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Can Xbox Controllers Work Through Walls?

The days of untangling or tripping over pesky cables are long gone; many of the best gaming controllers are now wireless. That includes the latest Microsoft Xbox controller. But with wireless becoming the norm, users have been left wondering how strong the wireless signal can be, and whether the controllers can even function from a distance or in another room.

Xbox controllers can work through a typical household wall as long as you stay within the recommended range (19 feet). If the wall contains materials like metal or concrete, the signal may be disrupted. It’s best to use the controller in the same room for a smooth gaming experience. 

A dropped connection while gaming is something we’d all like to avoid. So let’s take a closer look at how far away you can go with your Xbox controller before problems start to arise, and what sort of materials will make those problems worse!

How Far Away Will an Xbox Controller Work?

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Xbox users can have both wired and wireless controllers. The Xbox Wireless Controller (on Amazon) works through Bluetooth, and Bluetooth signals can work from a pretty substantial distance. However, certain factors can interfere with the signal. 

Interference with a Bluetooth signal can interrupt your controller’s performance. The controller might stop working suddenly or slow down. Such a situation is extremely frustrating for a gamer, especially if you’re on your way toward victory in one of your favorite games.

To avoid this mishap, you should know the range of your Xbox’s controller. That way, you’ll be able to sit in the right place and enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

The official range of your Xbox controller is 6 meters (19 ft). Beyond this range, your Bluetooth might disconnect and your controller could stop working altogether.

It’s best to sit within this range in order to play your game without any interruptions. Where your Xbox is placed can also affect the connection.

This is the case if your Xbox placed in a cabinet or faces away from the controller, for example. Bluetooth connections are quite strong but some materials can and do affect their strength. 

Will the Xbox Controller Work Through a Wall?

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Let’s say you’re sitting within the recommended range of your Xbox controller, but there’s a wall between the console and the controller. Will the controller stay connected and keep working or not? This is something that many users ask.

A wall could be made of many different materials, such as concrete, wood, steel, bricks, etc. The performance of the controller will depend upon the distance between the controller and console and the materials placed between them. 

The chances are that if your controller is in good shape and the batteries are working fine, the controller should work through a wall just fine. You can expect some disturbances and static interference, but it won’t disconnect. 

Some materials that can, however, disturb the connection between the console and the controller are:

  • Metal
  • Plaster
  • Marble
  • Concrete
  • Bulletproof Glass (if you’re someone really important, haha)

The more of these materials in use, the more likely the signal between the console and the controller will be affected. So, it’s better to stay in the same room as your console and use your controller there.

That said, if you need to be in another room for whatever reason, there shouldn’t be much of a problem if there’s only a typical household wall between the controller and the Xbox. The range matters more than the walls. If you stay within the recommended range, keep your batteries charged, and use good batteries, you should be good to go. 

The issue comes when you want to use your console in a different room than your TV, since you have to connect the console to the TV with an HDMI cable. If you have a long enough HDMI cable, this won’t be an issue, but otherwise, you’ll have to keep the console near the TV. 

For this issue, you can get the Sewell Light-Link 50 FT HDMI Cable (on Amazon). This cable should be long enough to connect your console from another room.

Advantages of Sitting in the Same Room

Sitting in the same room as your Xbox and TV has certain advantages such as:

  • You can feel confident that there are almost no chances of interference in the connection between your controller and the Xbox.
  • Even at a low battery, the controller shouldn’t cause any issues or disconnect.
  • Your movement in the game will be super fast because the signal is so close to the Xbox.

Final Thoughts

Now you know if you can use your controller through a wall or not. It’s always recommended to use your controller and console in the same room, but if you have to be in another room for some reason, there isn’t too much to worry about. Stay in the recommended range and you should be good to play and enjoy your game.