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How To Improve PS4 WiFi Connection

A slow internet connection is every gamer’s worst nightmare, and yet, it’s a common issue that many face today. Unless you’ve tampered with your PS4 somehow, usually the problem lies with your WiFi router and your connection settings. Changing some DNS settings or moving the PS4 closer to the WiFi router are among the solutions to better and faster WiFi speeds. 

WiFi routers placed far away from the PS4 can often be the reason for slow connection. Due to the thickness of walls or doors, they can weaken signals. DNS settings might contribute to these slow speeds. Changing the settings to custom or moving the PS4 closer to the WiFi router can fix the issue.

We’ve listed several solutions to get the fastest speed from your WiFi router for a well-connected gaming experience. Among DNS settings, there are other factors, such as an overload of connected devices or switching to a faster bandwidth WiFi. These factors play a major role in speeding up your PS4 WiFi connection.

Reasons Your PS4 WiFi Connection is Slow 

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A slow WiFi connection isn’t ideal for anyone, whether you’re using your PS4 for playing games or simply consuming content. A slow connection can easily take the joy out of the entire experience.

With that said, slow WiFi connections on PS4s are not uncommon and can occur on any of its models. We’ve listed some of the most common factors contributing to a slow PS4 connection. 

  • Interference: Among the most common causes of a slow WiFi connection on your PS4 is interference. Thick concrete or brick walls can easily distort the WiFi signals. Other elements such as doors or heavy structural parts of the house can also cause this issue. Ensure your PS4 is as close as possible to the WiFi router. Closer distance provides a faster ping, stronger signal strength, and limits interferance from thick walls. 
  • Overloaded Connection: Your WiFi router has a fixed amount of bandwidth available – use it wisely. If your WiFi connection is catering to a lot of devices, the bandwidth is split among them, leading to a slower connection. Make sure to only connect a few devices to your Wifi network, so you have a sufficient amount of bandwidth available to cater to your PS4. 

How to Improve WiFi Speed on Your PS4

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As mentioned, a slow WiFi connection can leave a bitter experience and sometimes even make online multiplayer games an agony to play. Fortunately, we’ve listed down some simple ways to help improve the WiFi speed on your PS4:

  • Router Placement: The placement of your router can have an enormous impact on your WiFi speeds. Since your WiFi router sends signals in all directions, avoid placing them in corners because they will be sent outside your house. Routers also tend to signal downwards, so placing it at a height will help achieve better WiFi speeds. 
  • Router Settings: Router settings can be very complex, but we’ll mention some of the most common settings to tweak to get the most out of your router. First, have your router updated with its manufacturer’s latest software and firmware. 

Then, turning off old router protocols will also help you achieve faster WiFi speeds. Your router may be new with the latest 802.11ac protocols, but you might have other devices connected using older protocols such as 802.11g. These devices bring down the entire connection speed and should ideally be removed from the network. 

  • Change DNS: Changing your DNS settings (Domain Name System) can usually help improve the WiFi speed on a PS4. DNS servers help provide the IP address of the which are associated with the web address you enter. Due to this, the DNS settings can influence the speed of your PS4’s WiFi. Find out how to change DNS settings on your PS4 in the following section:

How to Change DNS Settings on Your PS4

As we mentioned earlier, the DNS settings on your PS4 can significantly influence your WiFi speeds, and changing to optimal DNS settings will surely lead to better speeds. Here are some simple steps to change the DNS settings on your PS4: 

  1. Log into PS4 and head to “Settings.”
  2. Enter “Network Settings”
  3. Choose “WiFi”
  4. Select “CUSTOM”
  5. Connect to your home WiFi connection
  6. Select “Automatic Settings” and look for the DNS screen
  7. Choose “Manual” 
  8. For your “Primary DNS,” enter, and for your “Secondary DNS” enter:

In case these settings don’t work, try changing the Primary DNS to: and Secondary DNS to

Best DNS for PS4

Having bad DNS can negatively affect your internet speeds and potentially be dangerous security-wise. We’ve listed the three most popular kinds of DNS to pick from, according to whichever suits your needs best: 

  • Google DNS: Google DNS operates via centralized data servers, which means greater speeds. Google DNS is also among the most reliable DNS servers. However, Google DNS tracks users’ data and cookies and shares them with their advertising partners. This is done for targeted ads, and the tracking remains active even in incognito mode.
  • Cloudflare: Cloudflare is known for impressive security standards because they convert domain names into IP addresses which helps hide the users’ identities. Furthermore, since all the traffic is rerouted to hundreds of their servers, Cloudflare can also reverse proxy. Cloudflare has incredible speeds, and its domain protection is indeed unrivaled. 
  • OpenDNS: While OpenDNS functions similarly to Google DNS in terms of security, it certainly wins with features. OpenDNS allows you to create custom allowlists/blocklists of websites. They also upgrade your regular IP address with their DNS server.

Install a New WiFi Router (Best Solution)

Let’s face it, not many people want to go through the process of installing and configuring a new WiFi router, but it really is the best option to drastically improve your WiFi speeds.

Fortunately, router manufacturers have made the installation and setup processes much easier for the average person.

Here’s a list of some recommended WiFi routers:

If you have a smaller home or apartment, then a standalone WiFi router will do great! However, if you have a larger home with multiple stories, then a mesh WiFi system is a far superior option.

These systems typically have a base unit that connects to your modem, then multiple access points that you place around the house that will significantly expand the signal strength of your WiFi. They’re also VERY easy to connect and set up.

Consider a Wired Connection

If you’re still not satisfied with the WiFi speed on your PS4 after trying the tips and tricks mentioned above, it may be best to switch to a wired connection. 

Using an Ethernet cable is the easiest and fastest way to solve your WiFi speed issues. You will need to connect your ethernet cable and connect it to your internet router and into your PS4. Once done, you won’t have to worry about interference or signal strength.