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How To Fix PS5 Buzzing Noise?

Compared to PS4, the PS5 produces much less sound overall, and is actually one of the quietest consoles. However, some users aren’t so lucky, and their PS5s are still quite noisy. If you’re experiencing a PS5 buzzing noise, here are some potential fixes.

To fix PS5 buzzing or crackling/ticking noises, try lowering the graphics settings, which takes load off the console and should reduce fan speed. Ensure proper airflow by regularly cleaning the console and placing it in an open area. And If you’re a heavy user, invest in external cooling solutions.

There’s nothing to worry about if you only hear noise when the console works hard, like playing a graphically demanding game. However, if the noise level bothers you, some simple changes can help. Let’s look at the details of some causes of PS5 buzzing noise and then we’ll turn our attention fixing them.

PS5 Console Noise

PS5 inside of an entertainment center

A normal functioning PS5 console isn’t silent, but it shouldn’t make any strange noises either. For example, you might hear a slight whirring sound on start it up, some beeping when you boot up a game or fan noise during gameplay. If the increased noise is accompanied by glitches or screen flickering, that’s a little more concerning (and if you’ve been trying to run non-PS5 discs in the PS5 the disc drive may be stuck).

All that said, a PS5 running is a perfectly normal sound that shouldn’t be excessive or distracting. However, if your PS5 makes loud noises enough to be disruptive or concerning, there might be an issue. If you totally ignore it, it could lead to sporadic overheating and/or the dreaded PS5 Black Screen of Death.

That said, if you’re still playing then you’ve caught it early and you can easily fix this!

Reasons for the Noise

Little buzzing or whirring noises (even some ticking or crackling) are expected for the PS5 console, and it’s typically related to the load on the system. But here are a few reasons for the sounds.

The Fan

The most common cause of buzzing is a geared-up fan. This is usually apparent when you’re playing a demanding game or running an application that requires a lot of processing power.

The console will automatically ramp up the fan speed to cool itself down, and this can cause a loud buzzing noise. Usually, this is nothing to worry about and will resolve itself once the console has cooled down.

Interestingly, Sony gets PS5 fans from two different manufacturers, and many users have reported a significant difference in noise levels between the two.


Another potential cause of loud noises from your PS5 is dust buildup. This is especially true if you haven’t cleaned your console in a while. Over time, dust can accumulate on the fan blades and other internals, causing overload and, eventually, a loud noise.

Additionally, if your console is placed in an enclosed space like a cabinet, this can trap heat and cause the fan to work overtime, leading to more noise.


Console position can also play a role in noise levels. For example, if your PS5 is tilted or not on a level surface, it will create more vibrations and make the unit noisier.

Many people also report that their PS5 sounds louder when placed in horizontal orientation. But it’s pretty much unconfirmed whether this makes a difference.

Coil Whine

When current passes through electronic parts of a device, like capacitors and inductors, it produces vibrations that create a humming/whining sound, known as coil whine.

Coil whine is not exclusive to PS5s and can happen with any electronic device with GPUs or CPUs. However, it’s usually noticeable when the device is first turned on.

In PS5s, coil whine can become loud when playing demanding games or running applications that require a lot of processing power.

However, it’s an entirely normal phenomenon and doesn’t necessarily indicate a problem with your console. Instead, it means that your console is working as intended and is pushing its limits. The coil whine should go away as soon as you get back to lower-intensity usage.

How to Fix the PS5 Noise?

PS5 and Controller

Now that we’ve looked at some of the potential causes of PS5 noise let’s see how you can fix it.

1) Clean Your Console Regularly

Dust buildup is a common cause of noisy operation, so it’s essential to clean your console regularly. You can use compressed air or low-power vacuum cleaners to remove dust from the vents and other openings.

Just be careful not to damage any delicate internals in the process. Another way to keep your console clean is with canned air (on Amazon) that you can use clean dust off the console with.

2) Change Your Console Placement

Place your PS5 on a solid, level surface to reduce vibrations. And keep it in an open space with good airflow to prevent the fan from working overtime.

There should be at least 5-6 inches of clearance around the console to ensure proper airflow.

If you’re struggling to find a good spot to place your console, consider using a wall mount like this one (on Amazon) to get it off the floor or save shelf space.

4) Invest in Cooling Solutions

If you play for long hours or live in a hot climate, you might want to invest in some external cooling solutions like the OIVO PS5 Stand with Suction Cooling Fan (on Amazon). Things like stand fans, cooling pads, and air conditioners can help keep your console cool and reduce noise levels.

5) Use Lower Quality Settings

4K UHD or 8K UHD is excellent for gaming and movies and requires more processing power. So consider lowering the resolution down to 1080p, especially if you notice a lot of noise during regular operation.

5) Turn Off Performance Mode

Performance mode ramps up the processing internals, increasing fan noise and coil whine. Besides the noticeable noise reduction, disabling the performance mode will also help extend the life of your PS5.