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How To Connect Your PS5 Controller To A PC Via Bluetooth

The PS5 is Sony’s latest and greatest console, and the best feature of the gaming system might just be its controller. The DualSense controller has haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and a clean look. This has left gamers around the world looking to connect their PS5 controllers to their PCs. So, how can you get in on this?

First, you’ll need a PC that’s Bluetooth compatible or a Bluetooth adapter. From there, you can connect a DuelSense controller using the ‘Bluetooth and other devices’ menu on your PC. Be sure your DualSense controller is in pairing mode, and you should see a “Wireless controller” option appear.

Connecting your PS5 controller to your PC allows you to get the best of both worlds, and many PC games are beginning to support the main features of DualSense. Whether you use Steam, the Epic Games Store, or another platform to play games, you can use this guide to pair your controller via Bluetooth.

Can You Use a PS5 Controller On Your PC?

Super Ultra Wide Samsung Monitor Playing Halo Infinite with Controllers and Microphone

Yes, it’s certainly possible to use a PS5 controller on your PC. You can connect your controller via a wired connection or through wireless Bluetooth. Connecting your DualSense Controller (on Amazon) via a cable is fairly straightforward; simply plug in the USB-C, and you’re off to the races.

However, connecting your PS5 controller via Bluetooth is a little bit more involved. If your PC doesn’t support wireless Bluetooth connections, you’ll need an adapter (on Amazon) to begin. And, while you can’t connect the DuelSense to an Xbox directly, you can play your Xbox Cloud Games using a DuelSense through a PC, or your PS4 titles using Remote Play through a PC.

Be sure to cruise through our Ultimate PS5 Owner’s guide to find out more about what all you can do with the Dual-Sense, but for now let’s get back to using it as a PC game controller!

How to Connect PS5 Controller to PC via Bluetooth

Connecting your PS5 controller to your PC via Bluetooth isn’t rocket science. The process is straightforward and fast, and it’s similar to how you’d connect a DuelSense to your phone. Follow the steps provided below to connect your PS5 controller using Bluetooth.

  1. To begin, bring up the “Bluetooth and other devices” menu in Windows by pressing the Windows key and searching ‘Bluetooth.’
  2. You’ll see a plus sign icon that reads, “Add Bluetooth or other device.” Another menu will appear, and the first option will say “Bluetooth.” Select this option to allow your PC to search for available devices.
  3. Now you’ll need to put your PS5 controller into pairing mode. Hold down the PlayStation logo button and the Share button at the same time. The LEDs near the touchpad should begin flashing.
  4. After a few moments, “Wireless controller” should appear in your Bluetooth device menu on the PC. Select this option and wait until the pairing is complete.

Keep in mind: You won’t be able to connect your PS5 controller if your PC doesn’t support wireless Bluetooth. Thankfully, you can find Bluetooth adapters (on Amazon) at affordable prices online.

If you’ve made it this far and your remote isn’t connecting, have a look at our DuelSense/PC/Steam connectivity guide.

How Do You Use a PS5 Controller on Steam PC?

Steam is probably the best place to use your PS5 controller. The platform added support way back in November 2020 and since then, performance has only improved. Following the steps below will get you started, even if you want to eventually use your PS5 controller on non-Steam games.

  1. To begin, be sure your PS5 controller is connected to your PC via wire or Bluetooth by following the steps described above.
  2. Open the Steam Launcher and select “Settings” from the drop-down menu in the left-hand corner.
  3. Choose “Controller” from the left-hand menu. Now select “General controller settings.”
  4. Another window should open up. You’ll see multiple checkboxes. Ensure “PlayStation Configuration Support” is enabled.

Now your PS5 controller is connected to Steam. However, Steam will automatically configure the key binds the same as an Xbox controller.

You can customize and configure these settings by enabling “PlayStation Configuration Support.” To do so, you’ll need to open Steam Big Picture mode during step 3.

Once you have this feature enabled, you can simply press the PlayStation logo button on your controller in any Steam game to bring up the configuration screen.

And note that, if you’re using a DualSense that you’ve added paddles to, you may not have them work properly at first. Be prepared for a little troubleshooting.

How to Use a PS5 Controller With Non-Steam Games

Fortunately, you can use the PS5 controller in non-Steam games. Non-Steam games could include titles through the Epic Games Store, EA’s Origin, or even emulators. You can do this by using Steam’s “Add to library feature.”

This feature enables you to add other Windows executables and programs to your Steam library, allowing the Steam overlay as well as controller support.

  1. Open the Steam Launcher.
  2. In the upper-left-hand corner, select “Games.” Select “Add a Non-Steam Game to my library…” from the drop-down menu. This should open up a list of programs on your PC.
  3. From there, you can select the game or program you have in mind and add it to your Steam library. This should allow you to use your PS5 controller with Steam acting as the middleman.

Special Note: while it’s been demonstrated online as an interesting project, we strongly encourage you not to use the DuelSense remote to drive a Tesla!

You Can Also Use DS4Windows

You can use DS4Windows for non-Steam games if you don’t want to add them to your Steam library. The community tool has been updated with DualSense support and is an excellent option to consider.

  1. Connect your PS5 controller to your PC via USB cable or through Bluetooth following the steps above.
  2. Open up DS4Windows and pair the device.
  3. From there, you should be able to customize your key binds, change the LED settings, and monitor the battery level of your controller.

DS4Windows will also allow you to use your PS5 controller in any PC game that has Xbox controller support.

PS5 DualSense Supported PC Games

Some of the main selling points of the PS5 DualSense are the haptic feedback and adaptive trigger features. The haptic feedback enables real-time rumbling and vibration, resulting in a richer gaming experience. The adaptive trigger features change the force needed to press the triggers down, allowing more immersive gameplay.

Thankfully, some PC games and ports support these features, creating better experiences for gamers everywhere. Here are the games that support these features:

GameHaptic FeedbackAdaptive Triggers
Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
F1 2021
Dying Light 2 Stay Human
Call of Duty: Vanguard
Far Cry 6
Genshin Impact
Rainbow Six Siege
The Riftbreaker
The Smurfs: Mission Vileaf
Final Fantasy 14
Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade
Rainbow Six Extraction