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Can You Put Your PS5 Behind the TV?

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is tons of fun. It comes with many spectacular features that gamers love. But it’s also massive. And it’s often the case that gamers don’t have so much room to spare for this beast of a console. So the big question is: Can you put your PS5 behind the TV? Will it still function properly?

You can place the PS5 behind your TV, as long as there’s sufficient space for airflow. Ideally, the device should be at least 4 inches away from the wall, and at least a couple inches from the TV. You can also stand your PS5 upright or lay it down flat — whichever you prefer.

The PS5 will certainly make a great addition to any gaming setup. But it’s not the smallest console we’ve ever seen, so it’s really good news that placing it behind the TV is an option for those who live in tight spaces. Still, you want to make sure to set up your PS5 properly in order to keep all of your gaming equipment safe and sound. Read on for guidance on how best to place your PS5 behind the TV.

Is It Safe to Put Your PS5 Behind the TV?

It is definitely safe to set up your PS5 behind the TV, as long as you’ve got sufficient space back there. Placing the PS5 behind the TV is the preferable setup for some gamers because the console is really massive, and it helps to keep the giant box out of sight. This is also way better than putting it on the floor.

If you can put the PS5 upright behind the TV, we think this is a way better option than on carpet or in an enclosed space like a cabinet. This is because when the console is flat, it’s just going to encounter more dust no matter what, and that’s going to eventually lead to overheating issues.

If you do set up your PS5 behind the TV, just make sure it’s stable and won’t get in the way of anything else. You’ve got to factor in the PS5’s height since the console can tip over and fall relatively easily.

Some people may choose to mount their console to the wall with a nifty mount like this one from HIDEit Mounts (on Amazon). The mounting method can help to keep the PS5 safe and out of harm’s way so that nobody trips over it or drops anything on it, and it’s actually what we recommend for most people in our Ultimate PS5 owners guide. Check out our install notes for a PS5 wall-mount here.

How Much Space Will You Need Behind the TV for a PS5?

Because the PlayStation 5 is among the largest gaming consoles, placing it behind the TV does require a fair amount of space. The PS5 is 15.4 inches high, 10.24 inches deep, and 4.09 inches wide.

You should also leave enough room for the console to have some space around the sides for proper ventilation. About 5 inches of space on each side should be sufficient.

If there isn’t enough room behind your TV for your PS5 and it can’t be mounted beside your television, then you can also place it in an empty compartment in your cabinet. Just make sure it’s not too cramped in there, among all your other games and consoles.

If you need to place your PS5 farther away from the TV, you can always get a very long HDMI cable, like this 15-foot one (on Amazon).

And if you’ve got the space, you can stand the PS5 upright or let it lie flat on its side — it’s up to you! After all, you probably don’t want your PS5 hidden because it’s a crucial part of your home entertainment center.

Should the PS5 Stand Up or Lie Down Behind the TV?

The PS5 is by far the largest device among the most recent gaming consoles (and maybe even the largest console ever), so it can be rather difficult to find the best place for it to live in your home. But the good news is that you can stand it upright or lay it down on its side.

The decision of how to position the PS5 behind the TV is a matter of personal preference because either way works fine for the console. If there isn’t enough space for the PS5 to stand upright behind your TV, consider laying it down (on the base) and that may be the best option for your home setup.

Some people might be concerned about their PS5 being knocked over (despite the stand), so instead of placing it upright on the entertainment center beside the TV, they might prefer to place it behind the TV and have it lying down.

For either option, ensure that there’s enough room for airflow so that your console stays cool. Some gamers report that the vertical position is best for keeping the temperature down. Whether in the vertical or horizontal position, however, the PS5 should be able to maintain the proper temperature and the noise from the console shouldn’t differ significantly.

How Far Should Your PS5 be From the Wall?

Due to the size of the PS5, its cooling system is fairly large. There should be room on all sides for proper ventilation. The maker recommends leaving at least 4 inches of distance between the device and the wall.