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Can You Put Your PS5 On The Floor Or Carpet? 

You’ve purchased Sony’s latest console, but just where are you supposed to keep it? The PS5 is one of the biggest home consoles ever made, measuring around 15.4 inches tall, 4.09 inches wide, and 10.24 inches deep. You can place the console upright or put it in the horizontal position using the clip-on stand. But what are you supposed to do if you don’t have enough space in your media center? 

You can keep your PS5 on the floor vertically or horizontally as long as you allow for enough ventilation. Avoid putting the console on carpet, as the fibers and dust can lead to airflow and overheating issues. Consider options like a cooling stand for use on carpets, or wall-mounting the console.

Due to the PS5’s large size, it’s challenging to find a suitable enough place for it. So let’s look at whether you can keep the console on the floor or carpet, keep it in a horizontal or vertical position, and what you should do to ensure proper ventilation while it’s on the floor.  

Is it Safe to Keep Your PS5 on the Floor?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to keep your PS5 on the floor. So while it’s not an ideal place for the console, it won’t do much damage as long as you use the base for proper ventilation. 

There are lots of ways it’s OK to use your PS5, like behind the TV or in a cabinet – but you need to keep airflow, heat accumulation, and especially dust in mind.

Keep in mind that placing your PS5 on the floor makes it easier for dust and moisture to clog its air vents. So, make sure you use the base properly to prevent any overheating problems.

Is it Okay to Keep Your PS5 on the Carpet?

You should never place your PS5 on the carpet, as it can lead to serious issues. To avoid overheating and ensure proper ventilation, you should not keep the console on a carpet or rug with long fibers, as it can obstruct airflow. (Shag carpet is out lol.)

It’s also essential to ensure that the air vents on the back and sides of the console are not clogged or blocked. So, make sure you leave at least 4 inches of free space around all sides of your console. 

Also, you should not place your PS5 in a cramped or narrow space, as this can allow dust and debris to build up around and inside the console’s air vents. 

If you’re already married to this idea, just be sure you consider all of your options. If you’re for sure going to put it on the floor, consider a cooling stand like the OIVO PS5 Stand With Cooling Fan (on Amazon).

And if you’re putting it on the floor due to lack of space, consider that you may be able to wall-mount your PS5 with a tool like the Hosanwell PS5 Wall Mount (also on Amazon). We have a full guide on wall-mounting a PS5 that you can reference. Let’s look closer at some of the details of this issue, thought.

Should the PS5 be Vertical or Horizontal When Used on the Floor?

The answer to this question ultimately depends on your preference and space availability. The PS5 can work either way as long as you leave proper space on all sides to allow ventilation. 

Keep in mind that the console will take up a lot of space regardless of its position on the floor. Because of the console’s strange shape, Sony has paired it with a stand that you can turn according to the placement of the console. 

The stand elevates the PS5, keeping it from sitting directly on any surface. It also makes the console safer and more stable for carpets and floors. Since you need to use the stand with both orientations, it comes included in every PS5 box. 

While there is no right or wrong way to position the console, most of Sony’s marketing materials show the PS5 in a vertical position. The console also looks more aesthetically pleasing standing upright, but that depends on your personal preference. 

And the console’s position shouldn’t affect its cooling ability that much at first. The PlayStation sucks in air from the openings between its white side panels and black central slab, while almost its entire rear is covered with exhaust vents.

Because of this particular design, the console will be able to expel heat whether you place it in a vertical or horizontal position. But, as we’ve discussed on the blog elsewhere, laying a PS5 flat is going to lead to more dust accumulation over time.

How does the Included Stand Work?

If you’re planning to place your PS5 in a horizontal position, you will need to fix the stand directly below the console using the two small plastic hooks at the back of the PS5. The stand also boasts a raised section in the middle, which along with the hooks, uses friction and the console’s weight to keep it stable. 

On the other hand, if you’re planning on placing the console in an upright position, you will need to secure the stand with the help of a screw. And as a bonus, the screw is conveniently kept in a hidden compartment located in the stand itself when not in use. 

In the vertical position, the stand is attached to the PS5 using nothing but a single screw, but don’t worry, as it’s a solid screw. And if you don’t have a screwdriver on hand, you can use a coin to screw the stand-in. Have a look at this article for detailed instructions on how to reposition the PS5 with it’s included stand.

How to Keep Your PS5 Properly Ventilated While on the Floor? 

It’s important to ensure that your PS5 is ventilated correctly regardless of its orientation. To maximize airflow and prevent overheating issues, it’s better to leave at least 4 inches of space on all console sides. This is one of the reasons we recommend mounting the PS5 on the wall in our Ultimate PS5 Owners Guide

Sony recommends placing the vents situated at the back of the console at least 4 inches away from the wall. It’s also advisable to avoid keeping the PS5 in narrow or enclosed spaces that trap heat, such as cabinet compartments.

You should also ensure the PS5’s air vents are not blocked by dust or debris, as unobstructed airflow is needed to cool down the console. Moreover, try to avoid covering the console and make sure you do not place it on any blankets or cloth as well. 

The included stand allows you to place your PS5 vertically or horizontally. It might be better to put the console in a vertical position, as heat usually builds up at the bottom of the PS5. By placing it upright on the floor, less of your PS5 will be exposed to dust and heat than when kept in a horizontal position. 

It’s also advisable to avoid keeping your PlayStation console in an area where it’s exposed to high humidity, smoke residue, and direct sunlight. 

Lastly, it is essential to clean the console to remove any dust buildup in the vents and prevent any serious overheating issues.