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Is the PS5 Silent? + How Much Sound Is Too Much?

When Sony launched the PlayStation 5 last year, they made a big deal about how quiet the console is. They even mentioned in the official FAQs, “Our objective is for the PS5 to be quieter than the PS4.” So have they accomplished the feat? Is the PS5 actually silent?

The PS5 isn’t exactly completely silent, but it is much quieter than the PS4 and most other gaming consoles on the market. There is also a bit of variation in noise levels depending on which manufacturer’s fan is in your particular console.

Sony put in a huge effort to reduce noise with the PS5. Their fan work is impressive, and the custom cooling sinks they developed are top-notch. The result is a whisper-quiet console compared to its predecessor and the competition. Let’s take a closer look at the facts and see how the PS5’s noise levels stack up.

Is the PS5 Really Silent?

Sony PlayStation 5

A powerful machine like the PS5, with its GPU, fan, and disc-drive whirring away, will never be completely silent. But, it can be pretty quiet. 

The PS5 is a state-of-the-art machine designed to keep noise to a minimum while still providing all of the power and performance that gamers demand. A normally functioning PS5 does make a faint noise, but it’s even less than the white noise you might hear from an air conditioner.

The sound is not particularly noticeable, and it can easily be drowned out by the sound of your fan, TV, or games.

However, as we discuss in our Ultimate PS5 Owner’s guide, if you’re playing a particularly demanding game on the system, the fans will have to work harder to keep everything cool and prevent the PS5 from overheating. This might increase the noise a notch or two, but it should still be very manageable.

So, even though the PS5 can’t be considered completely silent, it’s much quieter than its predecessor, the PS4. And, in most cases, the noise won’t be noticeable at all. And do note that if your PS5 console is making buzzing or ticking noises, that’s also an indication of overheating or too much dust.

Why Are Some PS5s More Quiet Than Others?

Interestingly, there seems to be a bit of variation in the noise levels for some owners. While most users report that their PS5s are very quiet, some say their consoles are practically silent.

There is an almost-proven reason for the discrepancy. It turns out that Sony is using fans from two different manufacturers. Both models are standard 120mm x 45 mm double-sided fans, but one has more blades than the other. The one with more blades is apparently the quieter of the two. However, both models are still very quiet overall.

The French publication Les Numeriques did a test on five random PS5 consoles and found that two of them were using the quieter fans while three had the louder ones. They also measured the noise level and found that, indeed, there was a difference.

The three consoles with the louder fans averaged about 43dB, while the two with the quieter fans averaged only 39dB. In the grand scheme of things, this is not a big difference at all. But, it is noticeable if you’re really paying attention.

So, if you’re lucky enough to get a PS5 with quieter fans, you’ll have an almost-silent console. But, if you end up with the louder fans, you’ll still have a very quiet machine — just not quite as silent as some others.

How Can You Make Your PS5 Quieter?

A few easy tweaks can make your PS5 even quieter than it already is.

  • For starters, make sure the fans don’t have to work harder than they need to by keeping the console well ventilated. Don’t block the vents, and don’t put the console in a tight space. Avoid putting it too close to other heat-generating electronics like your TV or stereo.
  • Keep your console clean. Dust build-up is enemy number one when it comes to noisy electronics. Dust can damage your PS5 by clogging up the vents and making the fans work overtime. So, do yourself a favor and clean your PS5 regularly with a literal vacuum cleaner.
  • Also, carpets and rugs are big no-nos. Not only do they make it harder for the heat to escape, but they also tend to hold onto dust and lint. So, if you want to keep your PS5 as quiet as possible, put it on a hard surface like a desk or table.
  • Make sure your PS5 console is on a firm, level surface. If it’s not level, it’ll create more vibration and, in turn, more noise.

Pro-Tip: Want to make your PS5 as quiet as possible? Hang it off a wall where it won’t gather dust or pass vibrations along into your entertainment center.

Is the PS5 Quieter Than the PS4?

Boys are playing Sony PlayStation

Yes, the PS5 is much quieter than PS4. In fact, the difference is immediately noticeable. Whereas the PS4 was notoriously loud, and occasionally referred to as the “jet engine,” the PS5 is very quiet by comparison. Sony has pulled a big 180 with this console and kept its promise of a quiet gaming experience.

They were able to achieve this by using a new, more efficient cooling system. The PS5 has double-sided fans and a huge custom-made heat sink that helps dissipate the heat more effectively. As a result, the console runs cooler, and the fans don’t have to work as hard, meaning less noise.