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PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting From PC: How To Fix This Issue

Does your PS4 controller keep disconnecting from your PC? Are you looking for possible solutions for it? If yes, you are in the right place. It is a common problem faced by many users, but it is fixable, and luckily the fixes are all pretty quick and simple.. 

A PS4 controller might keep disconnecting from your PC due to having the wrong drivers installed (software issue) or maybe because the controller is simply running out of battery. Try restarting both devices. Then, confirm you have the correct drivers installed.

There are numerous solutions for this disconnectivity issue that you should know about. These solutions are related to both the controller and your PC. So, if you want to have an amazing gaming experience on your PC using your PS4 controller, let’s dive in!

Why Does Your PS4 Controller Keep Disconnecting From Your PC?

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PS4 DualShock 4controllers (on Amazon) tend to disconnect from the PC at times. It can be frustrating as you can lose a game when you are unable to use the controller in between the game.

The controller can disconnect a few seconds after you plug it in, or it can disconnect while playing a game out of the blue. In both cases, the reasons are the same. 

In order of how often they occur, here’s a quick troubleshooting list of the common causes for this disconnect issue:

Outdated Bluetooth Drivers/Lack of Correct Drivers

The number one cause of disrupting the connection between your PS4 controller and your PC is outdated Bluetooth drivers. Bluetooth drivers should be updated regularly to keep them compatible with your controller.

If you don’t get a notification for your Bluetooth driver’s update, you should check it regularly and download and install any available updates. They may happen in the background automatically.

If you don’t have a Bluetooth driver installed on your PC, you need to download one for your PS4 controller to work on your PC.

Damaged Controller Wires 

If you are using a wired controller, the connecting cable of your controller can be damaged, causing a connection issue. Cables can be damaged by stretching them too much or bending them in the wrong directions.

To prevent this, you should store your controller’s wires carefully and don’t jerk them around or have them draped across an area where someone’s going to trip over them or something like that.

Dirty or Damaged USB Port

The USB port of your PC where you connect the controller can be damaged or dirty. Electronic devices can go bad after using them for a while. So, it is quite common to experience a damaged USB port. 

It can be damaged in a way that allows your PS4 controller to work only when the wire is placed in a certain position. When you misplace it from that particular position, the controller can disconnect from the PC.

Dirt and debris can disturb the connection between the controller and your PC. Always keep the system away from dust and regularly clean everything. 

Signal Interference

Signals with the same frequency can cancel each other out and die down. If you use your controller in a place where there are multiple signals from Bluetooth or WiFi with the same frequency, it can affect the Bluetooth connectivity of your controller. 

This can especially be a problem if your WiFi router is in the same room as your console. That can provide you with a faster WiFi connection, but it can interfere with your controller’s connectivity.

Exceeded Range of Controller

Controllers that work through Bluetooth have a specific range. Beyond this range, the Bluetooth will disconnect or form weak signals. The range of PS4 controllers is pretty high (about 30 ft), but that doesn’t mean you can be far back from your PC and use your controller. 

Maintain a well-balanced distance from the screen to enjoy the strong connectivity of your controller.

Low Battery of Controller

A low battery of your controller can disturb the connectivity. When the battery is about to end, the function of the controller becomes slow, forming weak connectivity with the PC.

Old Controller

If your controller is too old and you have used it a lot, you might need to change it now. The hardware of your controller can be damaged, which can cause a weak signal. 

If your controller has faced a lot of user damage, such as dropping it on the floor, hitting it, water damage, or dropping a hard object on it, it can go wrong.

Incompatibility with the PC

Depending upon your system and the model of your controller, it can be possible that your PC doesn’t support that controller, due to which it won’t be connecting. Having an outdated OS system can be a reason behind this incompatibility too. 

Default Settings of PS4 Controller

Your controller’s settings to play on your PS4 and PC are different. If you have disconnected from your PS4 and now want to use the controller on your PC, the default settings would be saved and carried to the computer. It can cause a connection error, or some controller features might not work on the PC.

Other possible reasons include:

  • Some games do not support your controller. 
  • Your controller connects to other saved Bluetooth devices nearby.

How To Stop PS4 Controllers From Disconnecting From PC?

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PS4 controllers disconnecting from the PC is a common problem. But you don’t need to worry as you can still enjoy your games with a stable connection by following the solutions mentioned below.

These solutions address all the problems that your PS4 controller might be disconnecting from your PC. So, let’s get started!

Download DS4 Windows on Your PC

To use a PS4 controller on your PC, you need software that allows it to connect to the PC. If you already have it on your PC, make sure it is up-to-date to work correctly. Follow the steps below to download DS4Windows on your PC:

  • Download the software from  
  • Run the downloaded file.
  • Save the user data in a suitable folder.
  • Install the recommended drivers that arise when you open DS4windows for the first time. VIGEmBUS driver is essential, whereas hidhide is recommended. Fakerinput is optional.
  • Connect your controller with your PC.

Download Bluetooth Driver on Your PC

Even after installing DS4windows, your controller might not connect to the PC due to an old Bluetooth driver. Old Bluetooth drivers might not support your PS4 controller.

Therefore, you need to make sure that your Bluetooth driver is the latest if you want stable connectivity of your controller with your PC. 

To check any Bluetooth updates on your PC, follow the instructions below:

  • Open settings and go to “Update and Security.”
  • Click on “check for updates.” It might take a few minutes for the updates to show up.
  • Click on the “view updates” option.
  • Click on “driver updates,” if any.
  • If there is an option for a Bluetooth driver, click on it and download it. 
  • Install the driver. Once the installation is completed, connect the controller to the Bluetooth and see if it is working.

Reconnect your PS4 Controller

Sometimes, simply connecting your PS4 controller with your PC can fix the disconnectivity issue. This is especially useful if you have been using your controller for hours. 

To reconnect:

  • Disconnect the controller from your PC.
  • Turn the controller off.
  • Turn off the Bluetooth from your PC.
  • Restart the controller.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth from your PC.
  • Reconnect the controller to your PC and check if your problem has been solved or not.

Restart the PC

If you have newly downloaded software or a driver related to the PS4 controller, you might need to restart your PC to work the software efficiently. 

For this:

  • Disconnect your controller from the PC.
  • Go to the power option in your system and click on “Restart.”
  • When the system restarts, reconnect the controller with your PC.

Hard Reset the Controller

If your controller refuses to connect to the system, you can try resetting the controller. For this, follow the steps below:

  • Turn off your controller and find the “Reset” button on its back.
  • Use a needle to press the reset button. Hold it for five seconds or more to reset the controller.
  • Turn the controller on and reconnect it with your PC. check if the controller has started working or not.

Check for Damaged Cables/USB Port

The LAN cable of your PS4 or the USB port of your computer could be damaged, causing a bad connection between the two. First, check if your cable is damaged or not. 

For this, connect your controller with your PC and place it aside. Check if your controller gets disconnected that way or not. If it doesn’t disconnect, it could be because of a damaged cable. Now, move your controller and start playing a game. If the controller disconnects while using the controller, the cable might be damaged.

To check for a damaged USB port, use another port with the controller. Use the controller and play games. If the controller works fine, the USB port might be damaged.

Connection Resetting 

Reset all the connections of your PS4 to make sure it is only connecting to your PC. At times, various recognizable connections might disturb the connectivity of your controller. For this, follow the steps given below:

  • Turn on your PS4 controller.
  • Press and hold the “PS” and “Share” buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.
  • Let the buttons go, and the controller will start to find new connections.
  • Connect the controller with your PC, and you are good to go.

Disconnection on Steam: Solved

Sometimes, the controller only disconnects when you are using Steam. This is a common problem faced by many users. However, the solution is quite simple and easy. All you have to do is:

  • Open Steam and go to “Settings.”
  • Click on “Controller” in the settings and go to general controller settings.
  • Click on “PS Configuration Support.”
  • Change the shutdown time of the controller from “15 minutes” (usually) to “Never.” 

This will stop your controller from being disconnected while you are using Steam.

Charge Your Controller

The low battery of your controller isn’t ideal, and it can cause a weak signal between the PC and the PS4 controller. It might be possible that your controller isn’t charging correctly due to a damaged controller wire.

If that’s the case, you can get Talk Works Charger Cable for PS4 Controller (on Amazon) for fast and reliable charging. 

Control the Barriers

WiFi signals interrupting the Bluetooth signals of your controller can cause connectivity issues. For this, keep the WiFi router in a separate room and use your controller in another room. This way, both the signals won’t interfere with each other.

It would help if you sat near your PC within the Bluetooth range. The normal Bluetooth range is 30 ft. If you sit beyond it, the Bluetooth might disconnect altogether or have weak signals causing a lag.

Get a New Controller

If everything fails, it might mean that your controller has gone poor. The only solution to this is to replace your controller. But don’t come to this conclusion immediately. Try all the solutions mentioned above before getting a new controller. 

If your controller is working on your PS4 or another PC, then your controller isn’t faulty. So, try to connect it with other devices before buying a new controller.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know about all the common reasons your PS4 might be disconnecting from your PC and its solutions, you can enjoy a fulfilling gaming experience.

By trying the solutions mentioned above, you can have a stable connection between your PS4 controller and your PC. Lagging connection or disconnecting in between the game can be a frustrating experience, and you should check for all the possible solutions for it. Happy gaming!