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The “Candace Joke” On TikTok Explained

The Candace joke has been running on TikTok for a while, leaving lots of people laughing out loud and others making new meme versions out of it. Here’s what to know about the Candace joke.

The name “Candace” or “Candice” is used in place of “can this?” to trick close friends, partners, or family members into inquiring more. You then drop the punchline when they ask, “who’s Candace?” or “Candice, who?” Usually, it’s something lewd and NSFW like “Candice d*ck fit in your mouth?”

The Candice joke is a lot similar to other risque memes like “Ligma,” “Joe Mama,” and “Deez Nuts.” So now, let’s get started so you fully understand what the joke means and how to avoid getting roasted by your close friends or partner.

What is the Meaning of the Candace Joke?

Phone with the word Candace over it

Interestingly, “Candace,” or more commonly “Candice,” is not the name of a real person—it’s a corrupted form of “can this,” which started as a joke and quickly became viral on TikTok

TikTok users have been asking their friends and family if they know who Candice is or what happened to them before landing the joke, which often goes the NSFW side.

Here’s how it plays out:

You essentially bait someone into asking who Candice is by implying that you know someone by that name. Then, when they curiously inquire who Candice is, you land the joke and roast them for not seeing it coming. 

The other party will typically ask, surprised, “Candice, who?” You then quickly reply with something hilarious and vulgar like, “Can dis c*ck fit inside your mouth?”

Having grown wildly popular, the joke has now evolved into an uncanny meme format where TikTok users cut out the videos right before delivering the punchline. This has transformed it into some inside joke. 

The comments section is often filled with queries from oblivious users wondering who, under God’s blue heaven, Candice is or what the joke means—particularly the new cut format. However, the trick is to avoid asking who Candace or Candice is; don’t reply with “Candice, who?”

Examples of the Candace Joke

It’s important to note that the Candace joke plays out well with your SO more than anyone else, mainly because it’s quite vulgar in a hilarious way. So, unless you want a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against you, don’t pull the prank on strangers in the streets.

Here are famous examples of the Candice joke:

  1. You tell your SO that you’re hanging out with Candice over the weekend or that you’ve just learned Candace died from cancer. Then, when they inevitably ask, “Who’s Candice?” or “Candice who?” you drop the punchline: “Candice balls fit inside your mouth?”
  1. You tell your close friend or SO that Candice has been drowning in alimony since they finalized their divorce. Then, when they ask who Candice is, you drop the punchline, “Can these tits sit on my face?”

Naturally, the process has become too obvious to appear as a funny meme, so users added more creativity. For example, once you’ve gotten your victim to ask who Candice is on a live stream, you stare into the camera, and then the screen turns black and white as creepy music plays. 

This often goes as the person realizes they’ve been tricked but is still wondering what sort of trap they’ve fallen into.

Mixed nuts with the word DEEZ over it

TikTok jokes will surely make you laugh if you feel a little low. The platform has plenty of crazy videos and jokes to help you wind down, and here are some of the best:

The Ligma Joke

Think of this as another inappropriate internet joke where “ligma” is meant to sound like the phrase “lick my.”

You ask someone if they’ve heard of ligma or tell them something like the doctor informing you that you have a rare case of ligma. When they ask what that is, you say, “Ligma balls!” Totally hilarious and immature.

The Deez Joke

Tell someone your real name used to be “Deez,” and you changed it for some reason. They’ll probably ask, “Deez?” or “Deez who?” with a look of surprise. And that’s where you drop “Deez Nuts.” Hook, line, and sinker. Simple.

The Knock Knock Joke

The knock-knock joke goes like this:

  • YOU: Knock! Knock!
  • FRIEND: Who’s there?
  • YOU: Amos.
  • FRIEND: Amos? Amos who?
  • YOU: A mosquito.

Many of these jokes often feature a strange word that sets up a person for a silly, vulgar punchline. But other epic pranks are a bit “cleaner.”

For example, you ask someone, “Is it me, or does it smell like updog in here?” They’ll wonder what that is or say something like, “what’s updog?” And that’s where you hit them with something like, “Nothing much, what’s up with you?”