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Can You Put Your PS5 Sideways/Flat?

Now that you’ve finally snagged a PlayStation 5 for yourself, and you’re ready to set it up and start playing, one serious question may be on your mind: Can I lay it on its side? This is, of course, an important question to ask because the last thing you want is for your console to overheat, which can cause damage. Sony initially revealed the PS5 in a vertical position, but is the horizontal position also ok?

The PS5 can be positioned horizontally or vertically, and the base can be adjusted accordingly. In order to prevent overheating, make sure there is nothing blocking the console’s vents regardless of the position you use. Don’t change the position of the PS5 while the disc is spinning, though.

Unlike the previous Sony consoles, a custom stand is required for the PS5, no matter the position. Luckily, it’s not hard to remove and reset the base as needed. In this article, we’ll cover all you should know about properly positioning your PS5, as well as how to adjust the base properly.

Is Your PS5 Safe Lying Sideways?

The PS5 has a very odd shape that is intended to solve certain cooling problems of previous models. Sony has also added a stand to the base of the console so that it can turn in any way according to the position you prefer for your console.

The stand ensures that the PS5 does not rest directly on the surface you set it on, which makes it safe to place it on carpets and it offers stability in any environment.

In our ultimate PS5 owners guide, we actually recommend wall-mounting the PS5 for the best air flow and overall experience, and you can check out our guide on that here. But you can lay it flat if you use the included hardware to do it (so it has enough clearance). You can put it in a cabinet to try and keep the floor dust away, but that may trap heat in.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to console orientation; however, it is clear that most of Sony’s marketing materials for the PS5 are in favor of the vertical position.

Our independent opinion is also that the vertical position is more aesthetically pleasing, and it keeps the console up out of dusty environments. Even placing it behind your TV is better than directly on the floor, for instance.

Concerning the cooling issues, air flows into the PS5 through the openings between the white side panels and the black central slab, and exhaust vents are fitted on almost the whole back of the unit.

Therefore, the way the console is positioned will not affect the ability of the system to release heat and remain safe.

Can You Lay Your PS5 Horizontally While You’re Playing It?

You can lay your PS5 down and play it, but you must use the base that comes with it to ensure good support and ventilation. It is easy to attach the base when positioned horizontally, and it is important to use it correctly at every time.

Regardless of which position you prefer, there are several factors come into play, some more obvious than others.

PS5 is notorious for having cooling issues. A machine tends to perform better when it runs cooler, so it is important to find the best orientation for your console so that it remains at its best performance while you’re playing.

Cooling of the PS5 occurs through the back of the console as well as the central black compartment. Air flows in through the back and flows out the same way, so the position you decide to place it in doesn’t really matter.

The PS5 console is large — it’s even bigger than the Xbox Series X, which is practically the size of a fridge. Hence, it takes up a lot of space when it’s lying down. You will have to take this into consideration if you’re setting up a gaming station.

How Do You Switch the PS5 From Vertical to Horizontal?

A separate stand attachment is not required for the PS5, unlike the last three editions of Sony’s PlayStation. This time, the console has an attachment that can be swapped back and forth as you wish, though with some extra effort.

The process is more complicated than it used to be, but you’re only a few steps away from setting up your PS5 in whichever position you want.

Here is a detailed outline of how you can switch the PS5 easily from vertical to horizontal according to your preferred dimensions and taste:

  1. A single screw holds the base of the PS5 in its default vertical orientation. The base can be unscrewed using a flathead screwdriver.
  2. Once the base has been removed along with the screw keeping it in place, you can put the small bolt in a little section under the stand for safe keeping.
  3. Plug the space where the screw previously occupied in the PS5 base using the cap provided.
  4. Place each of the clips of the stand correctly on the PS5. When you feel the stand click firmly into place, you’ll know it has been properly attached.
  5. Set the PS5 console sideways, redo all the cable connections and turn on your television.

And be sure to use this mount when placing the PS5 on it’s side!

Is It Better to Have Your PS5 Horizontal or Vertical?

Although the console will function properly in either direction, you may need to consider the console’s dimensions when looking for the best position for your PS5.

The dimensions of the PS5 are 104mm (H) × 260mm (D) × 390mm (W). Adding the base will increase the height a bit, so it is necessary to have an idea of the space you have available before deciding which position to use for your PS5.

What you’ve got behind the console is also a factor you’ll need to consider.

Ensure that there is enough room for ventilation to prevent your console from overheating. It has been reported by some reviewers that the vertical position is best for cooling.

Nonetheless, your PS5 should cool at equal rates regardless of the positioning, and the sound coming out of the console should also be the same.

From our point of view, the vertical position seems to be the best fit for almost anyone’s space and for the console itself. The most important thing is that there should be enough room around the console to allow free flow of air and prevent the fans from overworking.