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This is the Longest Snapchat Streak Ever

The Snapchat streak is a wonderful feature that seems to reward friends for staying in touch with each other. One of the best things about this feature is the fact that it actually keeps track of how many days you and your streak partner have been streaking for, which some wear as a badge of honor. So what is the longest Snapchat streak of all time?

The longest Snapchat streak ever belongs to a pair named Hannah and Lauren Luckey. The last time they reported their streak number, the two had kept their Snapchat streak going for an astounding 2,794 days in a row. This means they’ve been streaking since the day the feature was released.

After reading about this, you may have been inspired to start a long running Snapchat streak of your own. Let’s go through the Snapchat streak feature in more detail so that you can start building a streak that can rival Hannah and Lauren’s.

What is a Snapchat Streak?


On Snapchat, if you and a user both snap each other at least once every 24 hours for three days, the app says that you two are on a “streak”, signified by a fire emoji that appears to the right of the user’s name. Next to this fire emoji is a number, which represents the exact number of days you and that user have been on a streak for.

It is important to note that in order to create and keep a streak going, you must snap the user either a video or a picture. If you just send them a message or a picture through the Snapchat messenger, then these will not be counted towards your streak and the streak could end if you don’t snap them.

Once you send a snap to your snapstreak partner, they then have exactly 24 hours to send one back in order to keep the streak going. If either you or your partner fail to keep up the streak, then your fire emoji will go away, signifying that your streak has ended. At this point, if you and the other user were to want to start the streak again, your streak counter would reset back at 0.

When Were Snapchat Streaks Invented?

For a direct answer to the question, Snapchat streaks were officially added to the platform on April 5th, 2015. However, some users were granted early access to the feature about 12 days earlier.

Snapchat streaks are a feature designed specifically to keep you on the platform for as long as possible, as Snapchat makes most of its money through advertising. It’s also a feature that is great at getting Snapchat users to open the app at least once a day, and goes hand in hand with Snapchat’s Discover feature.

To explain this in more detail, back before streaks existed, users would only open the Snapchat app either when they received a snap or wanted to send a snap. This meant that the likelihood of a user opening the Discover page and viewing the content that advertisers were paying for wasn’t very high as users weren’t even opening the app in the first place.

This meant that the Snapchat developers needed to come up with a way to get users to open the app more often. Here’s where the Snapchat streak comes in.

In order to keep a Snapchat streak going, you need to either send or receive a snap on Snapchat at least once every 24 hours. This means that if you are keeping a Snapchat streak going, then you are opening the app at least once every 24 hours.

It’s also worth mentioning that most people who are keeping one streak going are also keeping several streaks going all at once. This leads to them opening the Snapchat app several times per day.

While people are waiting on their streak partner to get back to them, they’ll often try to view their friends’ Snapchat stories. Located right below these stories is the Discover page, full of advertised content that Snapchat gets paid for.

Essentially, since the streaks feature was added back in 2015, Snapchat users have become more likely to open the app every single day. This results in more users viewing things they find interesting on the Discover tab, which then results in Snapchat making more money.

How Do You Keep a Snapchat Streak Going?

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In order to keep a Snapchat streak going, you just need to keep doing the thing you did to start the streak in the first place. Just make sure that you either send or receive a snap to/from your streak partner at least once every 24 hours, and make sure that your streak partner also sends or receives a snap to/from you once every 24 hours.

This 24 hour counter begins every time a snap is sent. This means that if you send your streak partner a snap, then they have 24 hours to send a snap back to you in order to keep the streak going. Additionally, if your streak partner sends you a snap, then you have 24 hours to send a snap back to them in order to keep the streak going.

You can’t keep a Snapchat streak going by yourself. If you send a snap to your streak partner and they do not reciprocate within 24 hours, then your streak will end. Sending another snap yourself during this 24 hour period will not reset this timer.

As you can likely tell, this will require a bit of cooperation between you and your streak partner. In order to keep a Snapchat streak going, both you and your streak partner will need to want to keep it going.

One trick to make this easier is that not every snap you send needs to be meaningful or thought provoking. Snapchat does not check your streak snaps in order to mark them as valid. This means that if you don’t really have anything in mind to send for your streak snap of the day, you could simply just take a picture of the floor and send it to your streak partner.

What is the Longest Snapchat Streak Ever?

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The longest recorded Snapchat streak of all time goes to Hannah and Lauren Luckey. The last time this pair showed off their Snapchat streak count, it was at an astounding 2794. This means that these two have snapped each other on Snapchat at least once a day for exactly 2794 days in a row without missing a single day.

The most impressive part of this number is the fact that this was the highest possible Snapchat streak at the time it was reported. Hannah and Lauren Luckey shared their 2794 day Snapchat streak exactly 2794 days after the streaks feature originally launched back in 2015.

This means that it is not even hypothetically possible to have a higher streak count than this pair without having gotten the feature in advance.

It is also worth noting that this figure of 2794 days was from the last time Hannah and Lauren Luckey ever reported their Snapchat streak. As there is no “Snapchat streak leaderboard” or anything like that, it is actually not possible to know their current Snapchat streak number unless they decide to share it.

This means that the current number is likely even higher or potentially they could have missed a day and reset back to zero.

There are also other long running Snapchat streaks. For example, the second longest recorded Snapchat streak goes to Cassidy Waller and Aldrea Alfaro with a streak count of 2739 days. Third place goes to Hannah Garrett and Lauren with an impressive count of 2700 days.

What Are the Different Snapchat Streak Emojis?

As we’ve already been over so far, when you send snaps back and forth with someone at least once per 24 hours for three days straight, then you will begin a streak with that person. This will cause a fire emoji with a counter of how many days you’ve been on a streak to appear next to their name. This fire emoji essentially symbolizes the fact that you are on a streak with that user.

What some Snapchat users may not know is the fact that there are two more emojis that can appear on your Snapchat homepage based on your Snapchat streak status: the hourglass emoji and the 100 emoji. Let’s quickly go through what these mean.

What Does the Hourglass Emoji Mean?

The hourglass emoji is one of the worst emojis that a Snapchat streaker can see. This emoji signifies that your Snapchat streak with the user the emoji is on is about to end. Once this emoji appears, you have four hours to keep the streak going before you lose your streak and your counter is reset back to zero.

The only way to get this emoji to disappear is to keep your Snapchat streak going. This means either you or your streak partner needs to send a snap to reset the streak timer. Once you’ve done this, the hourglass emoji should disappear.

What Does the 100 Emoji Mean?

Unlike the hourglass emoji, the 100 emoji appearing next to your streak partner’s name is actually a cause of celebration. This emoji means that you and your streak partner have been on a streak for exactly 100 days.

The 100 emoji will go away once you hit day 101, so consider screenshotting the achievement while you can. Unfortunately, this is the only number celebration emoji Snapchat currently has. This means there is no 1000 emoji to celebrate day 1000.