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How Many Snapchat Accounts You Can Have On One Device?

Apps like TikTok and Twitter allow you to switch between accounts easily. That is great if you have additional accounts you manage from your phone. And there are many reasons one may need access to more than one account on a social media platform.

Snapchat is less accommodating than most platforms when it comes to multiple accounts. You can still use more than one account, but the app does not cater to it. For example, you need to log out of one account to log in to the next. 

To better understand why using multiple Snapchat accounts on one device is inconvenient, we must consider why one might want to do it. So now, let’s learn more!

Can You Have More Than One Snapchat Account?


Legally, having multiple accounts may be an infringement on the terms and conditions of a social media platform. Fortunately, such policies rarely get reinforced. 

Instead, it is usually within a social media platform’s interest to allow users to manage multiple accounts. That is because most secondary accounts are related to a business account. 

That includes accounts for public personas and entertainment aliases. Unfortunately, some people misuse multiple accounts, but such actions usually fall under more specific criminal acts like phishing and identity theft. 

So, Why More Than One Account?

As we have discussed, the reasons for having multiple accounts on a single device are usually related to businesses or entertainment. 

For example, social media managers must have instantaneous access to the social media accounts of their employers. Without real-time access, it is impossible to coordinate a dynamic, responsive brand identity.

Public Personas

Public personas and identities relating to the entertainment industry have the exact requirements for quick access to their social media. An example is the official profile page for a famous drag queen.

These entertainers are rarely known by their actual names. So, this sort of relationship with fans requires a persona account. However, the entertainer should have access to a personal profile if they like. You can think of the persona page as the business page for the entertainer. 

Why You May Need to Opt for Multiple Profiles

The same rules apply to big businesses, famous entertainers, small enterprises, or undiscovered entertainers. You need access to your personal and professional accounts. 

Famous Four Legged-Friends

We can’t forget about fan pages for our pets. Many people have social media accounts for their furry friends. It is convenient to access these accounts and your other profiles on one device and in one app.

Can You Have Two Snapchat Accounts on the Same Device?

It could be down to how Snapchat works or the service it offers that the company does not see fit to allow easy access to multiple main accounts. 

Your account can have a second business account, but these accounts are particular in how they work. Some users compare them to advertising portals on other platforms.

Their arguments may be sound, but it is restrictive. Most social media platforms manage the implications of multiple accounts relatively well. Additionally, it is not like they take measures to prevent you from having multiple accounts. They make it inconvenient. 

How Snapchat Addresses Multiple Accounts

When using Snapchat, you need to sign out of one account to sign into another. Although a password manager can make things easier, it is still a fuss. 

  1. Navigate to your profile.
  1. Tap the gear icon to open the options menu.
  1. Scroll down as far as you can.
  1. Tap on Log Out.

Now you have to log in to the account you want to access. Snapchat requests a unique contact detail for each profile (phone number or email). That means creating a new email address for each new account. 

You will need to repeat the process every time you switch accounts. It is easier to do on your PC or laptop than on a mobile device. 

Is it Worth it?

In defense of Snapchat’s disregard for using multiple accounts on one device, the way one uses Snapchat determines whether or not multiple accounts are worth it. 

Where other social media platforms focus on reach, Snapchat is intended as a person-to-person platform. You can see this by looking at the history of Snapchat and how the company implemented new features.

Is it a Viable Marketing Tool

Snapchat offers traditional advertising options. Such advertising presents the real possibility of reaching new clients. These features are accessible via the linked business profile page option. 

Unfortunately, the most effective advertising relies on brand interaction, where people can interact with your brand’s “profile” on social media. Here, Snapchat is far behind its competitors. 

So, if you aren’t going to reach potential clients or fans, do multiple accounts make sense? Not really. A business account on Snapchat comes across as awkward at best and ignorant of the platform.

Things aren’t that cut-and-dry with public personas. Still, there are better platforms for such personas than Snapchat. 

The usefulness of Snapchat as a direct marketing platform might only appeal to a small margin of users. That adds credence to the notion that most second accounts are created with dishonest or unethical intentions. 

How Many Snapchat Accounts Can You Have on One Phone?

Snapchat Logo

Theoretically, there is no limit. However, you can only be logged into one account at a time. There are unconventional options for running multiple accounts simultaneously on the same device.


If your phone allows for multiple “spaces,” you are lucky. These spaces usually comprise a “Work” space and a “Personal” space.

You can log into your apps with your credentials when using the “Personal” space, then switch to your “Work” space, where you can log into all your business profiles.

The feature doesn’t specifically target social media apps and can also help separate your email accounts, calendars, and documents.

Some apps offer similar functionality if your smartphone does not have the feature built-in. However, using third-party apps comes with many security risks, and it may be wise to avoid going that route.

In addition, there are modified versions of the Snapchat app available on Android and PC. Unfortunately, these apps have a reputation for being dubious at best. Therefore, we recommend staying clear of “unofficial” versions of apps.

Can You Have One Snapchat Account on Multiple Devices?

You could log in on multiple devices, but not simultaneously. Snapchat does not allow for multiple simultaneous logins on the same account. 

Every time you log in to a different device, you will get signed out on your other devices. So it is best to stick to one device per Snapchat account.