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How To Connect A Bluetooth Microphone To A PS5

Bluetooth microphones come in handy, allowing you to connect wirelessly to your laptop, phone, and other devices. But things become pretty tricky when you want to connect your Bluetooth mic or headphones to a PS5. So, how do you connect a Bluetooth microphone to a PS5?

The PS5 console doesn’t allow you to connect Bluetooth audio accessories directly. So to connect a Bluetooth microphone to your PS5, connect a wireless Bluetooth headset dongle to the console’s USB port. Next, put the dongle in pairing mode and connect your microphone wirelessly.

Since Sony’s DualSense consoles don’t allow you to link with Bluetooth audio devices directly, you may be frustrated a little bit. However, there are proven workarounds, just like you’ll find in this comprehensive guide. So let’s get to the bottom of it.

Can a Bluetooth Microphone be Used on a PS5?


You can only use a Bluetooth microphone on a PS5 (on Amazon) if you connect it through a Bluetooth adaptor (wireless dongle) with audio capability.

The PS5 usually supports several external USB devices, including keyboards, mice, wired microphones, and headsets with sound cards. Sadly, you can’t transmit audio directly via Bluetooth to your PS5.

But if you hook up a USB microphone to your PS5, like the Logitech Blue Yeti, the console will recognize it and allow you to record audio.

So that’s where we do the trick—by connecting a wireless Bluetooth dongle to the USB port on the console. You can then pair your Bluetooth mic to the dongle. If you read through our Ultimate PS5 Buyer’s Guide, you’ll note we recommend a USB mic or a headset to manage the mic channel, but for now let’s talk about how to connect a Bluetooth mic if that’s what you’ve got!

How to Connect a Bluetooth Microphone to a PS5

The PS5 DualSense controller has a built-in microphone that could come in handy if you don’t have a headset. Notably, it’s good at sensing when you’re talking versus when the TV is making noise, in which case it does some nice work filtering the noise.

However, this built-in mic has drawbacks, and you might want to use an external Bluetooth microphone.

Since the PS5 won’t directly support Bluetooth audio accessories, here’s how to connect the Bluetooth microphone to your PS5:

  1. Insert the wireless Bluetooth adaptor (dongle) into the USB port on your console.
  1. Press and hold the pairing button for 5 seconds to put the adaptor in Pairing Mode.
  1. Power on your wireless microphone and put it in Pairing Mode.
  1. The pairing LED will stop flashing rapidly once you’ve established a successful connection.
  1. On your console, go to Settings > Sound > Microphone.
  1. Set Input Device to Controller Headset. You can then adjust the microphone level.

How to Connect a Bluetooth Headset to a PS5

You can connect your favorite Bluetooth headphones to the PS5 through a USB adapter like the Olixar Wireless Bluetooth Headset Dongle.

But if you go to your PS5 settings and try to register your Bluetooth headset as a new accessory, it won’t work. Instead, you’ll get an error saying: “The PS5 doesn’t support Bluetooth audio accessories.”

While you could get a Bluetooth headset dongle that uses a USB type C connection, it’s better to go for one that uses the USB-A. Remember, your PS5 has only one USB-C port, and you might want to hook up some other external device, say an SSD drive. 

Once you’ve grabbed your wireless Bluetooth dongle and headset, here’s how to connect them to your PS5:

  1. Insert the wireless Bluetooth headset dongle into the USB port on the front of your console.
  1. Press and hold the dongle’s pairing (or sync) button for 5 seconds. The LED will blink quickly to indicate it’s now in pairing mode.
  1. Power on your headset and press the Bluetooth pairing button. 
  1. Wait for your Bluetooth headset to connect to the console through the adaptor. The LEDs will stop blinking rapidly.
  1. On your console, go to Settings > Sound > Output Device > USB Headphones ( USB Audio Device).
  1. Navigate back to the Sound settings and adjust the volume accordingly.

The PS5 will recognize the Bluetooth headphones as USB Audio since you’ve paired them through the USB dongle. You can now access the entire suite of audio options, including 3D audio.

Using AirPods on a PS5

A pink airpod pro

If you want to connect AirPods (on Amazon) to a PS5, you’ll have to use a Bluetooth adaptor with audio capabilities, which you’ll plug into the USB port.

But before you attempt to connect your AirPods with PS4, please make sure they’re fully charged. And if you’re using a battery-operated Bluetooth adaptor, ensure it’s also adequately charged.

These are the steps for connecting AirPods to a PS5:

  1. Connect the Bluetooth adaptor to the USB port of your console and put it in Pairing Mode.
  1. Open your AirPods case, then press and hold the sync button without taking out the AirPods. Do this until the flashing LED on the Bluetooth adaptor indicates the pairing is successful.
  1. On your PS5, go to Settings > Sound > Audio Output
  1. Set the output device to USB Headphones ( USB Audio Device).

That’s it, and now you can enjoy the full immersive gaming experience. The good thing about this procedure is you can use it with all Bluetooth headsets, not just AirPods.

However, you won’t be able to chat with other players if you’re not connected to a microphone separately.