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Does The Purple Heart Have A Meaning On Snapchat?

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media and messaging apps out there. However, the app uses different emojis and icons to track user engagement, and it can sometimes be tough to figure out what means what. So, what does the purple heart emoji next to another user’s name indicate?

The purple heart used to indicate birthdays on Snapchat, but now they’re represented by a cake emoji instead. Snapchat removed the purple heart Friend Emoji and uses yellow, pink, and red hearts instead. Each one indicates a certain level of friendship on the app.

Don’t feel too intimidated if you’re trying to get the hang of the new Snapchat Friend Emojis. Each icon represents something different, and it’s pretty easy to grasp once you’ve got the basics down. Let’s take a closer look at all the icons you need to know.

What Does the Purple Heart Mean on Snapchat?

CGI rendering phone with the Snapchat logo with a purple heart

Snapchat applies small emoji icons next to users’ and friends’ names in the chat tab. The Snapchat app tracks messaging habits and assigns so-called “Friend Emojis” accordingly. If you continue to send and receive messages, the icons will change over time.

However, if you stop communicating for a period of time, the emoji icon can disappear or change. These Friend Emojis are private and only visible to the account owner.

But what does the purple heart icon indicate on Snapchat?

Snapchat actually doesn’t have a purple heart Friend Emoji. Instead, the app uses yellow, pink, and red heart emojis to indicate different friend statues. At one point, Snapchat added a purple heart icon to indicate a user’s birthday, but the platform later removed this feature.

What Do the Other Heart Colors Mean on Snapchat?

As mentioned earlier, the different Friend Heart Emojis depend on status, interactions, and how long you’ve been friends with another user. Here are the different Snapchat Friend Heart Emojis and what they mean:

Yellow Heart

The yellow heart emoji indicates that you and another user are best friends. Your message this user the most, and they send the most responses.

Pink Heart

The two pink heart icons next to the friend’s profile name indicate that the user has been your best friend for two consecutive months. This icon can also indicate that you’ve been that user’s best friend for two straight months.

Red Heart

When the yellow heart icon turns into a red heart, it indicates you’ve been best friends on Snapchat for two weeks.

Other Snapchat Emojis to Know

Snapchat 3D icon concept

Snapchat frequently adds and changes the Friend Emojis, so here’s a list of some of the most commonly seen icons on the app:

Grimacing Face

A smiley face bearing its teeth or grimacing next to a friend’s username indicates that your best friend is also their best friend. To put it simply, you both share a best friend on Snapchat.

Smirking Face

The smirking face emoji next to a friend’s name indicates that you’re their best friend, but they’re not your best friend.

Smiling Face

A smiling face with rosy cheeks indicates that the user is one of your best Snapchat friends, but not your closest friend.

Sunglasses Face

An emoji wearing sunglasses next to a Snapchat user indicates that one of your closest friends is also one of their closest friends.


The sparkling icon appears when you’re sending snaps to multiple friends in a group. The icon helps you identify all of the users in the group chat.


The baby emoji arrives immediately after you add another user on Snapchat.


The fire icon appears next to another user that you have a “snap streak” with. Snap streaks indicate that you’ve been communicating back and forth over consecutive days. The longer you keep the streak alive, the higher the number beside the fire emoji.


The hourglass emoji indicates that your snap streak is about to end. You can send a snap to save your streak and keep it active.


The 100 emoji beside a fire emoji indicates that you’ve messaged consecutively with another user for 100 days.

Birthday Cake

The birthday cake next to a user’s name indicates that today is their birthday. You can send a Snapchat to send them a birthday wish.

Gold Star

A gold star represents that another user replayed a friend’s snap within the past 24 hours.