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Is The Xbox Controller Waterproof? No, But It Can Be!

Do you want to know if the Xbox One and its controller are waterproof or not? If yes, you are in the right place. Spilling water and other liquid on an electronic device isn’t good if it’s not waterproof. However, you can take preventive steps to save the controller from water damage.

Xbox controllers aren’t waterproof but spilling a little on them isn’t a big issue. However, you can make the controller waterproof by using water-resistant silicone cases. If you spill water on your Xbox controller, remove the batteries and leave it off, and store in a container of rice overnight.

You should take preventive steps right after you spill water on your Xbox controller. Otherwise, the water can get inside and damage the hardware. To turn the controller waterproof, get the best cases for it, some of which are mentioned in this article. So, let’s get started!

Are Xbox Controllers Waterproof?

Black video game controller

Xbox and Xbox controllers aren’t waterproof. It means that you should prevent the controller from any water damage. However, splashing some water on the controller won’t cause much of an issue. But that doesn’t mean you become careless and don’t take care of liquid around your Xbox controller.

If you drop water on your Xbox controller and the water doesn’t go inside the controller, there won’t be an issue working with the controller.

The problem arises if you drop your controller in a bowl or bucket of water, especially if the water gets inside the controller. The controller’s hardware can get a lot of damage from water and stop working. 

It’s hard to say when, exactly, this might be a practical concern for you, but maybe if you’re gaming in a pool up on a projector or, more modestly, kicking back in a chair with your feet in a foot bath or something that the controller could fall into.

We’re not saying this is a common issue to have (lol) but if you do have it, for whatever reason, what do you do next?

What Do You Do if Your Xbox Controller Gets Wet?

If you have dropped your Xbox controller in water or spilled some water in it, you need to immediately take some steps to save your controller from any water damage. Follow the tips given below for your controller’s rescue!

Turn it Off by Removing the Batteries

Turn off the Xbox controller as soon as you take it out of the water. Turning it off will prevent any electric shocks if the water manages to go inside the controller.

You can hold the center button to trigger the controller management menu on the Xbox itself, but since it’s wet we really don’t want to be trying to use the controller in any way. We want it turned off, and we want it turned off immediately.

So, what you want to do is quickly flip it over and literally remove the batteries. This will make sure no energy is flowing, which is the thing that will combine with water to cause damage.

Dry it Off Completely

As soon as you take your controller out of the water, dry it off with a clean, dry cloth. Make sure you cover every part of your controller, from different ports to the buttons. Don’t forget places where the water can go inside. If the cloth is too big, you can use cotton as cotton will soak the water better.

Shaking vigorously and blowing will help, but if you’ve gotten a lot of liquid in the controller, you’ll probably want to consider disassembling it to make sure all the internal components are clean. Use cotton swabs or canned air (both on Amazon) to help with this process.

Rice Container Hack

Once you have dried the controller, fill up a container with dry, uncooked rice. Place the controller inside that container. Make sure that the rice is covering the controller in all places. The rice will absorb any moisture present inside and outside the controller. 

Leave the controller in the rice container overnight and turn it on the next day. If it doesn’t work, you can let it air dry for a couple of days. If it still doesn’t work, you will need to take it to a professional.

Follow the additional tips given below to save your Xbox controller from water damage:

  • Don’t press any buttons while drying the controller. Pressing the buttons can lead to the water inside the controller causing irreparable damage.
  • Don’t turn on the controller until it is completely dry. Turning it on can cause an electric shock.
  • Remove all the cables from the controller immediately. 
  • Don’t move the controller here and there even when cleaning it. 
  • Don’t place it in a microwave oven expecting a quick dry. And avoid using hairdryers as well, which can warp the plastic from high heat.
  • Don’t unscrew the controller after taking it out of the water. You might damage it further.
  • Take it to a professional if nothing is working for you.

How To Prevent Your Xbox One from Water Damage?

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The Xbox One and all of its components are not waterproof. There is no point in making waterproof Xbox and controllers as no one games underwater. But that doesn’t mean your Xbox One will stop working if you spill a tiny amount of water on it. 

If you happen to drop some water on the Xbox One, you need to follow the tips given below to prevent any water damage. Water damage can destroy internal components such as fans, hard drives, GPU, etc. Therefore, you should always prevent it.

Take Immediate Steps

As soon as you spill water on your Xbox, the steps you should take are crucial to saving it from water damage. The first step in this regard is to turn the system off entirely. So don’t try to turn it again until the water dries out.

The next thing is to unplug all the cables from the Xbox. Then remove any USB, wires, and cables from the Xbox after turning it off. Finally, place the Xbox vertically, and don’t move it around too much. Avoid any step that can lead to water inside the Xbox. 

Clean the Surface

It is vital to clean the whole surface of the Xbox after spilling water on it. Don’t forget any parts such as USB ports, buttons, etc. Use a dry and clean cloth for this purpose. Avoid moving the Xbox around while cleaning it.

Air Dry for a Day

Place the Xbox One in an airy or warm room where it can air dry for the whole day. Don’t use fans, hairdryers, or microwave ovens to dry the Xbox. They will further damage it instead of saving it. 

Buy Waterproof Travel Cases

What if you could make the Xbox One waterproof? You wouldn’t have to worry about any liquid spilling on it then, right? 

You can find a lot of covers and cases for your Xbox. These cases are designed to save the Xbox from water and liquid damage. 

By using such cases, even if you spill water on your Xbox, you won’t have to worry about any damage due to the water-resistant nature of the cases. One good example is the USA GEAR Console Carrying Case (Amazon), which is a great water resistant option for travelling with your Xbox through areas where things might get a bit damp.

Waterproof cases are also available for the Xbox controller. So, whether it is your Xbox One or your Xbox controller, you can turn them both into waterproof devices.

Best Water-resistant Xbox Controller Cases

Want to save your Xbox controller from water damage and make it waterproof? Well, there’s really no option on the market for that. But about water resistant? Yes, there’s a way you can make the controller water resistant, but remember, these options aren’t going to make you able to dunk the controller in water or otherwise submerge it.

This is a way to increase the longevity of the device, and keep it in better condition, but there is no situation in which you can submerge an Xbox controller in water and expect it to keep working!

Euro Bird Silicone Case Skin Protector Cover

These colorful waterproof cases by Euro Birds (on Amazon) are excellent for water protection for your Xbox controller. They save the controller from not only water but also dust. 

They come in a pack of 4, so all your controllers can be covered by this deal. These are a great, simple option because they instantly make your controllers scratch-free and anti-slip.

Sisma Xbox One Controller Case

Your Xbox controller should be kept in a protective case when not in use. Such a case will not only prevent it from water and humidity but also dust and debris. The Sisma Xbox One Controller Case (on Amazon) will help you keep your controller in working order, but also comes with a hardshell case for more protection.

The heavy-duty material used for the case keeps the controller protected and makes it long-lasting. In addition, the shockproof material will prevent the controller from any physical damage. 

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to make your Xbox and Xbox controller waterproof. You can use these tips and tricks to make the Xbox controller long-lasting. Happy gaming!