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Nintendo Switch Lite Won’t Charge: Possible Reasons & Solutions

The Nintendo Switch Lite adds an edge to your gaming experience with over 5k games, dedicated handheld mode, and exciting gaming features. While this lightweight console is otherwise reliable, its short battery life means you have to charge it regularly. If your Switch Lite won’t charge, your gaming fun comes to a stop and you need a quick solution. To fix the problem, let’s discuss the possible causes of the Switch Lite’s failure to charge and best solutions. 

To fix a Nintendo Switch Lite that won’t charge, first check for problems with the power outlet, AC adapter, and cables. Then try hard resetting the Switch while it’s plugged in. At that point, you may need to replace your AC adapter, but contacting Nintendo Support may help if it’s under warranty.

When reach over to charge your Switch Lite, the last thing you want is for the device not to respond. If the console won’t charge, this delays your gaming fun. Some common causes of Switch Lite charging issues include a faulty power supply, damaged charging hardware, or a frozen system. Let’s find out why your Switch Lite won’t charge and talk about some quick and effective fixes. 

How Do You Fix a Nintendo Switch Lite That Won’t Charge?

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Check out some quick fixes to the charging problem with your Nintendo Switch Lite:

Allow the Switch Lite to Charge 

Once you connect the Switch Lite to a power outlet, charging should start immediately. If the battery is dead, the device might take more time to charge, and this is not a cause for worry.

Normally, the Switch Lite takes about 3 and a half hours to charge fully. For an older Switch Lite or for one with a fully drained battery, it will take more time to charge. 

If you haven’t used the console for some time, the battery might require about 12 to 24 hours to charge fully. It’s advisable to leave the gaming device alone as it charges.

To confirm that the Switch Lite has started charging, check for the charging indicator on the Home Menu or on a blank screen. With a fully charged battery, you can play longer without running out of juice.

Check Your Switch Lite AC Adapter

The AC adapter is an essential element for a great gaming experience, but most players overlook it. For safe and efficient Switch Lite charging, use Nintendo’s official USB-C power adapter, which comes with the console.

When your Switch Lite won’t charge, reset the AC adapter by unplugging it from both the Switch Lite and the power outlet for about 30 second. Then plug the adapter back in and check for the charging indicator.

If the Switch Lite still isn’t charging, this points to a potential problem with the hardware. Look over the AC adapter for any physical damage to the power connection cables. Any cuts, breaks or frayed wires could affect your Switch Lite’s charging system. 

Try using another adapter in the house to determine if the one you use with your Switch is faulty. You can buy an aftermarket replacement AC adapter if necessary, like this one from YCCTEAM (on Amazon) if needed.

Use Another Power Outlet 

After connecting the AC adapter to the outlet, the Switch Lite charging indicator should light up. If there’s no indicator, first rule out any problem with the AC adapter and the connecting cables.

Connect a different device on the same power outlet to rule out power supply issues. If you confirm the power outlet has a problem, charge your gaming machine at a different outlet. 

Hard Reset the Switch Lite 

If the Switch Lite still won’t charge, this could mean the device is frozen. A hard reset helps in such cases by resolving any software glitches.

To hard reset the Switch Lite, hold down the power button for 12 to 15 seconds to force a shutdown. Wait for a few seconds and power up the console once again. Try to charge once again.

Contact Nintendo Support  

If all these fixes fail, it’s time to contact Nintendo support. The team offers reliable services and guides you through troubleshooting technical glitches in their hardware.

Nintendo support also advises on hardware repairs for devices under warranty.

Can You Leave a Nintendo Switch Lite Charging Overnight?  

You might have heard that you can damage your Switch’s battery if you charge it overnight. However, the Switch Lite leverages cutting-edge technology to shut off the charging system and prevent the battery from overcharging. Once the battery is full, the console automatically cuts the charging off.

This doesn’t mean you can leave the battery charging for days on end. When you leave the battery charging too long, this negatively affects its ability to charge to 100% capacity in the future. To protect the battery and improve your gaming experience, don’t leave the console plugged in for days.

How Long Is Nintendo Switch Lite Battery Life?

The Nintendo Switch Lite has a battery life of 3 to 7 hours. The Switch Lite battery is larger than the one in the original Nintendo Switch, allowing for longer gaming sessions. That said, some resource-intensive games might deplete the charge faster. 

The console uses a lithium-ion battery, and the battery life naturally decreases over time and after increased use. The Switch Lite battery life drops by about 20% after roughly 800 charge cycles. This gradual decrease in battery life with age doesn’t mean the battery is damaged.