing the battery, and be aware of our other guides on Switch Charging like how to make a Nintendo Switch charge a bit faster.

How to Increase the Battery Life on Nintendo Switch Lite

A Nintendo Switch Lite gives you the flexibility you need to enjoy versatile gaming on the go. However, if the battery drains too fast, you’ll have to charge it practically every other hour.

The following are ways to increase the battery life on a Nintendo Switch Lite to extend your gaming sessions:

Manage Screen Brightness

Most gamers play their Switch Lite at maximum display brightness. The screen display requires a lot of energy, and you’ll notice the battery dies too fast. To get more playtime out of your batteries, adjust the screen brightness downwards. 

Go to Home > System Settings and then choose the Brightness tab. From here, manually adjust the brightness slider downwards to a reasonable level. If you’re already in a game, long-press the Home button and scroll to the brightness tab. 

Turn on Airplane Mode 

If you don’t need to download a game or play online, activating airplane mode saves energy. The Switch’s operating system is always looking for WiFi devices to connect, which is a process that drains battery power fast.

To turn on airplane mode, go to Home > System Settings and choose the Airplane mode tab. Activate the airplane mode to save battery and deactivate it when you need to connect to the internet again.

Charge the Battery Regularly

Lithium-ion batteries degrade quickly if they aren’t charged regularly. These are the best batteries on the market, and one way to care for them is by keeping them charged.  

Change Sleep Mode Settings 

The sleep mode is an amazing feature offered by electronic gadgets to save power. For the Switch Lite, the console goes into sleep mode by default after a set period of inactivity.

The sleep mode is great because you save on battery power without having to turn off the gaming machine. The applications in the background continue running.

 If the period of inactivity is too long, the applications in the background might deplete the battery. To improve battery life, change the specific period of inactivity time your console takes before going to sleep mode.

To do this, go to Home > System Settings and scroll down to the Sleep Mode section. Select 3 or 5 minutes of inactivity before the sleep mode kicks in. 

Change your Gaming Style

 To enjoy longer gaming time on the Switch Lite, manage your gaming style. Play more intense games on the handheld console at home, where you can quickly charge the battery.

On the road, choose less demanding games to enjoy longer gameplay. 

How Do You Fix a Nintendo Switch Lite That’s Draining the Battery Too Fast?

A Nintendo Switch Lite comes with a battery charge indicator to help you track your usage. If the charge indicator shows the battery draining too fast, this could be a problem with the battery, charging system, or the indicator itself. For the battery or charging hardware, you might need professional repairs. 

If you can still play with the indicator showing the battery is almost depleted, this is a sign of faulty battery charge indicator settings. To fix the incorrect battery charge display, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Check the system update from the System Settings.
  2. Disable Auto-Sleep when the console screen is in use by setting Auto-Sleep mode settings to ‘Never.’
  3. Charge the battery with the recommended AC adapter and allow the battery time to get to 100%.
  4. Disconnect the AC adapter and leave the system to display the Home menu for about 3 to 4 hours. This depletes the battery as much as possible. 
  5.  When the battery is almost dead, power off the console and leave it off for half an hour.
  6. Repeat steps 2 to 6 several times. The procedure improves the battery charge display. 
  7. If the battery charge indicator is still faulty, take your Switch Lite in for repairs. 

Can You Replace the Nintendo Switch Lite Battery?  

It’s possible to replace a Nintendo Switch Lite Battery if none of the above solutions fix the issue. Replacing the battery offers a long-term solution. 

For this DIY project, you’ll need specialized tools that include:

You can also opt for a tool kit with a replacement battery, such as this one (on Amazon).

Using these tools, you’ll remove the back panel and the shield plate and, finally, disconnect the battery. The screws, opening tool, and spudger come in handy during this delicate process. The tweezers help disconnect the attaching cables for the battery. 

The isopropyl alcohol helps weaken the adhesive used to attach the battery, while the opening pick disconnects the battery along the edges. A plastic card can also help to lift the battery while the microfiber cloth cleans any adhesive or solution around the internal area. 

Replace the faulty battery with a high-quality OEM product recommended by Nintendo. The new battery gives you a longer gaming time and a better gaming experience.