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Can You Put PS5 In Rest Mode Safely Yet? + How To Do It Quickly

If you’re passionately into gaming, one of the PlaysStation 5 features you probably regard as most important is rest mode. Unfortunately, there have been tons of complaints about this feature since the PS5 first launched. And although Sony stated that the rest mode issues would be addressed, reports show no spectacular improvement. So, what’s the verdict? Can you put PS5 in rest mode safely yet?

Issues associated with PS5 rest mode have not been fully rectified, despite some improvements made by Sony. Rest mode can still cause your console to crash unexpectedly. To avoid this issue, don’t use rest mode. Instead, put your games on hold or switch off the system entirely.

Despite the issues with rest mode, the new PS5 console is still sold out at major outlets, stores, and retailers, and you can, of course, continue to use the device to play your favorite games. Rest mode is certainly convenient, but it’s not essential. Let’s take a look at how rest mode works and whether you should try it out.

What Is PS5 Rest Mode?

The rest mode, or standby mode, feature was first introduced with the PlayStation 4 (on Amazon) and its function is to allow players to suspend their system for a while for various reasons. Rest mode is different from turning off the console entirely.

When the rest mode feature is turned on, you can keep your game suspended so that you can get right back to where you were when you reboot your console. You can also update games behind the scenes, keep your controller charged, and upload any new save files to the cloud.

Rest mode helps players open a game in a short amount of time, especially when it’s combined with the solid-state drive of the PS5. Some PlayStation 5 post-launch problems were resolved recently but, regrettably, problems associated with rest mode weren’t fully taken care of.

Pro-Tip: Rest mode us super useful, but if your PS5 placement is somewhere enclosed or with a lot of dust, rest mode can make your PS5 console more likely to overheat because it’s running and on longer than if you simply turned it off when not in use.

Lastly, before we go further you should note that PS5 users often confuse safe mode and rest mode. Check out our separate article on PS5 safe mode if that’s what you’re looking for.

PS5 Rest Mode Issues

A couple of problems have been reported since the PlayStation 5 was launched back in November 2020. Some of these issues include games crashing without warning, issues with powering on, and, in some cases, the need for a total system rebuild after activating rest mode. Many people have suffered from the problems associated with the rest mode feature.

The problems associated with the rest mode feature on the PS5 have led to a huge loss of data, including game progress as well as game time — something that has made gamers unsurprisingly angry. Users proceeded to express their dissatisfaction via a flood of videos and articles online. However, the problems still exist.

Towards the end of November 2020, Sony fixed some of the issues via hotfixes. More stability was added to the console when, in December 2020, a software update included a solution to the download queue problem.

Another help the hotfix achieved was the fixing of the PS5’s DualSense controller charging issue. This problem always made it difficult for the controller to charge properly while rest mode is activated. Since the update, the DualSense controller charges normally now even when in rest mode.

Although other issues remain, they have been minimized. A lot of users sent in complaints about the PlayStation 5 consoles freezing during games and it still occurs even now, but because of the initiation of hotfix, they are no longer rampant.

Unfortuantely, Sony does not normally release the details of its fixes that come with updates, which makes it quite hard to identify the problems that are being rectified.

Nonetheless, the PS5 operates better now than it did when it launched. More updates are expected to be released by Sony, and these updates will hopefully continue to address the problems.

How to Put Your PS5 in Rest Mode

It is quite understandable if you find it a bit challenging to put your PlayStation 5 in rest mode, especially if you had a PlayStation 4. With the latter, all you need to do to activate rest mode is to press and hold the PlayStation button to access the menu with several options.

One of these options is the one that allows you to put the console into rest mode.

If you want to put the PS5 into the rest mode, tap the PlayStation button on your controller. Doing this will bring a pop-up menu with several options. In the far right corner, you will find a power button that gives access to three different options: turn off the console, enter into rest mode, and restart the console.

Selecting the rest mode option means you want the PS5 to continue to perform some of its functions even though it won’t be fully powered. Turning it off, however, helps the console save some power and you should do this before unplugging the device.

Lastly, the restart button immediately turns the console off and then turns it back on afterward.

With the rest mode option, you have a very useful option that helps you save power without turning off the console entirely. Your controllers are still charged in this mode, and if you have any active games running, they will be suspended, ensuring that players can get right back to the game from where they stopped.

Also, with the PlayStation App, you can use the Remote Play options with which you can have games or other software installed even if you’re going to be away from the console.