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How To Fix PS5 Audio Glitches

As is the case with any console, the PlayStation 5 experiences some audio issues every now and then. These glitches occur for a handful of reasons, from a simple setting that needs to be adjusted, to a hardware issue with the specific headset the player is using. Fortunately, seemingly faulty audio on a PS5 is usually pretty easy to fix.

If you’re experiencing an audio issue with the PS5, check the volume, then try adjusting the 3D audio and sound format settings to see if this solves it. Also make sure your console and games are up to date, that your HDMI cable isn’t damaged, and that the mute button wasn’t accidentally activated.

If none of these fixes work out, you might need to send your console off to Sony for a more in-depth repair. So, let’s take a closer look at why the PS5 might be having audio issues, as well as how you can fix them.

Why Is the PS5 Having Audio Issues?

Holding Play Station 5 Dual Sense controller and playing video games at home

There are a number of different reasons why the PS5 (on Amazon) might be having audio issues. You can skim our Ultimate PS5 Owner’s Guide for more on this, but the first potential cause is that your audio settings aren’t configured properly. 3D audio, for example, isn’t available on all headsets, so if it’s turned on, your headset may be unable to play audio back to you with this setting.

If your audio settings are definitely optimized for your specific headset and you’re still having issues, try playing the audio through the TV. If it works, it’s your headset that’s the issue — if not, there may be a bug with the PS5 itself. And note that if you’re using an external mic (or any mic really) you may hear a PS5 mic echo effect that we address elsewhere.

And note that if you can’t figure it out using this guide, you can consider if your PS5 is still within the 1 year US warranty from Sony.

How to Fix Common Audio Issues on a PS5

Now that you know the common audio issues that can happen on the PS5, let’s take a look at how to fix them.2

3D Audio

3D audio can cause the PS5 to sound muffled. Although 3D audio is a great feature on this new console, it doesn’t work for all games and the range of sounds on some games may ruin it. Try turning it off and seeing if it helps by using the following instructions:

  1. Navigate to ‘Settings.’
  2. Choose ‘Sound.’
  3. Choose ‘Audio Output.’
  4. Turn ‘Enable 3D Audio for Headphones’ off.

It’s also important to note that 3D audio doesn’t work for some headphones, as they haven’t been configured for this new setting on the PS5. If you enjoy the idea of 3D audio and want to test it out — since it’s pretty great when you have the right game and advice — consider purchasing some 3D audio headphones by Sony (on Amazon)

The Playstation PULSE headphones (on Amazon) also work well with 3D audio.

Configure Sound Settings and Change the Audio Format

If it’s not 3D audio that’s making your audio sound muffled or muted, it could be something else in the settings. You may need to change the sound format:

  1. Head back into ‘Settings.’
  2. Then choose ‘Sound.’
  3. Choose ‘Audio Output.’
  4. Scroll down to ‘Audio Format (Priority).’

When you get there, you’ll see three options:

  1. Linear PCM
  2. Bitstream (Dolby)
  3. Bitstream DTS

The one that works best for you will depend on your specific headset. The best thing to do is try all three of them out and see if that fixes your issue. You can also test your headset on a different device to ensure the problem lies with the PS5 settings and not your headset itself.

TV Audio Issues

Sony PlayStation 5

If you’re not using a headset, and therefore know the issue isn’t related (and your TV speakers work on every other device, just not the PS5), you may need to try some other things.

Firstly, make sure your PS5 is updated to the latest software. Software updates are built to fix all sorts of known bugs and may sort out your audio.

As well as checking for PS5 updates, make sure you check for game updates too (by hitting the ‘Options’ button and selecting ‘Check for Updates’). The audio issues may be localized to one game due to an issue with the software, and it’s always good to check by opening up a different game.

Then, make sure you haven’t accidentally pressed the mute button on your controller. It’s located beneath the PS button and it’s easy to accidentally touch. Pressing it once and then trying to play a game should get the sound working again if that’s the issue.

If this hasn’t worked, try changing the HDMI cable that attaches your PS5 to your TV. If the cable has been damaged, then it could interfere with some audio and visual issues.

If none of this works and you’re still experiencing muffled or no sound on your PS5, it’s likely a device issue. Sony should be able to fix it, though it will require you to send your PS5 off to them. All PS5s bought from Sony come with a one-year warranty as long as the damage wasn’t caused by the owner.  

You can also take your PS5 to a repair shop but if they’re not affiliated with Sony then you will likely void the warranty by doing so. If your PS5 is over a year old, however, that may be worth it.