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Can You Keep Your PS5 On The Floor?

No matter how powerful gaming consoles may appear, they can quickly deteriorate if they’re not kept in a safe, dry location. The PlayStation 5 is no exception. One aspect of this care is to keep your PS5 in a place that guarantees its safety and protection…but if you don’t have much space, does that include the floor?

The PlayStation 5 can be placed almost anywhere, even on most floors. The stand and base provide elevation and stability. They prevent the PS5 from touching the floor directly, thereby allowing airflow. If you are putting it on the floor, try to put it upright to maximize airflow.

Apart from the floor, you can also keep your PlayStation 5 on a variety of different surfaces, as long as they allow for proper ventilation. Each type of surface comes with its own potential risks, and you should always consider them carefully before making a choice of where to place your PS5.

Is It Safe to Keep Your PS5 on the Floor?

Sony’s latest console, the PlayStation 5, has an eccentric design that rightly raises some concerns about keeping it on various surfaces. However, PS5’s design already accounts for its unique shape. It comes with a stand that has a stable base, making it safe to orient and position it any way you want. 

The PS5 base provides stability to the console and allows it to stand safely on any surface, including floors. Because of the console’s extensive ventilation system, with exhaust vents at the back and air openings on the sides and front, it’s safe to keep PlayStation 5 on both carpeted and uncarpeted floors. 

When kept horizontally/sideways, PlayStation 5 is supported by its base, which you have to move when swapping the orientation of the console. In a vertical position, a screw keeps the stand attached to the console, while two hooks on the base connect it to the console when horizontal.

The screw used in the vertical position can be inserted using a screwdriver or a coin and stowed away in a compartment of the stand when not in use.

With all that said, note that not all floors are suitable for your console. You should only put your PlayStation 5 on a floor if it is level, dry, and cool. If you keep your PlayStation 5 on a sloping floor, it will undoubtedly fall even when the stand is attached. If you don’t have room to put it on your entertainment center, try placing it upright behind your TV.

And if you do go with the floor, note that if the floor is wet or slippery, placing your PS5 on it is not a good idea. You should dry the floor first before placing your PS5 there. Heated flooring is also bad for PS5, as the console itself has an overheating tendency. We talk more about placement and overheating in our Ultimate PS5 Guide, so have a look ther eif you want more info.

Will Your PS5 Properly Ventilate if It’s on the Floor? 

Yes, your PlayStation 5 will ventilate properly even if it is on the floor, given that certain conditions are in place. Sony has built its latest console to prevent overheating. It is designed specifically to maximize exhaustion and ventilation.

The back of PS5 almost entirely consists of exhaust vents to facilitate ventilation. The front and the sides also have air openings that allow for effective heat regulation.

But the ventilation system is not enough on its own to prevent overheating. This system only works if the console is placed in an airy, open space. When it comes to ventilation and heat regulation, it is important to think not just about where the console is placed, but also how it is kept.

Playstation 5 is well-supported by the base and the stand to remain stable and steady on a floor. If you need a replacement stand, consider the OIVO PS5 Stand (on Amazon).

Regardless of where it is placed, if your PlayStation 5’s vents and air openings are obstructed by other objects or surfaces, it can overheat.

Similarly, if the console’s air vents gather dust and debris, the air passage will be hindered and your PlayStation 5 will overheat. This can happen anywhere.

Therefore, while you can place your console on the floor, you should still keep it clear from blockages or obstructions. Do not put it right against a wall; leave at least 10 cm (or 4 inches) of clearance between the console and any other objects or surfaces.

If this is starting to sound like it’ll be a problem in your setup, we think you should consider just wall-mounting it!

Can You Put the PS5 on a Carpet? 

Whether you can put the PS5 on a carpet depends on what type of carpet you have in mind. Not all carpets are made in the same way, and not all are safe for your console. We have another article that goes deeper on this, but the answer is pretty cut and dry:

Sony explicitly advises against placing PlayStation 5 on a carpet or rug with long, protruding fibers. These pose the risk of entering or blocking the vents and air openings, thereby hindering the ventilation process and potentially causing serious damage.

Therefore, you probably shouldn’t put your PS5 on furry carpets, no matter how soft they are.

If the carpet is compact and smooth with no threads or fibers sticking out, then it is generally considered safe to place your console on it. But all carpets tend to accumulate dust and debris. If your console is placed on top of a carpet, it will likely attract some of that dust and could overheat.

Can You Keep Your PS5 on Tile Flooring? 

Thanks to its unique design, you can keep PlayStation 5 on tile flooring. The PS5’s stand and base allow for elevation and provide stability, making it easier to place on a variety of different surfaces. 

When choosing where to place your PlayStation 5, you need to consider a couple of factors. Firstly, it should not be placed on uneven surfaces, to prevent it from falling. Secondly, it should not be placed anywhere where airflow is restricted as it runs the risk of overheating. 

While PS5’s base and stand allows it to be placed on almost any surface and provide stability even in uneven areas, keeping your PlayStation 5 on tile flooring is still risky. In adverse scenarios, if your console gets pushed over, the hard tile flooring can severely damage its cover and even the internal machinery.

Given the value of PlayStation 5, it is natural to want to minimize the risk of damage and maximize the longevity of your console’s life. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep your PS5 somewhere where it will be cushioned if it falls. 

Tile floorings tend to be harder than other types of surfaces, such as wood or carpet, and hence pose a greater risk of scratches or, worse, breaks. This is specifically true if the flooring is uneven or sloping. So, if you want to keep your console on tile flooring, you should think of a way to cushion it against falls. 

One way to do that is to tightly secure the stand with the screw. Another way is to put the console on top of a smooth rug or carpet. The best place to keep your PlayStation 5, however, is on top of a smooth table away from other objects.