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Why Does My Ring Doorbell Keep Going Offline? (Troubleshooting Guide)

The Ring doorbell offers comfort, convenience, and security since you won’t have to leave the couch to see or communicate with a guest at your front door. And although the Ring doorbell is fairly easy to set up, some users report that their devices experience connectivity issues. If your Ring doorbell keeps going offline, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Your Ring doorbell may be going offline due to low voltage, temporary power loss, or WiFi connectivity issues. To fix the issue, make sure the device receives the right amount of voltage and reset your router. Also make sure to enter the correct WiFi password in the Ring app.   

Frequent disconnection of your Ring doorbell isn’t only inconvenient, but it can be pretty exasperating as well. Luckily, solving these issues is usually pretty very simple. Let’s look at some common reasons why the Ring doorbell keeps disconnecting and how you can fix the problem.

How to Tell if There’s an Issue With Your Ring Doorbell 

Shallow focus of a homeowner seen testing a newly installed WiFi smart doorbell

Being unable to access your Ring doorbell (on Amazon) through the app can be quite frustrating. In case the WiFi connection is lost, your Ring app will display the camera as offline. 

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro (on Amazon) goes one step further and shows a white light circling the doorbell button in a clockwise direction if there’s a connection issue. However, this isn’t the smartest security approach because anyone who comes up to your door will know that your camera may not be working.   

Three Reasons Why Your Ring Doorbell Keeps Going Offline 

If your Ring doorbell keeps going offline, check your router to make sure that it’s working properly. Also make sure that you put your doorbell in a place where there is limited interference with WiFi signals. If the connection issue still persists, it might be due to the following reasons: 

Low Voltage

Low voltage issues can cause your Ring doorbell to go offline. This could happen if your doorbell transformer doesn’t transmit enough power to your device. 

You can check the voltage of your device by going to the ‘Device Health‘ option in your Ring app. The Ring Pro needs 3,900 mV and must be connected to a transformer that emits at least 16 VAC. However, if you have a transformer that transmits less voltage, it’s time for an upgrade. 

There are instances where you might experience connectivity issues, even with the right amount of voltage. This could be because of the age or length of the wire.

If you use a 16 VAC transformer and are still having trouble powering your device, then the best option is to call Ring’s customer support team and order a Pro Power Cable. With this cable, you can bypass the transformer and provide extra power to your device. 

Temporary Power Loss

The first thing that you should do when the power comes back on is reset your router to test if your Ring doorbell reconnects automatically to the network. This will also help determine if you have a strong connection. Unplug the router and wait for 30 seconds before plugging it securely back in.  

To activate the Setup Mode in your Ring device, simply press the ‘Setup‘ button. Press it again after 10 seconds to ensure that your Ring doorbell reconnects on its own. 

You should also make sure that all the other smart devices in your home aren’t having connectivity issues. If the other devices are having trouble staying connected to the internet, then the most likely culprit is your router.  

New WiFi Password

It may be imperative to change the WiFi password at some point, especially if you suspect someone is using your internet without permission. Changing your WiFi password can cause your Ring doorbell to lose its WiFi connection. However, this can be easily remedied with the following the steps:

  1. Open the Ring app.
  2. You will find three horizontal lines in your screen’s upper left corner and a red dot alerting you to a possible issue. Tap on these three lines.   
  3. A side menu will pop up. Tap the option ‘Devices‘ in this menu.
  4. In the Devices menu, look for the Ring device that is having connection issues. Once you find that device, click on it. 
  5. On the lower half of your screen, you will see the option for ‘Device Health’. Select it. Next, select ‘Reconnect to WiFi’.  
  6. You can now enter the new WiFi password.

How to Troubleshoot Ring Doorbell Connectivity Issues 

Still not able to get your Ring doorbell back online? Let’s look at how you can troubleshoot some basic connectivity issues:

Doorbell Won’t Connect to App

Your Ring doorbell may not connect to your Ring app due to the following reasons:

  • Your Ring device may be too far from the router.
  • You need to reset the modem.
  • Your phone may not be able to support the Ring app. 

Here’s what you can do to fix these issues:

Install Chime Pro

A weak internet connection or distance between your Ring device and router could cause interference with your WiFi signal. Installing a Chime Pro (on Amazon) can help boost the WiFi connection, making it easier for your Ring doorbell to connect to the app.  

Reset the Modem

Sometimes you just need to reset the modem to get your Ring doorbell to connect to the app successfully.

Make Sure You’re Using Your Home Network

If you’ve already reset your modem and are still having difficulty connecting to the app, then the problem may lie with your phone. Sometimes the Ring app doesn’t function properly when it’s connected to your cellular data. Make sure that you’re connected to your home network before using the app.  

Doorbell Won’t Connect to the Internet

You might experience difficulty connecting your Ring doorbell to the internet due to the following reasons: 

  • There has been a recent power failure.
  • The batteries of the doorbell are either low or dead.
  • There’s insufficient power.
  • Your WiFi password has symbols.
  • You recently changed the name of your WiFi network.
  • Your network was upgraded to 5G.

The following steps will help you take care of these issues:

  • If you’ve experienced a power outage in your area, wait for a few minutes and then reconnect to your Wi-Fi. 
  • Get new batteries if your batteries are low or dead.  
  • Your Ring doorbell saves the name of your network in its system. If the name of your internet is changed, then the doorbell will have connectivity issues. Go to the Setup wizard in the Ring app. Simply connect the doorbell to the WiFi with its current name. 
  • Your ring device may experience connectivity issues if the signal strength or the password changes. By adjusting the settings of your Ring doorbell to reflect the right network information, you can easily solve this problem.

Doorbell Won’t Connect to Chime Pro

If your Ring doorbell doesn’t connect to Chime Pro, then you need to reset it. You can do this by following the steps below:

  1. Unplug the Chime Pro.
  2. Plug it back in after 30 seconds.
  3. Hold down the reset button for roughly 10 seconds.
  4. Try reconnecting the Ring device to the Chime Pro. 

Doorbell Won’t Connect to Existing Chime

Is connecting to an existing Chime proving difficult for you? If you keep getting an error message, then it might be because the app is unable to recognize the bar code that you’ve entered. In such a case, follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

  1. On your mobile phone, open the Ring app and enter the Setup wizard.
  2. There is a QR code given on the bottom of the Chime. Scan this code when prompted by the app. 
  3. Take a picture of the QR.

Use this method whenever you want to connect your doorbell to the existing Chime. 

Doorbell Chime Keeps Disconnecting

Intercom with a doorbell and video link

There are two main reasons why your Ring chime keeps disconnecting — either the device has no power or it’s too far away from the router. To make sure that there is a good internet connection, it is essential to keep the following things in mind when choosing a place for your Chime:

  • Obstructions: Floors, walls, and ceilings can interfere with your internet connection. By putting your Chime in an open area, you can ensure minimal interference.
  • Sufficient voltage: Be sure to read the manual carefully to find out the correct voltage level required.
  • Access to one network: Having multiple networks can cause disruptions to your internet signal. That’s why it’s better to have access to just one network.


The Ring doorbell offers an easy and convenient way to keep your home safe. Although dealing with the connectivity issues of your Ring doorbell can be quite annoying, most of the time these issues are not hard to fix.