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How To Fix Internet Connection Issues On A PS5

There’s nothing like gaming on a PlayStation 5. Many gamers consider it far better than other consoles in terms of quality and in-game experience. However, your PS5 may sometimes experience network connectivity problems that can disrupt your otherwise-seamless gaming experience. 

To fix internet connection issues on your PS5, first power cycle both the PS5 and your router. Consider moving to a 5GHz Wi-Fi band if available. After that, you’ll want to turn your attention toward DNS settings on your router. The nuclear option may be to change service providers.

If nothing else works, you may have to send the PS5 in for repairs or change your network service provider. After all, why use a PS5 if poor connectivity is going to frustrate you? Let’s look at the common causes of PS5 connectivity problems and how to resolve them. 

Reasons a PS5 Might Disconnect From the Internet

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There are multiple reasons why your PS5 might disconnect from the internet. In most cases, the issue is with the internet connection or router, but connectivity problems could also be caused by faulty hardware or software, or if the PNS servers are offline. 

Pro-Tip: Is your PS5 near your router? If so, use an ethernet connection for maximum stability and lag-reduction!

Here are some of the common causes of PS5 connectivity problems: 

Poor Internet Connection 

If the internet connection is too slow or isn’t smooth, your PS5 may repeatedly get disconnected. If this rarely happens, then it could be due to network fluctuations. If it happens often, you may have to change your network service provider or go with a more stable option. 

If your router offers 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz wireless bands, moving the console to the 5GHz band is a great way to reduce the amount of traffic its competing with. In fact, this should be your default strategy with consoles or devices that you want to have a clear-highway for data transfer.

This is actually the default setup we recommend in our Ultimate PS5 Owner’s Guide (if you don’t have access to the ethernet option).

A Faulty Router 

Sometimes, the problem may be with the router rather than the internet connection. A faulty router may cause the PS5 to connect and disconnect repeatedly or not connect at all. If you have a faulty router, you’ll also experience network connectivity problems on other devices. 

Improper Router Placement 

If the router isn’t placed correctly or it’s too far away from the PS5, your connection may have distortions. Always have a professional place the router according to the network signals in your area for a reliable connection.

If the router is behind a wall, or just generally very far away, this can be an issue. And be wary of other devices that may be broadcasting their own wireless networks that could be interfering with the one the PS5 is trying to use. Smart-home hubs, for instance, placed directly next to routers, may compete for 2.4GHz wireless band space and struggle to be “heard” by all the devices trying to connect. 

Software or Hardware Problems 

Internet problems could also be caused by software and hardware faults on the PS5. Software problems can usually be fixed with a reboot or update. However, you’ll have to send the PS5 in for repairs if there’s a hardware problem….but we find that most users who leave their PS5 turned on all the time can clear most issues with a simple restart. 

Problems With PNS Servers 

If there’s nothing wrong with your PS5 and you have a stable internet connection, there may be an issue with the Playstation PNS servers. While Playstation will usually notify you if they plan to take their servers offline for some time, the servers may also unexpectedly go offline, causing you to experience connectivity problems. 

How to Fix PS5 Internet Connection Issues

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Unless you’re experiencing a hardware problem, you can fix most internet connection problems on a PS5 yourself. It’s best to start by updating the firmware settings and software since these are the most common causes of connectivity problems after a poor network. 

Let’s look at some of the most common fixes for internet connection issues: 

Power Cycle Router and Update Software (if needed)

In most cases, internet connectivity issues have nothing to do with your PS5. The problem is usually with the router, which could either be damaged or just in need of a reboot. Many router problems can be fixed by restarting the cycle router and updating its firmware. 

To power off the cycle router, disconnect the cable from the PS5 and other devices. Unplug the router or press the reboot button. Once the router reboots, the connection should go back to normal. If not, you’ll have to update the router’s firmware settings. 

Follow these steps to update the firmware settings: 

  1. Go onto router settings on the PS5 and delete all the previous settings. 
  2. Disconnect the router from the PS5. 
  3. Log onto the online router control page. This is usually accessible from your internet service provider’s website. 
  4. Update the router’s firmware. 
  5. Restart the router and connect to the PS5. It may take about 30 minutes for the update to take effect, depending on your internet service provider. 

Updating the firmware settings will solve most of the connectivity problems, unless the router is damaged or your network provider’s services are offline. 

Update PS5 and Soft Reset 

If there’s nothing wrong with your router, the problem could be with the PS5. Some PS5s may have bugs that cause internet connection problems, especially if the console is constantly connected to a power source. To remove these bugs, you’ll have to update your PS5 and do a soft reset. 

To update your PS5, go into “Settings” and select “System Software.” Click on “Update System Software” and wait for the process to complete. To update the PS5 this way, you’ll need to connect a LAN cable (on Amazon) to the router for a stable connection. 

If the automatic update fails, you’ll have to manually update the PS5 with a USB. To do so, follow these steps: 

  1. Download the PS5 system software update on your computer or laptop. 
  2. Connect a clean USB drive (on Amazon) to the laptop and copy the folder onto the USB. Save the update file as “PS5UPDATE.PUP” in the FAT32 format.  
  3. Connect the USB drive to the PS5 and boot into safe mode. To boot into safe mode, hold the power button down for a few seconds until you hear two beeps. Release the button after the second beep to enter safe mode.
  4. Select “update system software” and then “update from USB storage device.” 
  5. Don’t disconnect the PS5 from the power source during this process and wait for the PS5 to restart before checking the connectivity. 

Change WiFi Settings

Sometimes a mismatch in the settings between your WiFi and router can cause problems in the connectivity. PS5s have the option of connecting to both 5 GHz and 2.4GHz connections. You can switch to a single setting if your WiFi connectivity is unstable. 

To adjust the WiFi settings, go onto the network settings on your PS5 and click on “set up internet connection.” Click on the options button, and you’ll have the option to choose your WiFi frequency bands. If you have fast internet, choose the 5GHz option. Otherwise, it’s best to leave the settings at 2.4GHz. 

If you’re still experiencing problems, try changing the DNS settings for better connectivity. To change the DNS settings, follow these steps: 

  1. Go onto the network settings on your PS5. 
  2. Select “Set up Internet Connection” and choose “Set Up Manually.” 
  3. Under “Use WiFi,” you’ll have the option to change the DNS settings. 
  4. You can choose any DNS settings, but it’s best to go with a trusted option like Cloudflare or Google’s DNS. 
  5. If you’re going to change the primary DNS settings, make sure you also change the secondary DNS settings. 

Tips and Tricks 

If nothing seems to work, there’s no need to lose hope. Try some of these proven tips and tricks to fix connectivity problems on your PS5: 

Check the PNS Servers 

Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with your connection or PS5, but the Playstation servers may be down. While this rarely happens, it’s worth checking anyways. Check here to see whether there’s something wrong with the PNS servers. 

Use Playstation Fix and Connect 

If you have a software bug, try using Playstation Fix and Connect to check for internet connectivity problems. While this, too, won’t fix all your connectivity problems, it will resolve most software issues. 

Change Your Internet Service Provider 

If your internet connection is too slow, the best solution is to change the network service provider. Go for something more reliable and faster, and you’ll never experience in-game lag again! This is pretty much the nuclear option, because obviously it’s neither quick nor simple. But, it can get you much better internet if your current service provider is dropping the ball.

Send Your Playstation in for Repairs 

If nothing seems to work, your last option is to have the network card checked. If the problem is with the hardware, you’ll have to send your PS5 in for repairs.