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Do You Need An Aux Cord to Use The Spotify Car Thing?

Unless you’re driving an old car whose audio system must be connected to your phone using an auxiliary cable, you don’t need an Aux cord to use the Spotify Car Thing; most vehicles have a modern audio system that supports several other connections. 

Using an AUX cord to connect your smartphone or tablet to your car’s stereo is one way to use the Spotify Car Thing. And while most car stereos support Aux line-in connections, they also support other connections, like Bluetooth or USB.

There are several ways to use the Spotify Car Thing to enjoy your favorite Spotify audio tracks while on the road. While using an aux cord is one of them, several more convenient options do not require you to carry a cord around. Read on to learn more about the Spotify Car Thing and how it can make your in-car listening experience more streamlined and personalized. 

What is the Spotify Car Thing?

Car Thing is Spotify’s way of rejecting the idea that smartphones are the Swiss Army knives of consumer devices. Driven by its need to quit its reliance on other companies’ hardware, such as Google and Apple, the audio content streaming giant launched its hardware for the first time. 

Spotify calls it a “smart player.” It is designed to help drivers on the road find, play, and enjoy their favorite audio content faster and with more ease than they would on their smartphones. 

The Spotify Car Thing is a lightweight touchscreen gadget of the smartphone’s size. It has a rubberized plastic body and mounts on a magnetic puck that can rotate to give the driver better access to the device. 

It can be installed on a vent with included clips, with adhesive on your vehicle’s dashboard, or on a bracket that can be slipped into the unused CD slot of your car’s stereo.

How does the Spotify Car Thing Work?

The Car Thing is powered by USB and must be plugged into the car’s 12V port. Once connected and powered up, you can connect it to your smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth.

It should display everything on your Spotify account, allowing you to seamlessly navigate through your audio content on its 4-inch color touchscreen. The Car Thing acts as a remote control enabling your phone to continue doing “phone stuff” while listening to music.  

Once the Car Thing is connected, connect your smartphone to the car stereo via an AUX cord, USB cable, or Bluetooth. Note that the device uses your phone’s mobile data or Wi-Fi to stream audio.

Your phone must use Android 8 or iOS 14 and above to be compatible. 

In addition to a display screen, the Car Thing features a large selector knob that can be tapped and scrolled, a back button, a settings/mute button, and four preset buttons.

You can use the buttons and touchscreen to control the Car Thing and navigate your Spotify library, or you can use voice commands without taking your hands off the wheel.

A noise-suppressing microphone and proprietary adaptive interference cancellation technology allow the device to hear your voice above the road noise.  

Do you Need to Have An Aux Cord to Use it?

You do not need an AUX cord to use Spotify Car Thing. However, using the device requires connecting your phone to your car’s audio system. This can be via an AUX cord, USB cable, or Bluetooth. 

Which Vehicles Support The Spotify Car Thing?

Many cars on the road today support Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. However, many vehicles still do not support such modern, in-car infotainment systems.

The Spotify Car Thing helps introduce smart tech to such vehicles. It is also a cheaper alternative to the aftermarket in-car infotainment systems. 

As long as you can play music on your vehicle’s audio system from your phone, the car can support the Spotify Car Thing.  

How Else Can I Listen With Spotify Car Thing?

Since the Spotify Car Thing works like a remote, you can use it to control your playlist as long as you are playing music on your car stereo from your smartphone.  

And there are several ways to listen to music in your car with Spotify.

  1. Use a USB cable

USB cable is arguably the easiest way to connect your phone directly to your car stereo. But you must make sure you use the recommended cable per the manufacturer’s instructions. 

  1. Bluetooth connection

If your vehicle’s audio device has built-in Bluetooth functionality, you can pair your smartphone. Again, it is a straightforward process.   

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to deny that Spotify’s dynamic playlists are second to none. The music streaming service has made significant strides towards becoming a no-substitute music streaming solution, and launching its hardware is its most recent move. 

Car Thing is part of Spotify’s bigger plan to streamline its streaming service. The device gives dedicated music control to your car by allowing you to select your playlists without touching your phone.

This makes enjoying music or podcasts while driving safer and more seamless.