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Can a Power Outage Damage Gaming Consoles? (PS5, Xbox, etc.)

The number of gamers in the world has steadily increased since the advent of gaming consoles in the ’80s, and the number spiked in the 2000s with the introduction of both the Xbox and Playstation. Gaming consoles do need a steady power supply to function properly and are seriously affected by power outages. This begs the question: can power outages damage your gaming console?

A power outage can seriously damage your gaming console, be it a PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo system. An outage can undoubtedly interrupt its data thread or harm its motherboard, leaving the console inoperable. You can prevent this damage by using a surge protector or uninterrupted power supply.

As electronic devices, gaming consoles are vulnerable to damage from sudden interruptions in the power supply caused by power surges and blackouts. You will know your device’s motherboard or other components are damaged if it fails to turn on after an outage. We’ll teach you about how power outages can affect gaming consoles and how to prevent it in the first place.

How to Protect a Console from Power Outages

PS5 inside of an entertainment center

Using an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) is the best way to protect your console from outages. Let me go into detail to help you understand what that is and how it works. A UPS is an apparatus that offers emergency power to electronics when the main power or input power source fails.

A UPS functions differently from the standby generators or emergency power supply. Unlike the mentioned, it only provides power for a short period, like a few minutes.

However, the minutes are enough to allow you to shut down the device properly or start a standby power source. The power in a UPS is stored in flywheels, supercapacitors, and batteries. You can get a UPS from various online and in-person stores.

However, I would vouch for Amazon because they have different types of UPS options from different manufacturers. Plus, it’s easier to compare products on Amazon since the website offers excellent product descriptions.

To make your work easier, here are some of the best Uninterrupted Power Supply devices available on Amazon. Make sure you visit the website to find out more about the specific products and many more.


This is one of the best UPS products available (on Amazon). It comes from the famous brand APC.

This UPS will perfectly protect your electronics from outages and other power issues.

It comes with a USB charger and has various voltage capacities, plus it weighs 7.5 pounds. The 600 VA APC UPS costs $64.37, which is quite affordable. Note that the prices increase with the increase in voltage.

CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD

This CyberPower model (on Amazon) is another excellent option. Like the UPS above, it has some great features which will undoubtedly benefit you. It’s black and weighs 25 pounds. The 1500VA/900W costs $161.95. In addition, you should note that for a UPS to run smoothly, it has to be big enough to support all your devices.

It would be best to buy a UPS with a capacity equal to or great than all the power needed for your devices. The higher the capacity of the UPS, the more the number of electronics it can hold.

How Do Power Surges Work?

Power surges happen when there is an electrical interruption in a power supply, and then it begins again.

They can also happen when the unused electric flow is sent back through a device or system. Let’s take a look at some of the common types of power surges.

Internal Power Surges

Most of the power surges that happen in homes are internal. It can happen several times in a day. The internal power surges do happen when devices that have motors shut down or start.

In the process, they divert electric power from and into other appliances. The huge electric devices like fridges and hair conditioners are the leading cause of internal power surges. At times the small machine like hair dryers can also do this.

External Power Surges

The external power surges aren’t quite common but are very disastrous. The most common cause of external power surges is tree limbs touching a power line.

Other causes are lighting or a small animal getting caught in the power transformer. At the time, the power surges occur when the electricity comes back after a power outage. The power surges can also come to your home through the telephone, cable TV, and telephone lines.

As mentioned, power surges can be very disastrous to any device that has a microprocessor. The microprocessors are always so vulnerable and can be damaged by a mere 10-volt fluctuation.

Large power surges like that caused by lightning can cause considerable damages to the console. It may include things like completely burning the motherboard, melting plastic and other metallic components.

The low-level surges can cause electric rust, which slowly leads to the failure of the gaming console.

The Most Popular Gaming Consoles

There are many gaming consoles on the market currently. Here are some of the most popular gaming consoles out there right now.

PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 (on Amazon) has been the king before the introduction of PlayStation 5. During its time, some great games like God of war, Spider-Man, and many more.

The great games kept coming during the reign of PS4. In addition, this console has excellent graphics and is quite affordable, plus it has versatility.

PlayStation 5

This is the latest console by Sony. What I can say is that it’s still a baby in the console world, so it’s yet to build a legacy. The Playstation 5 is also unavailable at many retailers currently, including Amazon.

However, it’s undoubtedly great with great tech specs and graphics. There are many great games that you can play from the PS5, such as Call of Duty, Spiderman, and many more.

Xbox Series X

This system was released at almost the same time as PlayStation 5. However, the performance and feel of PlayStation 5 are slightly above that of the Xbox series X.

This does not mean that Xbox is a bad console. It has some great specs like compatibility plus its game pass is perfect. With time it will rate as one of the best Xbox consoles ever.

 Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch (on Amazon) is one unique console. After its release in 2017, it became the talk in town. The switch can also double as portable and handheld.

The gamers could play some amazing games like Super Mario Odyssey, Legend of Zelda, and many more from the switch. Therefore many gamers found it to be quite impressive.

Can Power Surges Affect the Xbox, PlayStation, and Other Consoles?

Yes, power surges can affect gaming consoles. The effect is, however, dependent on the type of power surge. If it’s too powerful, it can lead to the burning of the motherboard and the melting of specific components.

How to Protect the Console from a Power Surge

The best way to protect your console from a power surge is by using the surge protector. The surge protector will divert the excess voltages to the ground wire.

This will certainly protect your gaming console. There are different types of surge protectors. Here are some of the best surge protectors.

Belkin Surge Power Strip Protector

If you need something durable, then Belkin Surge Power Strip Protector (on Amazon) is the perfect choice for you. It has an enduring built and is ideal for busy places that require high connectivity.

KMC6 – Outlet Surge Protector

The great thing about this model (on Amazon) is that it’s efficient and provides stability. You can fix it almost everywhere. That’s on walls, benches, and even desks.

Power Strip Bototex Surge Protector

bototek Power Strip Surge Protector (on Amazon) is a great little surge protector. It’s ultra-compact, plus you can use multiple devices with it. It offers faster charging which is a great thing.


Gaming consoles are quite popular these days. Buying and maintaining them requires different types of considerations. One of the main things you need to know how to protect your console from is a power outage.

That’s because an outage can be pretty destructive and leave you with a non-functioning console. In this article, I have explained how a power outage can damage your console and how you can protect it. I hope the information was helpful.