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Using A GoPro To Live Stream: How To Do It & Compatible GoPro Models

A GoPro is everyone’s favorite travel buddy. Whether you’re an occasional traveler or want to share live experiences with others, you may want to share live footage from your GoPro. But is it possible to live stream with a GoPro, and which platforms can you stream with? 

You can stream live with some GoPro models as long as you have a stable internet connection. You can even stream live with your GoPro using a private link if you have a GoPro subscription. GoPros can stream on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch directly, and with RTMP URL on other social platforms. 

Let’s look at setting up a GoPro live stream on different platforms and with RTMP URLs. We’ll also look at the common problems you’ll face with GoPro streaming and how to resolve them. Let’s get started! 

Can a GoPro Live Stream? 

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While most people will save their recordings for later, you can live stream with GoPro. In addition, many of the newer GoPro models support live streaming on various streaming and social media platforms, making it easy for you to share your experiences with the world.

However, not all GoPro models support live streaming, and you’ll have to check that your GoPro is compatible with live streaming. 

What Makes GoPros so Great?

What makes a GoPro live stream unique is that you can stream from angles and locations where you wouldn’t risk placing a smartphone or regular camera.

In addition, GoPro cameras are designed for durability and can handle most weather conditions. So, a GoPro would be the preferred option if you’re looking to stream your BMX off-road race. 

With the latest GoPros, you can also live stream underwater up to a certain depth! Of course, you’ll have to have a reliable internet connection when live streaming and ensure that you set up a live stream from the GoPro app on another device.

Nevertheless, GoPros are the perfect cameras for live streaming when traveling, hiking, or engaging in other outdoor activities since they won’t get damaged easily. 

Indeed, You can also use GoPro as a security camera.

Which GoPro Models Can Live Stream?

Since the first live stream with a GoPro was done in 2016, you’ll only be able to stream with GoPro models released recently. While all new models support live streaming, you won’t be able to stream with an older model even if you have the option in your GoPro app. 

Here are the GoPro models that support live streaming: 

  • Hero Black 7 
  • Hero Black 8
  • GoPro Max 

You’ll also need the latest version of the GoPro app installed on your phone to set up a live stream. For example, if you have the iOS version of the GoPro app, you’ll be able to live stream with the GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 4. 

How Does GoPro Live Streaming Work?

GoPro allows you to stream directly to specific platforms and with an RTMP URL on other platforms. For example, if you have a GoPro subscription, you can currently Livestream to Facebook, Twitch, Youtube, and directly with a private GoPro link.

Additionally, you can stream via an RTMP URL on Vimeo, Twitch, Facebook groups, and a few other video-sharing platforms. 

Instagram, NOW, YY, and a few other popular streaming platforms don’t yet support GoPro streaming. Let’s look at how to use each of the available options to stream with GoPro: 

1. YouTube  

While you can live stream directly on YouTube using a GoPro, you’ll need to activate the live stream option on YouTube. In addition, if you’re going to stream from a smartphone app, you’ll need at least 1000 subscribers on your channel.

You can see whether you’re eligible for live streaming on YouTube by going onto the Features section. You can activate live streaming and begin your stream after 24 hours if you’re eligible. 

To set up a live stream on YouTube: 

  1. Open the GoPro app and go to the Set Up Live stream. 
  1. Choose YouTube from the list of options. 
  1. Connect your YouTube account. You will need to provide permission to stream through the GoPro app. 
  1. Select Public in your sharing settings and name the stream. 
  1. Next, choose the location from which you’ll be streaming. 
  1. Select the video resolution. If you’re streaming in a location with unstable internet connectivity, choose a lower resolution for a smoother stream. While you can stream in 1080p, this is only supported by the GoPro Hero 8 Black. 
  1. Choose the resolution which you want to save your stream. You can save your stream in a higher resolution if you want to upload it on your channel later.
  1. Preview and save the settings to begin streaming. 

Streaming on YouTube is advantageous as you can upload the video to your channel for viewers to access later. You’ll also be able to share the stream with more people due to the accessibility of YouTube. 

2. Twitch  

Twitch is another popular platform that allows you to stream directly from a GoPro. It’s pretty easy to set up a live stream on Twitch, and you don’t need any specific number of subscribers to get started. Before starting live streaming with Twitch, ensure you have the latest version of the GoPro app. 

Follow these steps to live stream on Twitch from your GoPro: 

  1. On the GoPro app, click on the camera icon to access Live
  1. Next, click on Set Up Live and choose Twitch from the list of options. 
  1. Allow GoPro to stream with Twitch. 
  1. Set your network. It’s better to have fast WiFi access since the stream will be more stable. However, if you’re going to stream in an outdoor setting, you may have to set mobile data in the connection options. 
  1. Add the title and description for your stream and set the streaming resolution according to the strength of your internet connection. 
  1. Set your save settings. If you’re going to play the video on other platforms, it’s better to set the save settings to high resolution. 
  1. Click on Go Live and check that the stream starts on your Twitch account. 

Twitch is a great streaming platform and allows you to share a private streaming link with your subscribers. You can also save the stream in HD quality and upload it to your Twitch account. 

3. Facebook 

You can stream to Facebook using a GoPro if you have a Facebook account or through a Facebook page. However, you’ll need to have the latest version of the GoPro app installed to start streaming with Facebook. Unlike Youtube, there aren’t any subscriber requirements for streaming with Facebook, and it’s a relatively easy way to stream. 

Follow these steps to stream on Facebook using your GoPro: 

  1. On the GoPro app, click on the camera icon to access Live.
  1. In the list of streaming options, select Facebook
  1. Set up the stream and select your network preference. 
  1. Choose who you want to share your stream with. You can choose to share your stream with the public and your friends on Facebook or create a private Livestream where only you can access the stream. 
  1. Add the stream’s title and description and choose the stream resolution. 
  1. Adjust the Stream-Saving settings. 
  1. Save your settings and click on Go Live to start the stream.
  1. Check the progress of your stream on the Facebook app. 

While you can set up a live stream on your Facebook page or account, you won’t be able to stream directly from the GoPro app on Facebook Groups or Workplace.

You’ll need to stream with RTMP, leading us to the next streaming option. 

4. Live Stream With RTMP 

An RTMP URL will allow you to set up a live stream with Vimeo, Facebook Groups, and Twitch platforms. It’s also a great way to stream with platforms that don’t support streaming directly from the GoPro app. However, you won’t be able to stream on platforms like Instagram even if you have an RTMP URL. 

Follow these steps to set up a live stream with an RTMP URL: 

  1. First, choose a streaming platform to set up your live stream. All the abovementioned platforms will have the option to live stream with an RTMP URL. 
  1. Follow the instructions to set up an RTMP URL. Note the streaming URL and Stream Key. You’ll need these to create the live stream with GoPro. 
  1. Open the GoPro app and go to Set Up Live
  1. In the list of platforms offered, select RTMP.
  1. Choose your network connection preferences. Always choose the more reliable network. 
  1. Enter the URL that you previously copied from the steaming app. 
  1. Select the streaming resolution and save your settings. 
  1. Save the stream and share via a link in your streaming app. 

If you’re streaming with Facebook Groups or Facebook Workplace, you can share the streaming link directly in the groups. If you’re streaming with Vimeo, you can stream in the Vimeo app or simulcast to Facebook, Youtube, or Twitch. However, your stream will be more stable if you stream directly from the GoPro app. 

5. Live Stream With a Private Link Using GoPro Subscription 

The latest GoPro models also support live streaming with a private link if you have a GoPro Subscription. This is the easiest way to stream with GoPro and allows you to share the link with whoever you want. You can also stream directly from your GoPro using this link.

A GoPro subscription could also get you a discount on a new GoPro, unlimited cloud backup and auto uploads, and discounts on other GoPro products purchased from the GoPro store.

In addition, you’ll also get access to premium editing tools in the GoPro app. These tools include premium themes, music, and other editing tools. 

How Much Data Does GoPro Live Streaming Use?

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GoPro live streaming uses varying levels of data depending on the streaming medium and the resolution you’re streaming in. Streaming in higher resolutions will result in more data consumption and vice versa. 

The lowest resolution supported by GoPros is 480p. If you stream at 480p, you’ll consume around 563 MB of data per hour. However, most people prefer to stream in 720p for better quality.

Streaming at this resolution for an hour will consume around 900MB of data. If you have a GoPro Hero 8 Black and choose to stream in 1080p, you’ll use 1.5GB of data in an hour. 

Streaming from a mobile hotspot is possible, but you’ll get slower speeds than streaming with WiFi and use more data. For example, the average hour of live streaming with a GoPro on mobile hotspot data could consume 2GB of data. 

While you can stream at a higher resolution if you have a stable internet connection, the resolution may automatically be reduced if the connection is unstable. So, while you may set your stream resolution to 720p, your viewers may see it in 480p if the internet connection isn’t stable. 

How to Fix Common GoPro Streaming Problems 

While streaming with GoPros is usually smooth if the stream settings are correct, you may encounter problems from time to time. Here are some common streaming problems you may face and how to resolve them: 

Your Stream isn’t Smooth 

If you’re facing the issue where your stream isn’t smooth enough, it’s usually because of an unstable internet connection. You can choose between WiFi and mobile data when you set up the stream. 

While some situations may require you to use mobile data, such as when you’re streaming while biking or outside, it’s usually best to connect to stable WiFi for live streaming. 

You Can’t Connect to a YouTube Live Stream 

If you can’t connect to a YouTube live stream, it could be because you aren’t eligible for YouTube streaming. You can check whether you qualify in the features section on YouTube.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to set up a live stream without having at least 1000 subscribers, and even then, you’ll have to wait 24 hours for your live stream to get approved. 

The Stream Resolution is Low 

A slow internet connection often causes a low stream resolution. However, you may have set the resolution lower when setting up the stream. If you want to stream in better quality, set the stream resolution to 720p when setting up the stream.