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Blinking Green Light On Switch Dock: What It Means + How To Fix

A Nintendo Switch dock station delivers an immersive gaming experience through gameplay displayed on a TV. The LED green TV on the dock turns on upon connecting the AC adapter. However, a major problem on the Switch console mode occurs if the green light blinks, accompanied by charging or output failure.

A power issue is the main cause of a blinking green light on a Switch Dock. Restarting the console should fix it unless it’s a hardware problem requiring a replacement of the AC adapter. If the issue continues, the dock may need to be replaced, and you should contact Nintendo Switch support.

When the green light blinks, you get no input from your TV or monitor, and the device doesn’t charge. The docking problem may develop because of a faulty connection, bugs, hardware issues, or a system error. Let’s explore what this blinking light means and ways to fix the problem. 

What Does Blinking Green Light on Switch Dock Mean?

Despite its portability and various games, the Switch console is still susceptible to glitches. Luckily, most of these are easy to fix.

When you set up the Switch console in docked mode, a green light comes on, which is normal. The gameplay displays on the TV or monitor and you enjoy an immersive playing experience. 

If the Switch dock has a green light flashing rapidly, this is a sign of an underlying issue. The console displays nothing on the TV or monitor, doesn’t charge, and might not turn on.

Before panicking, understand what the blinking light means as the first step to resolving the console problem. Some reasons for the green blinking light on a Switch dock include: 

  • Faulty HDMI cable: Problems with the HDMI cable, including physical damage, can lead to a blinking error. The blinking light is a warning if the cable isn’t attached correctly.
  • Errors state: Errors are expected on gaming computing devices, including gaming consoles. For example, the flashing green light might come on if the Switch console is in an error state. 
  • Power connection issue: To enjoy the console mode, the AC adapter must connect directly to a power outlet. If there’s no connection, the TV/monitor setup won’t work, and the green warning light comes on.
  • Damaged port/pin: If the console port is faulty or there’s a problem with the pins on the dock, the TV output won’t work, and you might get the blinking green light. 
  • Faulty Nintendo Switch dock: The Switch dock might have some internal damage. If you’ve dropped the dock, there might be internal damage that requires repairs or replacement of the dock.
  • Insufficient power output: A flashing green light appears if the Nintendo Switch power cable doesn’t supply enough power to the system. A power outlet malfunction means the console doesn’t get enough juice and the green blinking light alerts you of the problem.  

And be sure to note that if you have other issues specifically when docked, like the Switch dock just isn’t working, or a blurry image on the screen and/or no audio when docked, we have other expert resources for you on our site.

How Do You Fix a Blinking Green Light on a Switch?

A blinking green light on the Switch dock is one glitch that stops gaming. Switch users have christened this docking problem as the green light of death.

Learning how to fix the problem gets you back into gaming mode. The following are troubleshooting tips to resolve the green flashing light on the Switch dock:

Restart the Switch Console 

Restarting the Switch console can resolve software bugs or errors, including the blinking green light on the dock. Hold down the power button for a few seconds and select Restart from the power options. 

Hard Reset the Switch Console 

Try a hard reset if a soft reset doesn’t resolve the Switch docking problem. Hold the power button down for about 12 seconds until the machine is off. Wait a few seconds and power on the gaming console. Check if the problem persists before you continue troubleshooting.

Update the System 

Nintendo releases system updates for all products to improve the user experience. These updates are automatic, but your console might miss the latest patches if you’re not online.

Install the latest updates by going to the System Settings and then System Update. Then, start the system update process to resolve any system errors, including docking issues that cause the flashing green light. 

Use a Different Power Outlet

Try connecting another device to the same power outlet to rule out a power output issue. If the new device won’t charge, this confirms you have a faulty power outlet. Next, change the power outlet to resolve the blinking green light issue.

Use a Different AC Adapter

When troubleshooting for the cause of the blinking green light on a Switch dock, check the condition of the AC adapter. Change the cable if the USB cable connecting the adapter to the dock shows damage. Get another AC adapter to charge your console if the flashing light doesn’t disappear.

Replace the HDMI Cable

An  HDMI cable is critical to connecting your Switch console to a TV/monitor. The cable sends the signal from your console to the display.

If the cable is faulty, the connection between the dock station and the TV won’t work. Try connecting another device to your TV using the same HDMI cable. If there’s no signal, replace the cable to resolve the flashing green light.

Power Cycle the Switch Console

If all fixes for the blinking green light haven’t worked, back up all unsaved data on your console. Then, unplug the HDMI and power cable from the Switch dock.

With the cables disconnected, hard reset the console by long-pressing the power button for 12 seconds. At the same time, power cycle the TV or monitor as well. 

Wait for about 30 seconds before powering on the console and TV. Then, plug the HDMI and power cables back into the docking station and the TV. Finally, confirm if the green blinking light is still there. 

Change the Switch Dock  

If the fixes so far have failed, the remaining explanation for the blinking green light is the Switch dock. The Switch dock is a sturdy component that’s built to last. But, like with any electronic hardware, the dock may suffer glitches because of physical damage. 

If internal components in the docking station break down, the system malfunctions causing the flashing green light. Try the TV setup by plugging the power cable directly into your Switch. If the console charges, this is a sign of a faulty dock. 

You can also borrow a Switch dock to confirm the dock malfunction. If the new dock works, you’ll ensure the original dock station has an issue. Then, replace the faulty dock to resolve the docking problem permanently.

Take the Switch Dock for Repairs 

Nintendo Switch

Professional Switch repairs can save you money because you won’t have to buy new hardware. However, damage to internal components or the console/dock ports requires specialized tools and skills to repair. The Switch technicians can repair or replace bent pins or ports to allow seamless Switch dock connection. 

Contact Nintendo Switch Support 

One of the easiest ways to resolve Nintendo Switch issues is to contact their customer support. Switch users give rave reviews to the company’s support team for timely replies and reliability. The team is available on phone, text, and contact forms on the company’s website, chat, and email. 

The infamous Nintendo Switch green light of death shouldn’t mean the end of your gaming fun. These simple but effective solutions can quickly fix the docking issue and get you back to your favorite games.