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Is The PS5 Waterproof?

With vividly beautiful graphics, an extremely user-friendly interface, and lightning-fast loading times, Sony’s newest console is a joy to use. However, like any other console, the PlayStation 5 also demands regular cleaning and maintenance. But what are you supposed to do if you spill coffee or water onto your PlayStation?

Neither the PS5 nor the DualSense controller are waterproof or water-resistant. If the console or the controller gets wet, you’ll need to open it up and let it dry out as much as possible. You can also protect your controller from water damage by using a plastic bag or a cover.

Before you start panicking, there are a few things you can try to save your console. Let’s look at what you can do if your PS5 gets wet, whether PlayStation controllers are waterproof, and the steps you can take to waterproof them. 

Is the PS5 Waterproof?

PS5 and Controller

It’s important to note that the PS5 is neither waterproof nor water-resistant. However, if you only spill a few drops and they’re only on the outside, your console shouldn’t be damaged. If it is, you should note that water damage isn’t covered under Sony’s warranty! 

On the other hand, if the water enters the vents, you’ll have to take the proper measures and air the console out for at least a day. And if you’re buying a second-hand PS5 and want to check if it has water damage, head over to our guide on that.

Skim through our Ultimate PS5 Owner’s guide for all the features (and limitations) of this console, but for now let’s talk about what to do if you have splashed something on your console.

What to Do if Your PS5 Gets Wet

If your PS5 gets wet, you should first turn it off and unplug the power cord to protect it from any further damage. 

Once you’ve successfully done that, here are the next steps you should follow:

  1. If the water (or any other liquid) has entered the console, hold the PS5 upside down and let it drip out. Make sure you get the water out as soon as possible, as even a small amount can cause irrevocable damage.
  2. Open up the console and allow its components to air out (but note this may void the warranty).
  3. Use a small microfiber cloth (on Amazon) towel to dab up any visible puddles of water inside the console. However, make sure you use a gentle hand, so you don’t damage any parts or wires. 
  4. Set the console aside until the water has completely dried off. This can take a couple of days or longer, depending on the amount of water that entered the system.
  5. Once your PS5 is completely dry, reassemble it and switch it back on. Make sure to check for any burning smells or unusual sounds and turn the console off immediately if you notice them.
  6. If your PS5 seems to be working properly, connect it to your TV and check the output. It’s advisable to check the functionality of the controllers and games as well. 

Are PlayStation Controllers Waterproof?

Man play with Play station

All PlayStation controllers, including the DualSense (on Amazon), are not waterproof. In fact, dropping the controller in water or spilling any type of liquid on it can cause irreparable damage and render it completely unusable. 

If your controller gets wet, remember that the damage depends on the amount of water that has entered the device. If you’re lucky, your controller will be just fine once it completely dries out, but if the damage to the device is severe, then you might have to purchase a new one. 

Since PlayStation controllers are not waterproof, there are a few ways you can waterproof the device yourself to prevent water from entering the device in the first place.

How To Waterproof Your PlayStation Controller 

Waterproofing your PlayStation controller can be incredibly useful and can help avoid all kinds of costly damages. Here are a few ways you can waterproof the device:

Use a Plastic Bag  

It’s advisable to keep your controller inside a plastic bag. Make sure the bag is completely empty, and then seal it properly. Along with making the controller waterproof, this will protect the device from dust and debris as well. 

However, one obvious downside is that using a controller through a plastic bag isn’t exactly a lot of fun, especially if that controller features haptic feedback. 

Use a Cover

There are plenty of covers available online that can help protect your controller from all kinds of damage, at least when you’re not using it. They’re also available in a wide range of colors and designs, so you can pick one that best suits your tastes. We recommend the tomtoc protective case (on Amazon).

What to Do if Your PS5 Controller Gets Wet

Even if you waterproof your controller, it can still accidentally get wet. Here’s what you should do if this happens:

  1. Open your controller’s battery compartment and remove the batteries to stop the current flow.
  2. Use a paper towel or cloth to soak up all the water that has entered the device. Try to soak up as much water as possible, so the controller dries more quickly. 
  3. Open the controller and dry it out. 
  4. Once it’s completely dry, reassemble the controller and re-insert the batteries.
  5. Switch it on and check if it works. If the controller fails to turn on, you might have to purchase a new one.