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Can You Use Zoom For Video Calls On The PS5?

Most streamers and content creators use public platforms like Twitch and Discord to communicate with their viewers. But sometimes, you just need a more private and secure online space to hang out with friends and share your gameplay. Zoom is the perfect tool for that. But can you use Zoom for video calls on the PS5?

Even though Zoom isn’t officially available on the PS5, you can use any Android or iOS device with the Zoom app to start a video call and then share your screen on the PS5. In addition, the PS5 browser can be used to directly join a Zoom meeting and share your game screen with friends.

Zoom is a great platform to create private gaming sessions with friends or just have a chat while taking a break from the action. Plus, it offers excellent security features to keep your conversations private, which is a big plus for people who prefer not to sacrifice their privacy on public streaming forums. Let’s see how you can use Zoom for video calls on the PS5.

Is There a Zoom App for PS5?

No, the Zoom app isn’t currently available for the PS5 and is unlikely to be in the future, but some people might still wonder if it can be accessed through the hidden web browser in PlayStation.

The answer is both yes and no; a few workarounds allow you to join meetings using the PS5 browser, but you’ll need an Android or iOS device with the Zoom app on hand. And when it comes to other video-call apps on the PS5, you’ll have to use a mirroring solution to cast from a smartphone or tablet.

We have a detailed guide on how you can use these workarounds to join Zoom meetings in the next section, and be sure to skim our Ultimate PS5 Owner’s Guide when you’re through here!

How to Use Zoom on PlayStation 5

While there isn’t an official Zoom app for PS5 yet, you can still use Zoom on your PlayStation by downloading the Zoom app on a separate device like your phone or laptop and connecting it to your PS5. There’re two ways to do this:

Via Screen Mirroring

Mirroring works by transmitting your device’s screen to your PS5. This process will allow you to see and hear everything happening on your phone or laptop on your TV.

Before proceeding with the following steps, make sure your PS5 and the device you’re trying to mirror are on the same WiFi network.

  1. Once they’re connected, open the Playstore or App Store, search for “Zoom Cloud Meeting,” and Download the app.
  2. Next, search for “Screen mirroring App” or “Apowermirror” in the Playstore and install it.
  3. Now switch on your PS5 and go to Settings > User & Accounts > Link with other services.
  4. Select Twitter, then click on the Twitter Logo on the top left corner. It’ll take you to the Twitter browser interface.
  5. Type into the address bar and hit enter. It’ll open a QR Code on your PS5.
  6. Open the screen mirroring app on your phone and then scan the QR code. This will start mirroring your device’s screen to your PS5.
  7. Open the Zoom app on your phone, input your credentials to log in, and start a meeting.

Via the Browser

The second way to use Zoom on PS5 is by directly accessing zoom through the PS5 browser. It can work like any desktop browser where you open the Zoom website and start your meeting.

But there’s a problem — your camera might not work, even if you have a webcam attached to your PlayStation. However, you can still easily share your screen with your friends.

Even with all the workarounds, the feed will be low quality, and you might not be able to enjoy the same high-quality call experience that you would with the first method. But it’s worth trying if you don’t have any other options.

To start, make sure your PS5 is connected to the internet.

  1. Go to Settings > User & Account > Link with other services > Twitter (as we described above).
  2. Click on Twitter Logo on the top left corner, and it’ll take you to the Twitter browser interface.
  3. Type into the address bar and hit enter. This will open the Zoom website on your PS5 browser.
  4. Login to Zoom and start your meeting.

Are There Other Video Call Options for PS5?

Yes, there are some other options for video calling on the PS5. For example, Fortnite has recently integrated a new video call feature that you can use. It is supported by ‘Houseparty,’ a video calling service available on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

With Houseparty, your friends on Fortnite can join on a video call and have a conversation while they’re playing the game. It’s like your personal stream, but only with people you choose to talk to.

To start a Houseparty call, you’ll need an Android or iOS device to install the app and link it with your Epic game account. After the integration, any time you launch Fortnite on your PS5, you’ll have the option to start a video call with your friends.

Your phone or iPad will work as a webcam and microphone for the call, but you’ll be able to see your friends on your TV.

Houseparty gives the user a lot of controls like limiting the number of people who can join, muting people, and more. You can also join any call that’s in progress, even if you’re not the host.

Houseparty only lets your friends or friends of people in the room join the call. Currently, the service is only available on PS4 and PS5; no other platforms are supported.