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How To Disable Apple’s “Split View” Feature On Your iPad

One of the most useful features available on the new Apple iPad is Split View, which allows users to open two applications and use them simultaneously on the same screen. This is especially useful if you’re big on multitasking. However, you might not want to always have the feature turned on.

To disable the split-screen view on your iPad, drag the bar dividing the split screens to the left or right side, fully expanding one window while hiding another. You can’t disable split-screen entirely, but you can minimize and move screens around using the three-dot visible when splitting apps.

While it’s convenient to use Split View when multitasking if you want to run a single operation, the two windows can be distracting. So read on to learn from our tips as we highlight how to disable Split View on an iPad.

What is Apple’s Split Screen Feature?

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If your work needs access to multiple apps simultaneously, you can draw great benefits from using Split View on your iPad. This feature allows you to run two apps on the same screen for multitasking, and it works especially well on the iPad models with bigger screens, like the 12.9in iPad Pro (on Amazon), which has tons of screen real estate for you to split those apps across.

When you enter Split View mode, you’ll be running two apps side by side. This is useful if you want to drag and drop text and images between apps.


To enter Split View on iOS 15, open an app of your choice and tap on the three dots, then choose the Split View icon. Next, choose the second app to add to your screen.

If you’re using iOS 11 to 14, visit the Settings page and open the General tab, then Multitasking & Dock. Next, switch on the Allow Multiple App option.  


Split View was first introduced with OS X El Capitan in 2015; since then, all macOS versions have offered the feature. For your iPad, you need to have iOS 11 or later to ensure compatibility.

You can check if your iPad is compatible in the Settings page, General tab, and About section. Here, you’ll find information about your software version.


Another challenge you might encounter is app compatibility. Check that the apps you want to use on Split View are up to date. If Split View is failing, update the apps in the App Store. For managing tasks in an office setting, Apple Split View offers a good alternative to connecting separate displays.

If used well, this feature can boost your focus and enhance productivity, as you only add the apps you want to use and avoid all other distractions.

What Causes Split View to Open on an iPad?

On the iPad, Split View is activated by default, so you may end up with a split screen when you don’t need it. Typically, the feature is enabled if it detects you want to multitask, which leads to Split View opening by mistake.

While there are many ways you can use Split View, it can be annoying if the feature opens when you don’t need it. Also, some users don’t like the distraction, so they opt to disable the feature altogether.

If you’re a starter, you should keep in mind you have two options to manage Split View on your iPad. You can disable the feature in the Settings or close the split-screen for the apps you’re using. But on iOS 15, you cannot disable the split screen on the iPad by disabling the feature entirely.

Following the recent multitasking redesign, one would assume Apple understood it would no longer be easy to open Split View accidentally. However, if you’re reading this, it seems that it did not solve the problem as expected.

While the Split View feature can help with different tasks in the office, it can also slow you down. For example, you don’t want Split View to keep popping up on your iPad Mini display, as this will disrupt your workflow. Often, a feature that pops up accidentally will cause a poor user experience. 

To worsen the situation, some apps include a button under the split-screen pop-up button. So, you can accidentally switch on the Split Screen mode.

This is why many users accidentally open split-screen while on other apps on an iPad. Therefore, Apple should introduce an option that allows users to move the split-screen button or disable it.

Can You Disable Split View on an iPad?

It’s impossible to disable split-screen mode entirely on iPads that run iOS 15 and later. In previous OS versions, you had the option to disable Split View, but this is no longer offered on iOS 15 and newer.

In newer versions, Split Screens opens automatically when the software detects you’re multitasking. Unfortunately, this means it’s not possible to disable Split View from your settings on iOS 15. If you want to access additional multitasking options, you can use a three-dot button on the top of your screen.

First, before you explore options to disable Split View, you can exit split-screen on the iPad. To go about it, drag the bar that divides the screen to the left or right. When the bar moves most of the way across, you can release it.

Disabling Split View

If these steps are not enough and you want to disable Split View, here are some simple steps to get started.

  1. Open Settings and navigate to the Homescreen & Dock on the iPad.
  1. On your Homescreen & and Dock page, hit the Multitasking option.
  1. On the Multitasking section, switch off the Allow Multiple Apps option.

When you complete these steps, you will have disabled split-screen browsing. When you need to use the feature later, you can repeat the steps above and switch on the “Allow Multiple Apps” option.

Close the Small Floating Window on Your iPad

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Sometimes, you’ll get a smaller window that shows up on the side of your screen over a full-screen application. This is the Slide Over, which gives you a way of multitasking on your iPad.

For example, to close the small window, you can turn it into a split-screen, then close it.

Do All iPads Have Split View?

Not all iPads offer Split View. Both Split View and Slide Over are available on the iPad Air 2 and newer, iPad Pro, and 5th generation iPads and later. It’s also supported on iPad 4 mini and newer models. Check your software version in Settings to know if your device supports Split View.

Also, keep in mind Split View doesn’t support all apps on your device. Apps like Instagram, Google Assistant, and Facebook crash when you open them in Split View.


Now with information on how to remove Split View, you can turn off Slide Over or activate the split-screen feature. Using screen-viewing tools helps you stay organized, multitask, and perform tasks more efficiently.

Once you learn which gestures to use, you will easily take advantage of your iPad’s screen-viewing tools. Unfortunately, there’s currently no option to permanently disable the split-screen feature if your iPad runs iOS 15 and newer, but you can drag one window out of view to resume full screen.