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How Do I Add Another Phone to My Ring Doorbell?

The Ring Doorbell is becoming increasingly popular as a high-tech security measure that’s easy to use. However, many users are curious if they can add a separate smartphone or device to their Ring Doorbell accounts. So, is this possible?

You can add another phone to your Ring Account by adding Shared Users through the Ring App, allowing them to view feedback, save videos, and receive alerts. You can also log into your Ring Account on another device, but this isn’t recommended as it poses security risks.

Don’t worry if you’re trying to add another smartphone to your Ring Doorbell. There are simple solutions, and we cover all the options in the article below. Read on for everything you need to know.

How Do I Add Another Phone to My Ring Doorbell Account?

Ring Doorbell on new home

There are two primary methods for adding another smartphone to your Ring Doorbell (on Amazon) account, including adding a shared user and logging into your account on another device.

Shared Users require a separate Ring account with a different email and password. If you have multiple Ring devices, the Account Owner must send an invite to Shared Users individually for each device. The Account Owner is decided by the mobile device used to set up the Ring Doorbell or security camera.

It’s also possible to add other devices to your Ring Doorbell Account, including tablets, Smart TVs, Amazon Alexa products, and more.

Method One: Connect Multiple Users to Your Ring Account

Only an Account Owner can send an invite and add a Shared User to a Ring Account. Here are the steps to invite a Shared User to your Ring account:

  1. Launch the Ring App.
  1. Navigate to the Menu.
  1. Click Devices.
  1. Next, click on the device you want to add as a Shared User.
  1. Select Shared User.
  1. Provide the email address of the account you want to add as a Shared User.
  1. Select Add User.
  1. Finally, click Send Invite.

The Shared User will receive an invitation link to your email address. They can accept the invite, and it can take a minute for the new device to appear in the app. And new Shared Users can take up to 15 minutes for Ring Alarm systems to appear in the Ring App.

You can use the steps above to add as many Shared Users as necessary to your Ring App.

What Does a Shared User Have Access to?

Shared Users are individuals who have permission to view the live video feed and video recordings and receive alerts for your Ring device.

You can grant or take away Shared User permissions at any time. Here are some of the things Shared Users have access to.

What Shared Users Can Do:

  • Answer and receive notifications when someone presses the Ring Doorbell or activates motion sensors.
  • Look through stored videos in the Ring Protect Plan.
  • Disable or enable notifications for their account on a cellphone, smart tablet, or computer.
  • Store and share videos on a cellphone, smart tablet, laptop, or PC.
  • Access smart locks and arm or disarm Ring Alarm systems.

What Shared Users Can’t Access:

  • Shared Users cannot subscribe to a Ring Protect Plan for a device when they are not the account owner.
  • They cannot delete saved or shared videos.
  • Shared Users cannot remove devices from the Ring Account.
  • They cannot adjust or change device settings.
  • Shared Users cannot send invites or add new Shared Users.

Method Two: Log in to Your Ring Account on Another Device

Another way to add another smartphone to your Ring Account is simply logging into your account on another device.

You’ll need to download the Ring App on another device and log into your account with your Ring Account information. You can log into any device you want, and there isn’t a limitation on the number of devices you can use.

However, if you remove your Ring Doorbell from the Owner Account, it will be removed for all Shared Users, as everything is linked to the Owner Account.

What Does Another Logged-In Device Have Access to?

Although you can use method two to add another device to your Ring Account, it is not recommended.

Logging into your Ring Account on another device grants them access to all permissions. This means they can delete videos, adjust settings, and access any linked devices you might have on your account. Sharing your Ring Account credentials can leave you and the connected devices vulnerable.

It’s best to avoid sharing your Ring Account credentials with anyone. If you have to share your Account information, ensure you’re doing so with a trusted friend or family member.

Can I Add Other Devices to My Ring Account?

Yes, it’s possible to add separate devices to your Ring Account. You can add devices like tablets, smart TVs, smartphones, Alexas, and more.


As you already know, smartphones are typically the preferred method for connecting to a Ring Account. However, nearly any smartphone can be connected to a Ring Doorbell as long as they can download the Ring App.

Apple, Windows, Android, and other smartphones can access the Ring App through their respective App Stores. However, some older smartphone models cannot access the App Store, so your mileage may vary.

iOS and Android users can access the Shared User feature, so you can easily share your Ring Account with another device if necessary.


As you might expect, you can also connect a tablet to a Ring Doorbell as long as it can download the Ring App.

Regardless if it’s an iPad or an Android tablet, you can connect a tablet to your Ring Account if it can download the Ring App from the App Store. Tablets can be an excellent consideration for individuals who frequently use tablets at home.

Tablets also have a larger screen, allowing you to see video feedback more clearly. Unfortunately, some older tablets don’t have microphones, so you may not have access to two-way-talk features.

Smart TV’s

It’s also possible to connect a Ring Doorbell to a Smart TV. However, not all Smart TVs will connect to a Ring Doorbell, and only some models are compatible.

For example, Amazon Fire TV can connect with the Ring Doorbell. In addition, some Android Smart TVs can connect to a Ring Doorbell via Chromecast. However, other options, like the Samsung Smart TV, are only compatible with Ring Doorbell Pro models.

If you have a compatible model, connecting a Smart TV to your Ring Doorbell can be a convenient solution that allows you to keep an eye on things from different locations in your house.


The Ring Doorbell is compatible with some Alexa products, including Alexa Show, Alexa Spot, and Alexa Smart TV.

The setup process is also straightforward:

  1. Log into your Amazon Alex App and turn on the Ring Video Doorbell feature.
  1. After enabling the feature, Alexa will ask to search for the device. Clicking Yes will allow Alexa to find all available Ring devices.

If Alexa can’t find the Ring Doorbell, you’ll have to add it manually:

  1. First, launch the home screen of the Alexa App and select Smart Home.
  1. Afterward, tap Add Device and provide your device details.
  1. Next, say, “Alexa, show me (your device’s name),” and Alexa will display the live feed from the Ring Doorbell.

Adding Alexa to your Ring Doorbell is a fantastic solution, as it allows you to check the Doorbell if you can’t reach your phone. In addition, it’s possible to link multiple Alexa devices to your Doorbell as long as they’re compatible with the model.

Google Home and Assistant

Adding Ring Doorbell Accounts to Google Home and Assistant products is also possible. However, the setup process is similar to Alexa. If you want to view videos, you’ll need to connect the Ring device with a Google Home product capable of video feedback.

You can start the setup process through the Google Home App.

  1. Launch the app, select the + button, and choose Set up a New Device.
  1. Next, select Ring Doorbell from the list provided and follow any in-app prompts to finish.

Wrapping Up

It’s possible to add another phone to your Ring Doorbell and Ring Account. In addition, you can add Shared Users through the Ring App and permit them to view feedback, save videos, and receive alerts.

You can also log into your Ring Account on another device, but this isn’t recommended as it poses security risks. Instead, you might want to add other devices to your Ring Account, like tablets, Smart TVs, or Alexa products.