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This Is The Highest FPS You Can Get On An Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S is a great option to enjoy next-gen gaming without breaking the bank. Besides its affordable price, the gaming console also promises a high FPS rate to experience seamless gameplay. But what is the highest FPS you can get on an Xbox Series S? 

The highest FPS on an Xbox Series S is 120 frames per second at up to 4K resolution. So you can enjoy fast gameplay with smooth movements and shorter response times. But you must connect it to a TV or monitor with a 120Hz refresh rate to use it in the 120 FPS mode. 

But what exactly is FPS? How is it different from the refresh rate? Is there any way to check the FPS on your Xbox Series S? What is the ideal FPS for advanced gaming? You will want to know if you are interested in purchasing this sleek gaming console. So let’s find out! 

What is FPS?

FPS is the measurement of the rate at which a device draws or displays back-to-back images, also known as frames. It stands for frames per second, so the digit preceding it is the number of times the optical frames will change in a second.

A video or animation is a collection of a series of individual images that appear on the screen in a quick-moving succession. FPS represents the number of images appearing on the screen in a single second. It is often considered an indicator of display performance for games, cameras, and other imaging devices.

Playing games at a greater frame rate ensures smoother gameplay. A higher FPS means you can view the animation in more detail, react faster, and perform better in your game.

But, if you play with a low frame rate, it can cause performance issues. For example, you will experience lags and slow response time. 

What is the Max FPS Available on an Xbox Series S?

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The max FPS available on an Xbox Series S (on Amazon) is 120 frames per second. But for it to work, you have to pair the console with a 120 Hz monitor or TV with HDMI 2.1 support. 

This is an impressive frame rate, as the previous generation Xbox consoles were locked at 60 FPS. So you get to enjoy more immersive and smoother gameplay at this FPS rating. 

However, not every game is optimized to run at 120 FPS. And some do so after sacrificing graphics quality, resolution, and visual fidelity. Therefore, this gaming console also supports the 60 FPS frame rate for gamers who prefer fluidity and good graphics over response time.  

What is the Ideal FPS For Advanced Gaming?

Before answering this question, we will tell you about the different FPS brackets you can run games on. 

  • 30 FPS: 30 frames per second is the basic frame rate that does not deliver very smooth gameplay. Although the images do not stutter, there is a significant input delay. This FPS works alright for single-player games but won’t ruin your experience in competitive gaming. 
  • 60 FPS: 60 frames per second is the most suitable FPS bracket for most gamers. At this rate, the animation is more fluid, so there is minimal stutter or lag. It is the most common FPS bracket because mainstream TVs and monitors are also programmed at a 60 Hz refresh rate. 
  • 120 FPS: This frame rate is only attainable with high-end hardware. That said, at a 120 FPS frame rate, you will enjoy the perfect gaming experience with no input delay and perform very well. 
  • 240 FPS: 240 FPS is the highest FPS bracket you can achieve as a gamer. And it is only possible with top-of-the-line hardware. 

60 FPS is generally considered the ideal frame rate for advanced gaming for its fluidity and smoothness. Plus, you don’t require any high-end hardware to reach it, and every game is compatible with this frame rate. 

Gameplay at 120 FPS is perfect. But it requires you to have the supporting hardware, which is not as readily available. However, if you have the right hardware type, we recommend you go for 120 FPS instead of 60 FPS. 

What is FPS Boost on an Xbox, and How Does it Work?

FPS Boost is a cool feature of Xbox Series S. This clever technology increases the frame rates of older Xbox games so you can play them on the new system with higher response and lower input lag. 

Using this feature, you can now play many titles initially locked at 30 or 60 frames per second at 60 or 120 FPS with steadier and smoother visuals. But the game may run at a lower resolution when the FPS Boost is active. 

The FPS Boost is not activated by default, so you can manually switch it on or off according to the title you are playing. 

Microsoft has worked in close collaboration with developers to design this technology. In addition, the FPS Boost is available at a console level, so you can improve your frame rate without involving the developers.

It removes the frame rate caps at the DirectX API layer while enforcing the v-sync and engaging other enhancements. This lets you override the locked frame rate so you can enjoy the game at double or quadruple FPS. 

How to Check Your FPS on Your Xbox

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Currently, Microsoft does not allow you to check your FPS on your Xbox. However, you can see if the FPS Boost is active on your game. 

Simply tap the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide overlay indicator. In addition, you can check whether the FPS Boost is enabled by looking at the screen’s upper-right corner.