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Why Does My PS5 Controller Keep Vibrating?

The PlayStation 5 is often viewed as the best gaming console when it comes to next-generation gaming. The new controller design features haptic technology that gives a realistic feel through smart vibrations. However, sometimes these vibrations can get out of hand. 

If your PS5 controller keeps vibrating, it’s likely caused by a software bug or glitch. The best way to resolve this error is to restart the controller and/or attempt to update the software. If the controller is still usable, you can navigate to Settings, Accessories, Controller, and disable the vibration there.

While PS5 controllers have cutting-edge haptic technology, they still have a few bugs and glitches that need to be resolved. So, if your new controller is constantly vibrating, don’t worry. The problem will likely be resolved with an update or two. Let’s take a look at what you can do in the meantime.

PS5 Controller Vibration

Man play with Play station

The vibration on the PS5 DualSense controller (on Amazon) is quite different from that of the previous version’s controllers. You’ll notice that the controller vibrates much more than a PS4 controller. This is due to the haptic feedback technology used in PS5 controllers. 

Haptic feedback allows the controller to vibrate at different frequencies according to the in-game experience. You can “feel” the vibrations of sand, cars, and other in-game features, and each vibration will feel different. Some gamers love this, while others who use paddles and work to excel at multiplayer games may prefer to turn it off entirely.

While this feedback technology provides a great in-game experience, it can be quite irritating and over-responsive in certain games. The PS5 controller will vibrate almost constantly in some games, disrupting the gaming experience. 

While the PS5 has certainly taken a step forward in its vibration technology, they still have to fix usability errors with the controllers. Be sure to read through our Ultimate PS5 Owner’s Guide fore more on your DualSense controller and how to manage it, but for now let’s fix this vibration issue once and for all.

How to Get a PS5 Controller to Stop Vibrating 

While many players love the additional vibrating touch that PS5 controllers have, it can become excessive at times. If your controller is vibrating excessively, it’s either due to a bug or because the game is too responsive. Fortunately, this issue can be resolved with simple fixes in both cases.

Here are two ways to get your PS5 controller to stop vibrating: 

Controller Software Update

If your controller is constantly vibrating, it could be due to a bug or software glitch. Playstation releases occasional controller updates to remove bugs and update the software. If you receive a prompt for controller updates, follow these steps to update your PS5 controller: 

  1. Connect the controller to the PS5 via USB cable. 
  2. Follow the update prompts on your PS5. 
  3. Disconnect the controller when the update is complete. Avoid powering off the console or disconnecting the controller during the update. 
  4. Under the accessories settings, check that the controller software is up to date. 

PS5 controller updates remove glitches that may come due to new games or features that the technology hasn’t yet adapted to. You can delay the updates, but it’s best to complete them when you get the prompt. 

How to Turn Off PS5 Controller Vibration

If the controller vibrations are disrupting your gaming experience, you can turn the feature off. Fortunately, there’s no need to tear the controller apart to get rid of the vibrations.

Turn off your PS5 controller’s vibrations with these simple steps: 

  1. Go onto the PS5 settings and select “Accessories.” 
  2. Under accessories, select “Controllers.” You’ll see a list of controller options. 
  3. Select “Vibration intensity” and turn it off. You can either turn it off completely or go for a lower vibration intensity. 

Although you can turn the vibration off completely, it’s best to first try a lower setting or check for updates. If your controller keeps constantly vibrating on a lower setting after updates, then your only option is to turn the vibrations off. 

Other DualSense Troubleshooting Notes

The DuelSense is incredible, but like anything it can fail after extended use (or mismanagement…). Watch out for symptoms that mean somethings wrong over time, like:

All of these are typical, run-of-the mill issues that should only take a few minutes to troubleshoot, so be sure to reference our guides if you run into them!