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Why is Your PS4 Controller Light Red?

A red light is rarely a good sign. So, when your PS4 controller light flashes red, it can make you worry. So, you may be wondering why your controller’s light is red? Well, you’ve come to the right place, and we have the answers you need.

A red light on your PS4 controller could mean several things. And if your controller is working correctly but displays a red light, it’s usually not a cause for concern. However, if it is stuck on a red light and isn’t connecting to the PS4 console, you probably need to charge the controller.

A PS4 controller flashing red is a fairly common problem, and gamers are always looking for solutions. This article examines the various causes of a PS4 controller’s red light and how to fix them.

What Does the PS4 Red Controller Red Light Mean?

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Generally, PS4 controllers show different colors, including white, blue, orange, etc. However, when your controller displays a red light, it’s usually a sign something is wrong.

For example, if the light on your controller light turns red, it means your controller’s hardware is damaged or a faulty charger or USB port may be in play. It could also simply mean the charge is low, but the charge could be low from the failure of one of those cables!

PS4 Controller Red Light Bar During Gameplay

A red light on your PS4 controller could indicate the gaming character’s health during gameplay. It’s not uncommon for some games to turn the controller’s light red when your game character dies, so there’s no reason for concern.

However, if you’re the sole player and your PS4 controller still flashes red, you may be logged into another user profile. Generally, switching user profiles will change the color of the light bar.

If you want to switch user profiles, press the PlayStation button between the analog sticks on the PS4 controller, scroll to “Power,” and choose “Switch User.” 

Check out our full guide on the PS4 controller lights and what they mean here. You may come across other issues with your controller, like joystick drift, or unexpected/constant vibration, but for now let’s get back to addressing what, exactly, a flashing red light means and how to fix it.

How to Fix a PS4 Controller That Keeps Flashing Red?

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Here are seven methods you can try to fix a controller flashing or sticking on red when it shouldn’t. The nuclear option is obviously going to be picking up a spare or replacement remote (on Amazon), but rest assured there are some quick and easy things you can try to fix your controller.

1. Try Replacing the USB Cable

  • First and foremost, check if your USB cable still works. If the cable is faulty, you have to get a new USB cable.
  • Purchase a new cable at a store and connect the brand-new cable to the PS4 controller.
  • If the color changes from red to orange or blue, your PS4 controller is now charging.

Since USB cables are prone to damage, replacing this piece of hardware is a simple way to fix this issue. Also, make sure to plug in the USB cable correctly.

A loosely connected cable causes the controller to discharge. As a result, make sure you properly plug in the USB cable so the controller’s battery can charge adequately.

2. Reset the PS4

  • Switch off the PS4 from the quick start menu or press and hold the console’s power button for roughly ten seconds.
  • Unplug the PS4’s power cord.
  • Reconnect the console’s power cord at the back and turn on the console after three to five minutes.
  • Connect the charging cable to your PS4 console and controller.
  • Finally, press the PS button to turn on the controller.

Switching off and restarting the console helps fix different controller issues. However, if resetting the PS4 console doesn’t work, you might have a hardware problem.

3. Reset the PS4 Controller

  • First, look for a tiny hole near the L2 shoulder button of the controller. This small hole houses the controller’s reset button.  
  • Use a thin object like a pin to press the button in the hole.
  • Hold the button down for five seconds.
  • Reconnect the controller to the console and check if the controller is charging.

Resetting the PS4 controller clears any corrupted settings and can resolve the flashing red lights issue.

4. Replace the Ribbon Cable and Other Hardware

The red light on your PS4 controller could also be due to a faulty ribbon cable. If the ribbon cable on your controller is defective, you won’t be able to charge the controller, which means the controller’s battery will drain.

If the ribbon cable on your controller is faulty, you won’t be able to charge the controller, which means the controller’s battery will discharge.

You can resolve this issue by using alcohol to clean the ribbon cable. And if cleaning doesn’t fix the problem, you need to purchase a new ribbon cable.

Moreover, if you’ve used your controller for a long time, the battery may be worn-out and have trouble holding a charge.

Fortunately, you can purchase a brand-new PS4 controller battery at an affordable price and open the controller to replace the battery. Also, ensure you buy the correct battery that fits your PS4 controller’s requirement, or the controller won’t sync.

5. Check USB Port

A faulty USB port is usually the leading cause of this issue. If the controller’s USB port isn’t working correctly, it won’t charge and will blink red due to a low battery. Therefore, we recommend checking the USB port to see if it still works.

Firstly, try cleaning the USB port if there is a dust build-up in the port. If cleaning the port doesn’t help, you can test if the USB port works by trying a working USB cable. The USB port is probably faulty if the cable doesn’t charge the controller.

Changing the Color of Your PS4 Controller

You may consider changing the color of the lights on your controller. To change the color, sign in to another user profile because different user profiles have different colors.

The color of player one is blue, player two is red, player three is green, and the color of player four is yellow/pink. Here’s how to change the color on your PS4 controller.

  • On your PS4 console, create four user profiles.
  • Sign in to a user profile and switch to another profile. Continue switching between user profiles until you see a color you prefer.


It is normal to get worried if your PS4 controller starts flashing red lights. This issue could be down to a faulty USB cable or broken hardware.

This article covers five ways to fix a PS4 controller flashing red. If you’re currently experiencing this issue, try out these quick fixes!