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What Is GoPro Subscription?

GoPro Subscription is a service that allows you to keep your GoPro camera up-to-date with the latest software. You can choose to subscribe monthly or annually. When you subscribe, you’ll receive access to premium support, new features, content, and discounts on accessories and upgrades.

A yearly GoPro membership costs $49.99, which is paid at the start of the year. So it’s more cost-effective to buy a new GoPro Hero10 Black for $399.98 with a one-year subscription than to purchase one for $499.99 without a subscription.

GoPro has subscription has immense benefits. These include; unlimited cloud storage, camera replacement, live stream by private link, premium editing tools, and discounts on GoPro gear. The service has been around for years, but GoPro has been pushing the service aggressively recently.

What is a GoPro Subscription, and How Much Does it Cost? 

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A GoPro subscription is a service that gives you access to exclusive content, discounts, and other benefits. The cost of a GoPro subscription costs $49.99 per year.

A GoPro subscription saves you money when buying a new GoPro. For example, you can buy a new GoPro Hero10 Black for $399.98 with a one-year subscription, but the same would go for $499.99 without a subscription.

A GoPro membership does not provide unlimited access to premium services; you’ll still have to pay for certain services at discounted prices. And it’s worth noting that if you buy a specific GoPro model like the HERO 10 (on Amazon), it doesn’t come with the subscription for free – that’s a separate purchase.

Why Should You Get the GoPro Subscription?

There are several reasons to get a GoPro subscription. First, this service gives you access to exclusive content that you can use to create amazing videos. The content includes tutorials, tips, and tricks to help you improve your skills as a video editor.

GoPro also offers discounts on specific products and services. The subscription cost also includes a one-year warranty on your GoPro camera. You can enjoy the following benefits by signing up for a GoPro subscription:

Cloud Storage

 One of the greatest benefits of getting a GoPro Subscription is its limitless cloud storage. This is a considerable advantage, especially if you are constantly shooting and recording new videos.

With GoPro Plus, you can safely store all your content in the cloud and access it from anywhere. You can upload your files using the GoPro Quik app, GoPros website, or Quik for Desktop at their original quality except for the high-resolution files of the GoPro Fusion.

Camera Replacement

Life happens, and accidents do occur. No matter how careful you are with your GoPro camera, there is always a chance that it might get lost, stolen, or damaged.

With a GoPro subscription, you can easily replace your camera if it gets lost, stolen, or damaged. A “no-questions-asked camera replacement” deal looks great on paper, but it has some limitations:

  1. You can only replace your camera twice every 12 months.
  1. The camera is only replaced if broken, not if you lose it.
  1. The replacement service is not free; you will have to pay a certain amount depending on the model and extent of the damage.

The replacement service is also offered in selected countries only.

Live Stream by Private Link

If you have a Hero7 Black or later or a GoPro Max, you can live stream in 1080p quality to YouTube, Facebook profiles, Facebook pages, and Twitch. Usually, you use the GoPro app to connect the camera to your phone, which can be a bit fiddly.

With GoPro Subscription, you can live stream from your GoPro camera to your account on GoPro by streaming to and sending a private stream link to anyone you want to invite.

This is an excellent feature for vloggers and content creators who want to show their audience something in real-time without the hassle of setting up a live stream on social media.

Premium Editing Tools

GoPro offers some of the best editing software in the market. With a GoPro subscription, you can access these tools and create amazing videos. In addition, the software includes GoPro FX Reframe, which lets you change the field of view and aspect ratio of your footage.

You can also use GoPro color-grading presets to give your video a professional look. With a subscription, you also get unlimited access to the Quik app, which is a great way to edit your footage and create shareable videos automatically. A standalone subscription to Quik costs US$9.99 per year or US$1.99 per month.

Discount on Accessories

You can get up to a 30%-50% discount on accessories as a GoPro subscriber, including batteries, camera cases, mounts, and more. The discounts are available on the GoPro website and the GoPro app.

The 50% discount majorly applies to protective housings and roll cages, replacement elements like doors, fingers, and lens caps, as well as mounts, such as a hand & wrist strap.

There’s also a slight preference for more significant discounts for older goods. For example, you’ll receive a 30% discount on batteries if you buy the Hero8 Black, but only 20% off if you buy the Hero9 Black or Hero10 Black.

Things to Know Before Getting the GoPro Subscription

The GoPro subscription has a lot of great features and benefits. However, there are some things you should know before getting a subscription:

  1. The subscription is only available in selected countries.
  1. You can only replace your camera twice every 12 months.
  1. The replacement service is not free; you will have to pay a certain amount depending on the model and extent of the damage.
  1. The GoPro subscription does not include any insurance for your camera, only damaged cameras can be replaced.

If you lose your GoPro, you will not be able to get a replacement through the subscription.

Cons to Getting a GoPro Subscription

The main con of a GoPro subscription is the price. At roughly $50 a year, it’s not cheap. And if you don’t use all the features, it can be a waste of money.

Another con would be that you might not want to be locked into a service. You may feel like you are better off without it or may find another camera that you like better and want to switch to that instead.

Can You Cancel Your GoPro Subscription?

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You can cancel your GoPro subscription at any time. However, you will not be refunded for any unused months. If You purchase a Subscription through an AppStore, such as Apple or Google Play, You must use the tools made available by those services to manage or cancel your subscription.

Your access to content and benefits will end immediately upon cancellation. For example, you will no longer have access to cloud storage, premium support, or product discounts. If you cancel your subscription, you will still be able to use your GoPro camera, but some features may be limited.

How to Renew a GoPro Subscription?

You can renew your GoPro subscription anytime by going to the official website and signing in to your account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel it before the renewal date.

You will be charged the same amount as your original subscription. If your GoPro subscription expires, you will no longer have access to the benefits and content that come with it.

For example, you will no longer have access to cloud storage, premium support, or product discounts.