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Can The Xbox Series S Survive Water Damage?

It’s safe to say that the Xbox Series S is an all-in-one entertainment package that really packs a punch. However, Xbox Series S is an expensive electronic gadget that should be handled with care — and that means knowing what to do in case of water spillage on the device.

The Xbox Series S can survive some water damage if action is taken quickly. In the rare event water is spilled on your console, turn it off and let it dry. To speed things up, consider disassembling the console and drying it out with a microfiber cloth or towel.

Spilling water near any of your electronics can be a very scary experience. But don’t assume the worst just yet. Let’s take a look at what happens if your Xbox Series S gets wet and what you can do about it.

Is the Xbox Series S Waterproof?

Absolutely not! Even though the Xbox Series S (on Amazon) is smaller and sleeker than the other Xbox models, it still has vents all over its body.

The purpose of these vents is to help the machine get rid of excess heat and prolong its lifespan by allowing the free flow of air through its inner part. But the vents can also be an entry point for water to get inside the device.

What Happens If the Xbox Series S Gets Wet?

If water gets in the console, it will allow the electrical components to do things they’re not designed to do. Electricity conducts water, so, the water allows electricity to move around the console in unexpected ways, likely destroying any number of things like the motherboard, fan motors, power supply, etc.

How Can You Fix Your Water-Damaged Xbox Series S?

As we’ve explained earlier, your Xbox Series S can only be saved if action is taken right away. There are certain steps to take when your Xbox gets in contact with water. For example, when your Xbox Series S gets in contact with water, you have to:

  • Unplug Your Xbox Series S: You should first remove everything connected to your Xbox (television, controllers, etc.) and disconnect it from the power supply. This will keep the water from amplifying the electricity.
  • Wipe Down the Xbox and the Peripherals: Afterward, wipe the water spilled on the Xbox and the peripherals. It’s important to clean your Xbox such that the surface and the nooks and crannies are very dry. It’s advisable to make use of two cloths for a better result.
  • Open the Xbox: With the aid of small strong objects to unclip the plastic covers and a screwdriver, you can now open the Xbox.
  • Dry the Water Present Inside the Xbox: The next thing you’ll want to do is dry the water inside the Xbox. To do this, you need first to use a dry cloth to dry all the plastic covers inside. Then, for the inner components, you can either use a cloth or a dryer, whichever works for you.
  • Inspect the Xbox to Make Sure It’s Thoroughly Dry: You can check the Xbox to make sure it’s sufficiently dry. You can even turn it upside down and dry it again.
  • Leave the Xbox to Dry Further: After all these steps are taken, you should leave the Xbox for at least six more days to allow fresh air to pass through it and continue to dry the hidden components.
  • Plug It in: After making sure the Xbox is dry, you can now close it back and plug it in to check if it works. Note that no peripheral should be connected to the Xbox during testing.

Once you’ve tested the console and it works, then congratulations! You’ve successfully fixed your water-damaged Xbox Series S.

How Do You Protect Your Xbox Series S From Water Damage?

To prevent your Xbox Series S from getting water damage, you can use protective products such as the Mcbazel Dust Cover for Xbox Series S Console (on Amazon) or the PlayVital Nylon Vertical Dust (also on Amazon). These items will do a great job protecting your console from both dust and water.