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Here’s A Quick Way To Put Your PS5 On Its Side

Sony’s design choice for the PS5 was intended to be a partial solution to its cooling problems, but the effect on the shape of the console is dramatic. Hence, Sony’s PlayStation 5 is a major deviation from the previous models. And since the initial reveals from Sony only showed the PS5 in a vertical setup, a big question has come to the minds of many gamers: Can you put the PlayStation 5 on its side?

You can put the PS5 on its side, and it comes with an included stand to use in either vertical or horizontal mode. To convert from one to the other, you need to move the included stand, and when the PS5 is vertical, you’ll need to use the included screw to secure it in place.

Although there’s no correct or incorrect orientation as far as the PS5 console is concerned, it’s clear that most of Sony’s marketing materials show it in a vertical position, perhaps indicating that the company prefers people to use it that way. We also think the console looks better in a vertical orientation, but looks aren’t everything!

Can the PS5 Lie on Its Side?

Like its predecessor, the PS5 (on Amazon) can be positioned flat on its side. But because the initial announcements only showed the PS5 standing vertically, many users were confused and thought that was the only possible orientation.

The PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition can lie horizontally. The base will be required for the PS5 to lie on its side. If you ever need a replacement base, you can get this one from U/D (on Amazon).

As we discuss in our ultimate PS5 owners guide, we think you should consider wall-mounting for better air-flow, but side-mounting is OK so long as you pay attention to air flow. Just try to keep it somewhere where it won’t suck in a bunch of dust!

When it comes to cooling on the PS5, air enters the console through the openings between its white side panels and its central black slab, and exhaust vents are fitted on almost the entire back of the console. So the system can take care of heat irrespective of how the console is positioned. And if you’re placing your PS5 on the carpet, you definitely need that added clearance from the stand.

How to Put Your PS5 On Its Side

Here’s how to switch your PS5 console between vertical and horizontal orientations:

  1. Remove the screw.

    Once the HDMI and the power cables have been disconnected from the console, you can then proceed to remove the single screw that holds the PS5 base in its initial vertical position. You can unscrew the base using a flathead screwdriver. If you don’t have access to one, a penny or a dime can also get the job done.
  2. Keep the screw in the base.

    Once the base has been removed along with the screw that holds it in place, keep the small bolt inside the stand. There is a small compartment under the stand; you can insert the screw into a special slot where it will be stored safely.

    The screw is likely to get lost if you keep it someplace else. Storing it with the device will ensure that you can easily find it if you decide to switch the console to a different position.
  3. Plug the screw hole using the provided cap.

    There is also a small black cap in the compartment, which you can remove and use to plug the space where the screw was located in the PS5 base.

    This is an easy fit that will eliminate any unnecessary gaps in the PS5. In case you decide to change the position to vertical again, you can take out this plug and return it to the stand and it will click into place.
  4. Rotate the stand.

    When the screw is rightly fitted into place, it shouldn’t rattle around. But to be sure, you can also rotate the stand and will find a hidden door that nicely conceals the compartment.
  5. Insert the stand in line with the console marks.

    Place both clips of the stand in alignment to the PS5 using the image above as a reference. You can tell that it has been properly fitted when you feel the stand click firmly into place.

    However, remember that it is not locked. You should be very gentle in the next step when you set the system down.
  6. Put the PS5 console on its side.

    With the PS5 console lying on its side, redo all the cable connections and turn on your television. Now that you have positioned your console in a solid, horizontal layout, it is time to play some next-gen games.

How to Ensure Proper Airflow for Your Horizontal PS5

PS5 inside of an entertainment center

PS5 and PC setups are notorious for having cooling issues. It’s beneficial for performance when a machine doesn’t get too hot, so to get optimal performance on your console, it is important to know the best positioning.

Luckily, the design of the PS5 lets you use it in either orientation. But you have to use the included mount–don’t skip the mount and place it flat!

Cooling on the PS5 occurs through the central black section and the entire back of the console. Air flows in and out through the back, so whatever position you choose doesn’t make a difference.

But one thing you’ll need to consider is what’s behind the console. Ensure that there is room to allow outward airflow so your console stays cool.

Whether in a vertical or horizontal position, the PS5 should cool at the same rate, and the noise from the console should not be different.