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Can You Overcharge A PS5 Controller By Charging It Overnight?

The innovative new PS5 DualSense wireless controller is without a doubt PlayStation’s best controller to date, and the other platforms are going to have to fight to produce something similar. The DualSense controller offers an excellent user experience and the extras, such as the lights and sounds, are the cherry on top. But the question is: How do you go about charging the controller? And can you overcharge a PS5 controller by charging it overnight?

The DualSense controller, which usually takes about 3 hours to restore a full charge, comes with a special feature that stops it from overcharging, so you don’t need to worry about leaving it plugged in for too long or overnight.

The DualSense controller’s battery lasts for about 12 hours, which is more than enough time for even marathon gaming sessions (well, at least most of them!). Having a controller charging station will allow you to charge your controllers anywhere you choose (not just with the charge cable that came with the console).

How Long Does It Take to Charge a PS5 Controller?

PS5 Controller with USB cable connected

The DualSense controller is one of the best controllers out there, and using it is a breeze. But for this amazing controller to function, of course, we need to keep it charged.

The PS5 DualSense controller (on Amazon) will take about 3 hours to charge when connected to the system or a docking station like this one from OIVO (on Amazon).

If it takes an especially long time for your DualSense controller to return to full charge, you should check the charging connectors or dust or debris and then consider how long you’ve owned and used it. It’s normal for controllers to charge longer over time as they age.

Also bear in mind that if you are using the PS5 controller while charging it, the charging time is likely to increase to about 7 hours. After all, the controller can only do so much at once. We cover more details around the DualSense controller in our Ultimate PS5 Owner’s guide, so be sure to skim that when you’re through here!

How Long Does a PS5 Controller Battery Last?

The DualSense controller is packed with features, such as an integrated speaker, dynamic adaptive triggers, immersive haptic feedback, and a built-in microphone. But all of the new technology unfortunately also means a big battery that uses a lot of power.

According to the PlayStation DualSense homepage, the haptic feedback uses twin actuators rather than the typical rumble motors to provide precise tactile sensations. This is the same technology that contemporary iPhones and the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons use.

Adaptable triggers coupled with a system of screws and gears are used to prevent players from dragging them down. A rumbling motor, which normally only rotates around an axis, consumes a lot less battery life than this tactile feedback and movement.

As a result, games with a lot of haptic and adaptive trigger support may deplete the battery faster. Even with the new controller’s bigger battery, Screen Rant found during its PS5 survey that when playing authentic PS5 games — haptics and all — the DualSense has a battery life nearly on par with that of the DualShock 4.

Games that often use new technologies can deplete the battery in as little as 7 hours. With PS5 games that rarely use it, on the other hand, you may be able to get closer to that astounding 12-hour record.

Unless there’s a mid-generation update, redesign, or a new type of battery that can enhance the power life of the DualSense, it is already the biggest PlayStation controller available, with the largest battery.

Can You Overcharge a PS5 Controller?

PS5 Controller on charging dock

The DualSense’s ‘charger,’ as is the case with many other current electronics, is built right into the device and takes a USB-C cable. A hefty cable like this one from PowerA (on Amazon) can be used to connect the controller to a power source, including the PS5 itself, a docking station, or a phone or laptop.

The controller prevents itself from overcharging by automatically shutting off when the battery voltage level attains the limit that has been programmed (usually about 4.2V, which is about 95% of a regular Li-ion battery’s full charge point). So if you leave it plugged in or on the dock all the time, you should be fine. It won’t break the remote, but it will trickle-charge which will decrease the battery life over time.

The slow pulsing orange light bar located towards the touchpad turns off when the PS5 controller has stopped charging, which is a really nice added feature.

You can link a controller to a USB-C supply charger after hanging your headset from a USB-C cable connected to the PS5. It’s not unusual to leave it plugged in all day.