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How To Connect Any PS4 to a 5 GHz Wi-fi Network For Increased Speed

If you are already enjoying the faster internet speed from a 5 GHz Wi-Fi router, you may be wondering if you can connect a device, like a PS4, to your network. Fortunately, this can be easy to do as long as you have the appropriate Playstation 4 model like the PS4 Slim or the PS4 Pro (on Amazon).

To connect a PS4 to a 5 Ghz Wi-Fi network, you need to have either the PS4 Slim or the PS4 Pro, otherwise, you can purchase additional equipment to access 5 GHz. Connecting to a 5 GHz network is just one way to speed up your Playstation’s internet connection.

Access to a 5 GHz Wi-Fi network is one of the best, newest tools that consumers have to increase the quality of their internet connection. Having your PS4 connected to a 5 GHz network means your data can be transmitted faster over the higher frequency network. If you are interested in connecting your PS4 to your 5 GHz Wi-Fi network or are looking for other tips to help improve your internet speed while gaming, read on. 

How To Connect to 5GHz Wi-Fi Networks on a PS4 Slim or Pro

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Connecting a PS4 Slim or Pro to your 5 GHz network access point (the wireless network) is a relatively simple process that shouldn’t take much time if you have the right setup. Firstly, you need to make sure you have access to your network from wherever your PS4 is located.

Unlike lower frequency bands, 5 GHz has a hard time traveling through solid objects like a wall. Make sure that your router is close and unobstructed to get the most out of the connection.

Once you have established that you have access to your network, you will need to:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Find Network and locate Setup Internet Connection
  3. From here, select the Use Wifi option and then find the Easy setup.
  4. Next, you will need to find the Options button and select Wi-Fi Frequency Bands .
  5. Now select 5 GHz Only.
  6. The setup should be finished, and you should now have access to the faster network.

Which PS4 Models Support 5 GHz Wi-Fi?

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5 GHz Wi-Fi networks are becoming more popular because they have fewer problems with interference. Not as many Wi-Fi devices occupy the 5 GHz frequency range which means it can provide lower-traffic bandwidth that runs more smoothly with more reliable speeds.

Put simply, there is more space for systems to operate under because there are less devices on that frequency band.

A standard 2.4 GHz network will suffice for many devices (although it tends to be a bit slow), but if you are looking for a more stable and faster connection, you may opt for the higher frequency range.

For devices that require a more reliable and faster connection (like online gaming) having access to the 5 GHz band can improve the quality of use.

It’s common for people to not know whether 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz is the best choice when it comes to gaming. 5 GHz is typically the best option as it provides much faster speeds, but if the signal strength is low where your gaming console is located, then 2.4 GHz might be the better option.

This is the case for gaming consoles like the PS4 Slim (on Amazon). Unfortunately, 5 GHz access has only recently started becoming a standard feature for network-dependent devices like the PS4.

Because of this, and the long life of Sony’s gaming console, many PS4s don’t support this feature natively with the exception of the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro.

The Difference Between PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro

The noticeable difference between the two models is that the Slim does not support 4K video output, which can be a significant downside if you already own a 4K TV.

While both support 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connections, there is a difference in each model’s quality of components. This is reflected in the price as the Slim sits at a more reasonable price point than the console’s Pro version. 

Using a 5 GHz Wifi Adapter

If you cannot connect to a 5 GHz network due to your PS4 not being the correct model to support this feature natively, don’t worry; there are still options for you to try. In most cases, you can purchase some extra equipment to get things working.

To gain access to a 5 GHz Wi-Fi network, you will need to purchase a WiFi extender that has an ethernet port. One like the TP-Link AC1200 WiFi Extender (on Amazon) will work perfectly for most people.

These devices work by allowing the adapter to connect to your network and give you an ethernet connection to bridge between the adapter and the PS4.

Your PS4 isn’t connecting to a 5GHz network directly but instead is hardwired to the adapter using an ethernet cable (aka a “lan cable”) and using the Wi-Fi connection on the adapter to transfer data.

This can be an excellent option if your wifi router supports 5 GHz (aka a “dual-band routers”), and you don’t want to run a connection all the way to the router.

Other Tips for Faster Internet on Your PS4

If low connection speeds still plague you, there is still a lot you can do to improve your PS4’s network connection. These tips can apply to both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz connections. 

  • Instead of using a wireless connection, you can opt for a wired ethernet connection. Not only will this be more reliable, but connecting directly to your router means you are getting the highest speeds it can handle.
  • Make sure you aren’t running any streaming video services while trying to use your PS4’s connection. These can be a drain on bandwidth and can slow your connection considerably.
  • If you’re running cloud backup or sync applications, you could be running into the same problem as using streaming services. These features use up a lot of the bandwidth that your router has available.
  • Try gaming on off-peak hours, which can significantly reduce the amount of competition for bandwidth by only using the connection when others are not. Try avoiding times at night and on the weekend to avoid this issue.
  • The closer you are to your access point–the router–the better your connection will be. This is especially the case for higher frequency connection like 5 GHz

Remember that the strength of your wireless connection has a lot to do with how clear from obstruction your router is to your PS4. If there are walls, ceilings, furniture, or windows in the way, this could be slowing down your connection.

Your best bet to improve your internet speed, though, is using a 5 GHz connection. Because this frequency range is less populated, you will have better luck getting access to a network without too much interference.

It’s worth noting that, while the tips above may be good quick-fixes, the nuclear option will be to use a network speed test app like Netflix’s to hold your provider accountable and make sure they’re delivering the speed they’re contracted to.

And remember that it’s possible to simply need a higher internet speed–maybe you’ve finally hit the ceiling of what your service can handle and need to consider upgrading.

Devices That Cause Interruptions in a Wi-Fi Connection

Another thing that’s worth considering is interference and interruptions, which are often caused by other household electronics and utilities, many of which the average person is completely unaware of.

Most consumers don’t know there are all sorts of devices out there that can cause interruptions in your WIfi connection including the following:

  • Bluetooth Devices
  • Other Wi-Fi Networks in the Area (crowded apartment buildings, for instance)
  • Microwaves
  • Baby Monitors
  • CB Radios or Walkie Talkies

With that said, when using 5 GHz network, you are less likely to have interference issues. If your PS4 is an older model, make sure you either have a hard connection or are using an adapter like the Powerline, which is an excellent way to sidestep these issues. 

Overall, being aware of what interference is and why it happens can help alleviate many other problems you may have with your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices

Will a 5GHz Network Reliably Increase Your Speed?

5 GHz Wi-Fi is becoming the standard for a lot of devices. As more and more devices gain access to the internet, the radio spectrum bands that they use to communicate get overpopulated.

The one major downside to 5 GHz technology is that it is more susceptible to material interference because the system uses a higher frequency to communicate.

The higher frequency can’t travel through materials like brick, concrete, or drywall the same way the 2.4 GHz can. This is why you need to make sure you are near your router or at least have an unobstructed path to your device.

Connecting a PS4 to your 5 GHz network can be easier than you think. If you own a Slim or Pro model of the gaming console, you should be able to connect without too much hassle.

If you have an older model, you can still connect to your network, but you will need additional hardware. There are also plenty of other ways you can increase the speed of your gaming.

This can be done by changing your gaming habits and being aware of what devices are taking up bandwidth on your network. If all else fails, it may be time to consider upgrading your internet speed with your service provider.

Can You Connect a PS4 to a Wireless Hotspot?

Real quick, let’s talk about wireless hotspot as a potential solution. Why would you consider this? Maybe lots of solid concrete walls separate your console from the existing Wi-Fi router, but that doesn’t mean you can’t just pipe some Wi-Fi into the room yourself right?

So, you can get out your mobile device, create a wireless hotspot, and then make a Wi-Fi connection on your PS4 to the hotspot. It’s not going to be a very reliable connection (more on that below), but it is going to have a very high signal strength because the device broadcasting the Wi-Fi is in the same room.

The primary advantage here is you are bringing the wireless access point closer to the device itself. Hopefully this would yield a fast internet connection, with a stronger wi-fi signal.

On the spectrum of reliability, you’d think, then, that a mobile hotspot should even compete well with a wired connection which, after all, is coming from further away by definition.

However, this is basically just going to have similar but slightly different problems: you have no 2.5 or 5.0 GHz networks to manage in this case, so no matter what Ghz connection your making, you can’t control the traffic. So you will be limited on bandwidth and maybe even latency unexpectedly.

If you really want a wireless connection, but you aren’t getting good performance form your existing wireless router or wireless hotspot, then you should go ahead and consider buying a new router with more umph, or, better yet, consider a mesh network.

Can You Use Wireless Hotspots for Gaming in General?

Well, the wireless hotspot certainly sells itself as a solution for this type of problem. Maybe you can take your PS Pro and simply connect it to your phone’s wireless hotspot? By the way: forget about the original PS or any older gamin consoles without Wi-Fi being able to do this.

So, let’s say you get connected…just consider the speed. You’re using cellular data, by definition wireless, and so you’re going to have stability issues here and there.

Not to mention latency. You can experiment with a wireless hotspot for things that don’t require a good ping, like downloading a single-player game or console update. Otherwise, though, forget multiplayer or anything with real-time reflex requirements.

Will A 5GHz Wireless Connection Out-Perform an Ethernet Connection?

Let’s talk briefly about your other option: simply using an ethernet cable to make an ethernet connection to your modem or router. A wireless router may have a 2.4 Ghz network, or a 5.0 Ghz network, or both, but no matter the Wi-Fi Ghz capabilities of a router, it will likely have ethernet ports in the back where you can make an ethernet connection.

So, you have the option of bypassing the wireless connection. Should you? Well, there’s nothing wrong with Wi-Fi on a fundamental level, but if you’re having issues that 5GHz isn’t solving, you may need to expand the scope.

Running ethernet cable is hard work, but it may be your best option for faster speeds. And by faster speeds here we mean both reduced latency and faster download speeds. So we’re talking about a generally more stable and fast connection overall.

But, like it says just above, running ethernet cable across your house is hard work.

Consider what you really need: if there are solid objects between your Wi-Fi router and your gaming console, sure, ethernet may be the best solution for you to implement here. New routers have stronger signals and features built in that may get you better results much quicker.