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Can You Keep An Xbox Series X On The Floor?

The Xbox Series X has won the hearts of many gaming fans for its features, durability, and efficient cooling. However, it’s designed to be vertical, which leaves some gamers to wonder whether it will work on the floor. 

You can put the Xbox Series X on the floor as long as you give it proper ventilation and set it in the correct position. Always place the console vertically on the floor and avoid placing it on a soft surface such as a carpet or cushion. Wall-mounting, or adding a cooler, can give you more options.

The Xbox Series X has better cooling systems and won’t overheat quickly. However, you’ll still have to place it in a well-ventilated area to avoid overheating the console. Try to put the Xbox on a wall mount for better ventilation. 

Can You Use the Xbox Series X on the Floor?

You can use the Xbox Series X on the floor as long as it has proper ventilation. The Xbox Series X is designed to be used horizontally and vertically, so you shouldn’t have an issue placing it on the floor. However, when placing it on the horizontal plane, you’ll have to take care not to cover the top exhaust. 

If your gaming setup is designed to let you place the Xbox on the floor, it’s best to place it vertically since the console will have better ventilation. However, there’s no harm in putting it horizontally either since the Xbox is designed to handle hot temperatures.

Testing has shown little difference in cooling when placing an Xbox Series X horizontally or vertically. 

In some cases, placing an Xbox Series X on the floor is beneficial as it gives you more room to connect hard drives and other devices. It’s also better than stuffing the Xbox in a cabinet with poor ventilation. While the Series X has better cooling than its predecessors, it may still overheat if left in a poorly ventilated space. 

And note that if you’re having trouble finding a good spot for your console, there are wall-mounting options for the Series X like this one (on Amazon) that can get your console off the ground without taking up any shelf space, and this is a fantastic option.

Can You Put an Xbox Series X on the Carpet?

While it’s technically possible to use an Xbox Series X on the carpet, placing it in an elevated position is better. This is because carpets retain more heat than other surfaces and may cause the Xbox to overheat.

Placing the Xbox horizontally on the carpet will increase the chances of overheating and may damage the components or affect the console’s performance. 

Another problem with placing an Xbox Series X on the carpet is that the carpet’s fibers may enter the ventilation openings, damaging the fan. Or, at the very least, blocking the fan’s airflow and causing improper cooling. 

If you have to place the Xbox on the carpet, use the circular stand that comes with the console. This will give the Xbox more stability and improve ventilation. Also, check the Xbox regularly while gaming for signs of overheating. 

If the Xbox shows signs of overheating on the carpet, place it on a different surface or mount it on the wall instead. This will give it better ventilation and increase its lifetime. 

If you’re going to put it on carpet, we really recommend placing it vertically, and using a simple aftermarket cooling device like this one (on Amazon) to help make sure there aren’t any issues.

Will the Xbox Series X Have Proper Ventilation on the Floor?

The Xbox Series X will have proper ventilation on the floor as long as nothing is blocking the cooling fans and the console is placed at the correct height. The Xbox is designed to ventilate properly, which allows it to handle heavy gaming sessions.

If you’re going to place the Xbox on the floor, avoid placing it on a soft surface since it may affect the ventilation. This includes carpets, pillows, cushions, and other soft surfaces. Another thing to remember is that the power source also requires adequate air flow. 

When placing an Xbox Series X on the floor, avoid removing the stand, even if you’re putting it horizontally. Also, place it with the ventilation fans facing outwards and keep a distance between the Xbox and other appliances such as speakers, laptops, or other heat-emitting electronics. 

If the Xbox has poor ventilation, the first thing you’ll notice is a slow performance as the console overheats.

The console may also shut down unexpectedly, and you’ll see that it’s hotter than usual. If your console shows signs of overheating from being placed on the floor, shift it to a place with better ventilation. 

Is it Better to Have the Xbox Series X Vertical or Horizontal on the Floor?

Xbox Series X on a wooden table with LED lights in the background

The Xbox Series X was meant to be placed vertically with the circular stand allowing it to be stable in an upright position, giving the console better cooling and a nicer look in gaming setups.

Since the Xbox Series X is designed to be placed vertically, you can’t remove the bottom stand. The slightly curved design allows for better airflow when placed vertically, giving the Series X a better cooling system than the Xbox 360. 

While there’s no harm in placing the Xbox horizontally, placing it vertically will result in less risk of overheating problems. 


So while it may not be recommended, you can put your Xbox Series X on the floor. Just ensure there is proper airflow, the console is set up correctly, and nothing can block or get into the vents.