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How Can You Track Lost or Stolen AirPods?

AirPods are one of the many great products from Apple. But due to their small size, it’s possible at some point you may misplace them, or they may even be stolen. Because there are different ways you can lose them, it’s important to know if you can track them in these situations. If they get lost, is there any chance of your getting them back? Or should you just go out and get new ones?

You can visit the iCloud website or use your iPhone to track stolen or lost AirPods using the “Find My” feature. If they’re within your device’s proximity, you can play a sound to help find the device. Use ‘notify when left behind’ to avoid losing your Airpods, and activate ‘lost mode’ if missing.

AirPods allow you to listen to music from different devices, and there’s no doubt about the quality of sound they provide. Even though there is no guarantee you will get your AirPods back if you lose them, it’s always best to be prepared for this ahead of time. If you do this, you should be able to track them while they are still within your Apple device’s range.

Can Lost AirPods be Tracked? 

Airpods Pro In Case

It’s possible to track lost AirPods if they’re still connected to any of your Apple devices. If one or both of your AirPods are missing but are within the range of your device’s Bluetooth, you’ll be able to find them.

Using the “Find My” App, you should be able to see your AirPods appear on the map. Moreover, you can use this app to play a sound so you locate them if they’re nearby.

“Find My Devices” will only display the last available location if the AirPods are not on. This means it cannot give any other tracking alternative.

And a quick sidenote – if you’re wondering why the pictured Airpods Pro are red, it’s because I used Colorware to get mine done in this custom color!

How Far Away Can AirPods Be Tracked?

AirPods can be tracked until they are up to 40 feet away, and the moment they’re out of that range, they’re gone. Plus, the person who stole them can easily sync them to their own iPhone, making them harder to track with your device.

Some users (forum link) have claimed the FindMy for Airpods works up to 150 feet away. I wish! Our testing has revealed that the real figure is closer to 40 feet…you can easily cross your home and be out of range of your Airpods, so don’t panic too quickly if they don’t show up!

How to Track Stolen AirPods

You can track stolen AirPods by going to the “Find My” page when you sign in to iCloud, or by using the “Find My” app on your iPhone. In the case that they are still connected to your device, you should be able to see them where your other connected devices are displayed.

Tracking AirPods Using a Computer

  1. Go to the iCloud website
  2. Sign in using your Apple ID
  3. Tap on “All Devices” followed by your AirPods, and you should be able to see their location. If not active, you will only see the last spot they were used.

Tracking AirPods With An iPhone 

  1. Start by opening the “Find My” App.
  2. Select the “Devices” tab.
  3. Select your AirPods, and you’ll see either “location not found” or their current location.

Can Thieves Use Stolen AirPods?

Even though AirPods are well-designed overall, like most devices thieves can easily use the ones they’ve stolen. This is because there are currently no anti-theft features to protect them. But, how easy they are to use depends on what part the thieves have run away with. 

If they get your AirPods without their case, they can use any other case to reset them. AirPods can be resynced to any case, not only the one you bought them with.

In the case that they get away with only a single AirPod, they’ll still be able to use it, even if it does seem a bit ridiculous. They can find a match or even just snatch another from somebody else.

If a thief takes both pods as well as the charging case, they’ll easily be able to disconnect them from your Apple device. They can go ahead and disconnect the AirPods from your device, and connect to theirs before leaving the location. This will make it near-impossible for you to track them. 

To use the AirPods, they just need to press the setup button on the case for a few seconds to reset them. After that, they’ll pair and connect their wireless device. Your iPhone or any other gadget will not be able to spot or find them using a tracking application.

Can Apple Track Stolen AirPods For You?

Apple cannot track stolen AirPods. Even if you can provide the AirPods serial number, sadly this is not enough for them to be located. The only way to track them is using your iPhone if you have it with you, with the AirPods still in range.

What to Do if You Lose Your AirPods 

Airpods In Hand

Apple will replace your AirPods at a fee in that case you lose yours. By replacing them, you will get new ones with guaranteed reliability and performance.

To get this replacement, you must have proof of purchase plus a valid warranty. But you need to be aware that Apple doesn’t cover the replacement 100%, so you will need to pay some amount.

For instance, they don’t cover defects caused by illegal modification or accidents. Actually, Apple only covers damages resulting from faults due to manufacturing. The warranty is valid for one whole year, starting from the day you buy your AirPods.

Turn On “Lost Mode”

Once you’ve enabled Lost Mode, your AirPods Pro will be marked as lost and you’ll be able to track their location using the Find My app. If someone finds your AirPods Pro, they’ll be able to see the message you’ve displayed on their screen and contact you to return them. to turn it on:

  1. Open the Find My app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  2. Select your AirPods Pro from the list of devices.
  3. Tap “Actions” and then tap “Mark as Lost.”
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to set a passcode and display a message for whoever finds it (probably add your phone number)

How To Find Just One Lost Airpod

If you’ve lost one of your AirPods, don’t worry – you can find it using the same “FindMy” tools we’ve discussed above, and your phone will know that the Airpod is out of it’s case. If your’e within range, you can play a sound on the Airpod, but this is a really hard thing to hear if the Airpod is, for instance, between some couch cushions.

So, go slow, retrace your steps, and use the FindMy app on your phone to manually canvass around until it picks up the signal. THEN you can try using the sound, or just manually hunting around for the missing Airpod. If you can’t find it, don’t worry, we’ll discuss replacement costs below!

Contact The Business or Location Where You Lost Them

Maybe you lost your Airpods at a big ball game or just simply in your bed while sleeping. Some users have had the dreaded realization that they left their Airpods behind in a taxi (forum)!

What do you do in this situation? Always, always, always call the taxi service or business directly to go ahead and get started on a return. If you lost your Airpods at an airport, call their lost and found. Just because they’re gone doesn’t mean they’re gone forever!

How To Avoid Losing Your Airpods In The First Place!

If you want to avoid losing your AirPods in the first place, there’s a simple solution: use the “Notify When Left Behind” feature. This feature allows your iPhone to send you a notification when you move out of range of your AirPods, reminding you to grab them before you leave.

Here’s how to enable the Notify When Left Behind feature:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap Bluetooth.
  3. Find your AirPods in the list of devices and tap the “i” icon next to them.
  4. Tap the toggle switch next to “Notify When Left Behind” to turn it on.

Once you’ve enabled this feature, your iPhone will send you a notification when you move out of range of your AirPods. This can be especially helpful if you tend to leave your AirPods lying around or forget to put them back in their case.

How Much Is a Single Replacement AirPod? 

You can get a single replacement for $69. However, if you want a set of two new AirPods, they’ll cost you more than $150, including a charger. If you need a case, charger, and AirPods all together, you will pay upwards of $200.

This is very expensive compared to opting for a single replacement. 

So, even if both your AirPods get lost or stolen, you will be able to replace them for a much more affordable price than paying for a whole new set.

However, you may be able to get a free replacement through a Pro Service Program, which only takes into account products created before October 2020. This program covers sound problems, such as static or crackling, or when the noise cancellation function doesn’t work properly.

How Much is Replacing an Airpods Charging Case? 

The amount you spend on replacing your AirPods charging case can depend on several factors. This includes battery issues, whether physical damages are covered or not, and whether they are lost. You can check the prices in the table below.

AirPodsLost Case($)Physical Damage Covered($)Physical Damage Not Covered ($)
Charging Case592959
MagSafe Charging Case792969
Wireless Charging Case792969